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Kansas City red light camera protest

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Mahlon Davis, Jr. protested red light cameras in Kansas City on Saturday

A small group of Kansas City residents on Saturday afternoon protested red light cameras near 39th and Southwest Trafficway.

Tracy Ward, the event organizer from the Liberty Restoration Project group, said this was the 12th time for their protest, and they intended “to keep people aware of this issue”.

Ward explained:

“Red light cameras are unconstitutional under Missouri law and we’ve been trying to fight the city to bring them down for quite a while. We’ve been working on the state level for the past two years. Hopefully, they’ll introduce it again this next session. … We’ve already had numerous talks with the city officials and they told us … they’re not going to bring them down.”

“It’s just another way of putting more Orwellian tactics on the civilians … watching them; revenue generation.”

“The problem is they’re giving the ticket to the person [owning the car], not the person actually driving the car. You have to prove you’re innocent instead of them proving that you’re guilty.” …

“Having the red light cameras does not mean there is a force field around the intersection that actually prevents red-light accidents from happening. They still do happen ….”

Mahlon Davis, Jr., who like Ward plans to be a candidate for city council in Kansas City, said he was trying to “educate people on the red light cameras that go against our constitutional rights.”

“People need to be informed that this is not right and the cameras need to come down,” he said.

Ward, Davis and others at the protest passed out this literature.

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