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Indiana has top charter school law

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The National Alliance for Public Charter Schools’ latest rankings for state charter laws has Indiana on top and Maryland on the bottom.

The top 10 is a mix of established charter programs and newer systems. Alabama, which enacted its charter school law in 2015, placing second, even though it does not yet have any operating charters.

The deadline for filing applications to the Alabama Public Charter Schools Commission is in May, and schools are expected to be open for the 2018-19 school year.

The report highlights “major improvements” made to Mississippi’s law, which ranks 10th and now allows students in school districts rated C, D, or F to cross district lines to attend a charter and permits charter school employees to participate in the state retirement system.

Arizona (11th) and Florida (8th)  were lauded for improved facilities funding.

“Arizona created the Public School Credit Enhancement Fund, which will be leveraged to provide more than $300 million of low-cost financing for quality schools, including charter schools,” the report says. “Florida increased funding for its facilities capital outlay program for charter schools from $50 million to $75 million and changed the eligibility criteria and allocation process for this program.”

You can read the NAPCS report here.


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