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Colorado in focus: Legislature passes culture-changing reform for Division of Youth Corrections

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The Denver Post: Legislature passes culture-changing reform for Division of Youth Corrections

A bill passed in the legislative session’s final hours calls for wide-ranging reform within Colorado’s 10 youth corrections centers, a system under intense scrutiny after reports detailing violence, pain-compliance techniques and a body restraint called the “wrap.”

The measure, which will become law with Gov. John Hickenlooper’s signature, changes the division’s name from “youth corrections” to “youth services” and refocuses its mission on therapeutic rehabilitation.

It also creates a 20-bed pilot program run by an outside consulting organization in which incarcerated youths would serve their time in a “therapeutic and rehabilitative” environment with better staff-to-youth ratios than the rest of the division. The 20 youths would live in two, 10-person pods with at least one staff member per four youths.

FOX-31: 7,000+ Coloradans’ names, addresses used to post fake comments about government decision

More than 7,000 Coloradans’ names and addresses have been used to post the same fake comment on the Federal Communications Commission’s decision on net neutrality.

Right now the Federal Communications Commission is collecting public comment on its decision about whether or not to do away with net neutrality rules. Net neutrality rules prevent your internet provider from charging websites a fee to boost how fast their content gets to your devices. The FCC could soon get rid of those rules.

A group or individual in favor of getting rid of the rules has created a bot that’s posting the same comment thousands of times under different people’s names and addresses.

According to a search of the FCC’s website Sunday night, the same comment was posted by more than 7,000 Coloradans.

WKTV-11: Colorado tax officials turn to paper checks to combat fraud

Some people who filed taxes in Colorado and who requested direct deposit for their refund will receive a paper check in the mail as the state addresses concerns about identity fraud.

Mim Mirsky, a spokeswoman for the Colorado Department of Revenue, tells The Denver Post the move is a safeguard and receiving a check doesn’t necessarily mean a taxpayer’s identity has been compromised.

Sending a check to a taxpayer’s mailing address helps verify a refund is going to the right person. And when taxpayers go to cash those checks at a bank, they must show identification, which is an added level of protection.

The Colorado Statesman: Colorado Democrats wrap up unresolved vice chair race by naming three winners

Nearly two months after party elections, Colorado Democrats this week finally have a full contingent of state officers after members of the central committee overwhelmingly approved a plan to fill the 2nd vice chair position with the top three finalists.

The position had gone unfilled since the March 11 reorganization meeting, when none of the candidates won a majority of the vote after three rounds of balloting.

According to a plan approved in an election conducted by mail — the vote was 219 in favor and 30 opposed, with two spoiled ballots, party officials said — the nominee who had the most votes, former Arapahoe County Democratic Party Chair Pat Shaver, is the party’s 2nd vice chair, and state chair Morgan Carroll was authorized to appoint the two remaining candidates — former Democratic National Committeeman Mannie Rodriguez and former Bernie Sanders campaign staffer Miguel Ceballos— as co-deputy 2nd vice chairs.