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Surrounding school districts prep for possible Erie shutdown

By   /   February 27, 2017  /   No Comments

With Erie School District teetering on the brink of insolvency, officials say consolidation is the most likely solution. But just in case, a dozen county districts are preparing to take on their share of the burden if the city’s four high schools have to close down.

Those districts have signed an agreement to pay up to $12,000 each to retain a law firm to advise them on how to handle the relocation of the 3,300 students in Erie’s high schools.

If the schools close down, students would be permitted to attend “the nearest or most conveniently located high school,” according to the state Department of Education. Erie School District would be required to pay the other schools for those students’ per pupil costs.

“If our worst case happens, they will have to accept our students,” Erie superintendent Jay Badams told GoErie.com. “So I am sure they are attempting to prepare for that possibility.”

No money has changed hands yet between the county school districts and the Pittsburgh law firm Andrews & Price. Payment will be made only if the high schools close.

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