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Potential voter fraud in Missouri primary election

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In the August primary election John J. Rizzo defeated Will Royster by a single vote. That result is being challenged in Missouri courts over several charges of voter fraud. Missouri Watchdog has found additional voter problems in House District 40 than what has been reported in that legal battle.

Voter disenfranchisement of a precinct

Chouteau Court, part of the Kansas City Housing Authority at 1220 Independence Avenue, is a precinct by itself in Missouri House District 40.  But in the August 2010 primary election not one vote was cast from that precinct.

Voters from Chouteau Court were assigned a polling place about three precincts away — outside their precinct and even outside their House District.

Old “I Voted” sticker on front door of Sheila Maria Stewart in Kansas City.

Sheila Maria Stewart, a resident, tried to vote in August but like everyone else in her precinct she couldn’t find the new polling place, which had been moved precincts away in a different state House district.

Steward told Missouri Watchdog she tried to vote but she couldn’t find the church. “I tried to [vote],” she said on Sunday. “I know it’s on Euclid,” referring to her polling place approximately 1.3 miles away at St. Mark Union Congregation Church at 1101 Euclid Avenue.”

The old polling location was less than half as far away and had been at Woodland Elementary School at 711 Woodland Avenue.

Voter registration records from the Missouri Secretary of State before and after the August primary show Stewart’s precinct (Ward 2, Precinct 16) has about 180 voters.  But like Stewart, none of them found their new polling place in August and were disenfranchised by the change to a polling location far outside their precinct.

Potential voter fraud

Kansas City author Jack Cashill recently asked:  Will Somali pirates hijack the election? Cashill described several incidents where as many as 30 Somalis may have voted in the August primary in House District 40.  Several affidavits (see below) have become part of a Missouri district court case contesting the election.  One affidavit said:

“That morning a group of three or four Somali adults came in to vote.  None of the Somali’s were able to speak any English whatsoever.  An adult male escorted them into the polling location. …  The adult male stood over the women while they voted … instructing the women how to cast their vote and for whom to vote for.”

That legal battle continues in the Missouri Court of Appeals in Kansas City on Wednesday.

Missouri Watchdog studied Missouri voter registration records and found two other potential voter fraud problems in District 40.

Resident of District 41 apparently voted in District 40

Missouri Watchdog obtained a list of the 1,798 voters in the District 40 August primary election from Adam Schieber, who had been a volunteer working for Will Royster.  Schieber obtained the list from the Kansas City Election Board last week.

A comparison of the 1,798 voters in the August voter history with voter registration lists  from the Missouri Secretary of State on April 30, 2010, June 25, 2010, and Aug. 27, 2010 revealed the following:

  • 12,320 voters had been registered in House 40 at all three dates this year, but had not voted in the August primary,
  • 1,734 voters had been registered in House 40 at all three dates this year, and had voted in the August primary.
  • 26 voters had registered after April 30 and voted in the primary.
  • 27 voters had registered after June 25 and voted in the primary.
  • 11 voters could not be found as registered in district 40 at any time, but had voted in the primary.

A close inspection of these last 11 voters revealed 10 of them failed to match by name since voters had changed their legal names in various ways. These 10 voters should have been included with the other 1,734 who had voted.

One voter from this list of 11 could not be found in any statewide voter registration lists before or after the election in District 40, but this voter had been registered in District 41 in the 6400 block of E. 14th both before and after the August primary.

Myron George Stolbert is listed as an August 2010 voter in District 40 by the Kansas City Election Board at an address in the 8,000 block of Independence Avenue.

On Sunday a neighbor across the street from the address given by Stolbert for voting in August said someone named “Mike” lived at the address of interest.  The neighbor had never heard of Myron George Stolbert.  No one would answer the door at the address given by Stolbert.

Missouri Watchdog also knocked on the door for Stolbert’s address in the 6400 block of E. 14th — the address in the voter registration list. No one answered the door or appeared to have been at the residence in a number of days, but mail overflowing the mailbox showed his name.

Missouri Watchdog will continue to investigate why Stolbert was allowed to vote in District 40 when he lived in District 41 before and after the election and voted from an address where he apparently does not live.

Too many voters have New Years’ birthdays?

If the birthdays for 1,798 voters were spread across all 365 days of the year, one would expect on average about 5 sharing the same birthday for every day of the year —  but with some statistical variation.

The top five most common birthdays among the 1,798 voters are as follows:

  • 53 on Jan. 1
  • 12 on Dec. 31
  • 11 on June 3
  • 10 on Sept. 4
  • 10 on Aug. 7 or Aug 1

Missouri Watchdog is looking for an explanation as to why so many voters have Dec. 31 or Jan. 1 birthdays and whether that date may have been used on fraudulent voter applications.

