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Colorado climbs charter school law rankings; Wisconsin, other states make strides

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The National Alliance for Public Charter Schools considers Colorado’s public charter school law the fifth best in the nation.

That charter school association, based in Washington, D.C., recently released its annual state-by-state ranking of charter school laws.

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BEST LAWS: A national charter school group says Indiana has the best laws for charter schools, with  Alabama and Colorado not far behind.

“In 2015, the Colorado League of Charter Schools’ Advocacy Team helped further strengthen Colorado’s charter school law with a measure that codifies the concept of charter public school networks in statute,” said Nora E. Flood, president of that league. “We’re pleased that this effort was recognized by the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools in this year’s model law report.”

Colorado got good marks for the new policies that allow charter contracts through multiple schools or boards. The national charter school alliance said the Centennial State could further strengthen its charter school laws by ensuring equal funding among public and charter schools and clarifying its procedures for student recruitment, enrollment and the lottery-selection process.

Indiana topped the list because of major improvements in charter autonomy, accountability and funding. Alabama, which just enacted its public charter school law in 2015, was praised for that strong legislation. But even the Yellowhammer State got dinged for a common retort — no guarantee of equitable funding for facilities or school administration.

Wisconsin saw one of the highest jumps on the alliance’s scoring scale, but improved only from 38th to 37th in the country. The Badger State passed a law that allowed additional charter school authorizers in parts of the state while also strengthening school and authorizer accountability.


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