Empty Coakely Phone Banks

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(BOSTON, MA) On the eve of one of the most anticipated state elections in modern American history,  it’s still a day off for Massachusetts state employees. The Secretary of the Commonwealth’s Office in downtown BMass Teachersoston is closed to the public for Martin Luther King Day. However, at least one intrepid worker is answering the phones in case local election officials need help preparing for tomorrow’s special election showdown for the U.S. Senate seat from Massachusetts.  The unnamed worker expects Secretary William Galvin in the office later today.

Meanwhile, across the street at the Massachusetts Teachers Association, the holiday and a bitter winter storm have kept the crowds away from a phone bank for Democratic candidate Martha Coakley. As of 10:20 this morning, not a single volunteer had yet arrived for the 10am phone bank. MTA Webmaster Meg Secatore tells Watchdog.org that the severe snow and ice that have covered Massachusetts highways are keeping people from the phones.

Both Coakley and Republican candidate Scott Brown, as well as organizations supporting the candidates, have organized dozens of phone banks across the Bay State hoping to get out the vote tomorrow.

Video Credit: Gabriel Skiver of Americans for Limited Government Foundation

Story by Grant Bosse of NewHampshireWatchdog.org


Grant formerly served as staff reporter for Watchdog.org.

  • JD

    So, are the Brown phone banks *also* closed down, or didn’t anyone bother to check? Because if they’re open then the “bitter winter storm” and the holiday aren’t the reason that the MTA phone bank for Coakely is closed. (BTW, wouldn’t it be *easier* to get teachers to man a phone bank during business hours on a day when schools are closed? They can’t all have kids at home themselves.)

  • Keith

    They are there. They all came dressed as empty seats! Not to be confused with the empty suit Coakley is.

  • Bohemond

    Something tells me Scott Brown’s phone banks are staffed- but of course SUVs and 4×4 pickups are a lot better in snow than Priuses.


    Ice and snow aren’t why the phone banks are empty — it’s apathy and resignation about Martha Coakley. Why waste a holiday making calls for a candidate who sucks and is going to lose?

  • tiredinwisconsin

    Gee, maybe they should all drive trucks like Scott Brown since the President says “anybody can own a truck”.

  • Tater Salad

    Nancy Pelosi has spend all the money. That’s why no one showed up.


  • democratsarefascists


    First, it was George Bush who was to blame for her failure.

    Now, it’s Global Warming!

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  • kevin

    someone from the coakley campaign named russel called me this morning! he asked me if i was going t vote tomorrow and i told him absolutly i am gonna vote for scott brown then i said don’t call me again and hung up!

  • Why are you surprised that nobody showed up at Coakley’s phone bank. With ACORN and SEIU actively shipping people into the state they are convinced they have the margin of victory. Why bother calling around to persuade people when you are planning on demonstrating the persuasion of power? Get real. I do think it would be interesting if Brown won Kennedy’s old seat but until I see the Republicans spelling out what they are actually FOR policy-wise, it really doesn’t make much difference, does it?

  • pity you didn’t write the rest of the story, and see if Scott Brown’s people had the same problem……. but then the facts might not fit the meme you apparently had already decided on.