Adam Schieber, a volunteer for Royster, is concerned about the integrity of Missouri elections:

“This case is bigger than Will Royster vs. JJ Rizzo; this case is about what the Missouri judicial system is going to allow to pass the definition of “legal and proper.” At this point, a Missouri judge has ruled primary ballots can be cast without voters signing in, without bi-partisan judges initials, and with someone else filling out the ballot other than the actual voter, and that it is all “legal and proper.” As legal voting citizens, if that concerns you, you must take action and contact your representatives and local law enforcement and tell them to investigate this case.”

Schieber suggests anyone that witnessed any voting irregularities in District 40 or other Kansas City elections to contact authorities:

Update  (Oct. 8, 2010)Missouri Watchdogreceived information about the Jan. 1 birthdays.

From the Boston Globe, Culture note for refugees:  Happy New Year birthday, Jan. 1, 2009:

It is not a statistical quirk, nor a bizarre proliferation of New Year babies, but a side effect of the global crises that have driven refugees from Somalia, Laos, Bhutan, and other countries to seek haven in the United States. When refugees don’t know their birth dates, humanitarian workers automatically assign them Jan. 1 on the required paperwork.

From the Los Angeles Times, New Year’s birthdays aplenty, Jan. 1, 2010:

Refugees who come to the United States without records are often given Jan. 1 as their date of birth. The practice of assigning such birthdays began after the Vietnam War.  …


Of the nearly 80,000 refugees resettled in the United States this year, almost 11,000 have been given Jan. 1 birthdays, according to the State Department. The practice of having overseas State Department or United Nations workers assign a New Year’s Day birthday to people who do not know when they actually were born is not a formal policy, but it has become common around the world.

Court documents


Contact: Earl F Glynn, [email protected]


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  • Kristina DesCombes

    Why on earth are non U.S. Citizens being allowed to vote? I am appalled at the lack of integrity.

    I moved in to this neighborhood April 20, 2010, and have been a registered voter for almost 20 years, and have participated in almost every election. Yet, they took the time to call the Election Board and verify that I was in the correct place, and that I was who I say I am. I am an American citizen, I am caucasion, and English is my first language.

    Yet, the election officials allowed individuals who had not proven citizenship, were not in the book, and could not speak English to not only vote, but allowed another individual that was not an Election Board approved translator tell these people what box to check?

    This is quite obviously a case of voter fraud and all individuals involved should be prosecuted to the absolute fullest extent of the law.

  • Kristina DesCombes

    Not only should those that performed the acts be prosecuted, those that allowed it should be held responsible as well.

    I was not exactly impressed with the individuals sitting over each book. They did not seem to have a very good grasp of correct procedures.

    I expect better from our election system. The Election Board should take more care in those they allow to hold our most sacred process in their hands.

    There should be some sort of requirements and training before someone can sit and oversee a voting book or voting procedures.

  • JaneLovesJesus

    But will anything be done about this…?

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  • LaGabby

    This happens every election! Everyone screams about fraud. Rumors and cries abound!

    People just need to “Be part of the solution -not part of the problem!”

    Sign up to work as a poll worker! I’ve worked every election since 2004. Everywhere desperately needs intelligent, able-bodied human beings who respect, are willing to learn & abide by the laws and election procedures.

    You get paid! Yet few are willing work one 14-hour day, starting before dawn for the democratic process to work! Gee… soldiers in battle work longer hours to serve our country! Why can’t you?

    Think Dead People vote? Anyone can report a death to the election authorities to start the process of removing a family member from the voter registry. See a dead neighbor’s name on the page? Report it! Make a phone call if you see something that looks wrong.

    Election authorities have websites too! Check WHERE you vote, what’s on YOUR ballot and bring legal acceptable ID. Tell everyone you know to be informed and be prepared. Voting is not fast food service! There’s no line between 1-4pm! Poll locations change! Schools get too crowded. Churches don’t get enough money for the hassles and kick the poll out. Find out where to go ahead of election day. Call and ask!

    It’s the people that fail! Not the machines or the process.

    Robin Carnahan greatly improved the MO election procedures, training and communication of the election authorities in Missouri! There’s a MO Sec. of State website too! Every state should link their data base registry to cross check and prevent voting in more than one district or state. Especially Kansas, Missouri and Illinois!

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  • This is quite obviously a case of voter fraud and all individuals involved should be prosecuted to the absolute fullest extent of the law.

  • This happens every election! Everyone screams about fraud. Rumors and cries abound!

  • everyone who did the voter fraud should be prosecuted by the law…there should be no voter fraud.