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Haupt’s Take: Trans-U.S. migration, a double-edged sword

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By William Haupt III | Haupt’s Take

“There’s noting wrong with being a loser, if your cause is just and your heart is your weapon.” (Paul Newlen)

The expression “The South shall rise again” is one that everyone has heard. This is not only in the southern states but throughout the entire nation. It has been used as a political slogan, a sign of regional embolism, a college unity cry, and it was even used during the two great wars to inspire American troops to go the extra mile!

However, the assertion of unity has not always been prepensed as patriotic or pro-American. Since its genesis dates back to the turbulent years directly following the Civil War, even today many in the North still consider this a continual affront against our united republic. Failing to comprehend the necessity of protecting states rights from abusive federalism, they still look down at the South as a region of malcontents and sore losers.

The South has “come a long way baby” since the Civil War, and it is growing faster in relevance than a home show barker can sell magic food slicers. Yet the common view of the South by most of northern America is as a regressive region, full of overweight, prejudiced, exploited and uneducated hillbillies and good ol’ boy politicians. They still consider the South a conquered commonwealth that has exiled themselves within their own redneck empire.

Although geographic areas throughout the US have ethnic, cultural, and regional traditions, those in the South are sullenly castigated for their proud heritage and strong Christian values.  Southerners are looked upon as second-class citizens, and the knee-jerk reaction against symbols of the South could soon lead to the erasure of its controversial history.

“Let us lay aside all rancor, all bitter sectional feeling, and bring about a consummation devoutly to a united country.” (Jefferson Davis, 1888)

While the once proud Confederacy’s political banner fades, its long-term economic prospects shine brighter than any other part of America. This is a cognate of DC’s “hands off approach” to keep the South out of sight and out of mind by progressive administrations for the last few decades. To the South, this is a recipe for success, since this has allowed them to charge forward with their plan of economic growth.

The South has prospered more than any other US region by fighting against the spread of federalism by protecting states rights. They have developed tenacious economic policies which have attracted foreign investors and a shift of educated workers to its archipelago of growing urban centers. And where do these educated workers and trans-migrants hail from; the blue states in the North!

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This is persuasive evidence is free market capitalism is the answer not the government to secure the economic stability and liberty our founders bequeathed to us. Six southern states attract most of these transplants into the heart of Dixie: Tennessee, South and North Carolina, Texas, Florida, and Georgia. The top four losers in the northern progressive blue states are California, Illinois, New York, and New Jersey. If this trend continues, the South will expand its dominance as the nation’s most populous region within the next decade.

Each one of these blue states ranks the highest in state income taxes, property taxes, sales taxes and cost of living. And competition for high paying jobs is at a premium. Gone are the days when a person could start off bagging groceries and end up a vice president one day. Northern unions have killed job markets by asking for higher wages and benefits each year. And these states have the highest minimum wages with more part time workers than full time employees anywhere.

“The real minimum wage is zero.” (Thomas Sowell)

Contrary to popular misconception, the South has become a nirvana for African Americans. The percentage of the US black population living in the South has hit its highest point in half a century.

Younger educated black residents move out of declining North cities in search of better economic opportunities.  And the black population in the South has doubled in the past decade.

This is a total reversal of the Great Migration of blacks north. This upended the long-held premise the North was the Promised Land. When it comes to dollars and cents, the black urban experiment was a failure to many proud black Americans.

Now they have traded the sub-culture of large urban cities for a new life in the Land of Dixie. They have discovered they have a powerful ethos in the South.

“It takes a Southerner to understand a Southerner. Ask anyone who has ventured north.” (Roy Bean)

Although all of this trans-US migration has been an economic godsend for many of our southern states, it has not been a total blessing to all those in the southern heartland. With so many blues coming south to enjoy the economic and social ennoblement of the region, this has been a mixed blessing for traditional Tenth Amendment conservatives.

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2016 Presidential Election Results by County

Some Northerners have brought unwanted baggage with them — their politics. And that is a real problem. Many transplants forget why they moved south of the Mason-Dixon Line. Now some are attempting to influence lawmakers to make our red states more like the blue states they fled from. Their brand of politics is obstreperous.

The hypothesis that enough blue state immigrants can move the political needle too far to the left is something southerners must be vigilantly ready to defend. The South has the components to stop this is if they wish, but they must use them assiduously.

“In the South we live by the Constitution and Bible, not by fickleness perverse populous movements.” (Andy Truman)

They must keep blue state ideas out of our school systems and off of our school boards.

They must thoroughly vet all candidates for office to ensure they share the same values as our southerners.

They must never let them forget we cling to our Bibles and guns and continue to fill our churches to capacity each day of worship.

They must let “bluers” know we do not permit injustice to go unanswered. In the South “the punishment fits the crime.” They put bad guys in jail and throw away the key.

And above all they must remind blacks it was new age conservatives that ended decades of segregation and poverty.

“Southern character and values transcend the ideal that social engineering makes our country better.” (Maria Michael)

One conservative state, West Virginia, had already switched loyalties, and deeply regrets it. Just look at how hard they’ve now swung back toward conservatism.

They are feeling the heat of federalism breathing down their former red necks and are not comfortable with this. But so far this is an exception and not the rule, except in Georgia that is growing purple and unpredictable.

Theories about the mixing of Americans across state lines changing red states blue, does not always have to be the axiom of trans-US migration — if states don’t allow it. The choice is theirs, not the blue state immigrants who they welcomed with open arms.

“It’s easier to adapt and change to the environment around you, especially when you are morally numbered.” (T. Moss)

The next few decades will speak for themselves. The South must stop the changing of the political guard. This is necessary to maintain their cultural and economic well-being and the Christian and moral values that made the South the American Dream.

Call it what you want, but the South is the South and true southerners will not allow anyone to mess with their way of life and destroy it. They fought a bloody war to prove a point, and will fight a vigilant political battle to maintain dignity if it is necessary.

Blue transplants will meet their match when they take on the local “good ol boys”! They will be “gone with the wind.”

“Southerners are a conglomerate of ethnic groups that have formed one of their own. They have a unique sense of identity, like none other.  And if anyone dares to try and take it away, they will raise a clenched fist to them as an anthem of defiance.” (Pat Coyly)

This article was written by a contributor from Franklin Center’s independent network of writers, bloggers, and citizen journalists. 


William Haupt III is a retired professional journalist, citizen legislator in California for 40 plus years, and author. He got his start working to approve prop 13.