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Wisconsin AG upsets Bloomberg by standing up to EPA Clean Power Plan

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BLOOMBERG LIKES IT ‘CLEAN’: The billionaire and former New York City Mayor is targeting Wisconsin Attorney General Brad Schimel for taking a stand against the EPA’s Clean Power Plan.

By James Wigderson | Watchdog Arena

Former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg is adding another issue to his portfolio of pet causes.

In addition to nagging the country about the evils of soda and trying to silence politicians defending the 2nd Amendment, Bloomberg has decided he is all-in supporting President Barack Obama’s environmental agenda. He is going to spend $10 million targeting four attorneys general that are suing the federal government to block the Environmental Protection Agency’s new carbon dioxide emission standards.

One of the targets is Wisconsin Attorney General Brad Schimel. Conservative website RightWisconsin is reporting that Bloomberg is going to spend over $400,000 attacking Schimel, mostly in the Democratic-dominated Milwaukee and Madison television markets.

Schimel is undeterred from staying the course with the lawsuit, and with good reason. The EPA regulation will hit Wisconsin especially hard because of the state’s dependence on coal for power generation. Coal is used to generate 62 percent of Wisconsin’s electricity.

A study by the MacIver Institute and the Beacon Hill Institute said the new EPA carbon rule will cost Wisconsin $920 million by 2030 and could raise electricity prices on average by 14 percent. Disposable income will drop by $2 billion and the new regulations will be a strong blow to Wisconsin’s manufacturing economy.

No wonder Schimel posted on Twitter in response to the Bloomberg threat, “Bring it on.” He told Milwaukee radio talk show host Charlie Sykes, “Well, he‘s going to dabble in Wisconsin politics again. It didn’t work out for him very well when he got involved in the Milwaukee sheriff’s race.”

Schimel was referring to the disastrous effort to defeat Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke who has become a hero to many who support the right of Americans to keep and bear arms.

Clarke, a conservative African American, ran for re-election in the Democratic primary in 2014 after making a series of ads encouraging people to arm themselves rather than just wait for their 911 calls to get a response. Clarke faced a tough challenge in liberal Milwaukee County from Milwaukee Police Officer Chris Moews.

Bloomberg spent over $150,000 of his own money through his personal PAC Independence USA to attempt to defeat Clarke because of his pro-gun views. Despite Bloomberg outspending the Clarke and Moews campaigns combined, Clarke’s margin of victory was only one percentage point less than his previous re-election campaign.

Given Bloomberg’s past failure in Wisconsin, and his recent defeat in Virginia where he spent more than $2.4 million, you would think he would be dissuaded from wasting more money. There should be a carbon tax on Bloomberg’s campaign spending the way he’s burning through cash.

With that in mind, and given where the money will be spent by Bloomberg, Schimel is probably correct not to worry too much about Bloomberg’s money having an effect in Wisconsin. In fact, Schimel seemed to almost welcome the challenge. He told Sykes, “This is a great opportunity for us to talk about an important issue that quite frankly I don’t think most voters are thinking about. So this is an opportunity to educate a little bit.”

Referring to the Clean Power Plan, Schimel told Sykes, “This is illegal and we should always be holding the federal government’s feet to the fire when they try to do things that are illegal.” Even when billionaires from outside the state are trying to stop you.

View the ad against Attorney General Schimel here:

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James Wigderson is a Wisconsin-based reporter for Watchdog. He is also an online contributor to MacIver Institute and RightWisconsin, blogs at the Wigderson Library and Pub, and was formerly an award-winning local columnist for the Waukesha Freeman. James is a member of Investigative Reporters and Editors. He lives in Waukesha, WI, with his wife Doreen and their children.