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Director of Tulsa charter lauds school choice

By   /   January 28, 2016  /   News  /   No Comments

Eric Doss, director of the Tulsa School of Arts and Sciences sees first-hand the difference that school choice can make in the lives of children.  

In an op-ed in the Tulsa World, Doss points out the importance of school choice to all members of the community. He points out that the well-off families have always had school choice. “While wealthier parents always have had many options when it comes to schools, public schools choice has allowed all students to have those options no matter their location or economic status,” he writes. 

Tulsa has a long history of school choice, starting with magnet schools in the 1970s. In the last 16 years, the city has seen huge growth in charter schools. There are now 11 charter schools in Tulsa, serving a diverse body of students.

“Everyone has the opportunity to find the environments that allow students to be successful, and that is reason to celebrate,” Doss concludes.



Amelia Hamilton was a former Watchdog.org education correspondent.