PA Senate passes bill defunding sanctuary cities for refusing to enforce federal immigration law
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Pennsylvania Senate moves to defund sanctuary cities

By   /   February 8, 2017  /   No Comments

The Pennsylvania Senate passed a bill that would defund sanctuary cities in the commonwealth, cutting off hundreds of millions of dollars in state aid to as many as 32 counties.

The bill, passed 37-12 on Tuesday, also would hold local governments liable for any damages to people or property caused by illegal immigrants who were released from custody.

All 34 Senate Republicans voted for the bill, joined by three Democrats.

Democratic Gov. Tom Wolf has voiced concerns about the bill, but has not said whether he would veto it. The Republican’s 121-81 advantage in the House would not be enough by itself to override a veto, which requires a two-thirds majority.

According to the Center for Immigration Studies, 17 cities and counties in the state have local policies that qualify them as sanctuaries, including Erie, Clarion and Butler counties in western Pennsylvania.

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