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Wisconsin in focus: Wisconsin could land ‘major, incredible manufacturer’ soon, Donald Trump says

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Wisconsin State Journal: Wisconsin could land ‘major, incredible manufacturer’ soon, Donald Trump says

President Donald Trump announced Tuesday during a visit to Wisconsin that he and Gov. Scott Walker were negotiating to bring a “major, incredible manufacturer” to the state.

Trump’s second visit to the state this year was to promote apprenticeships and attend a $1,000-per-ticket fundraiser that Walker billed as “one of the biggest events we’ve ever had for a statewide elected official.”

During a panel discussion with Walker, cabinet secretaries, students and CEOs, Trump mentioned that he and Walker were negotiating with the manufacturer behind the scenes.

“We have a lot of companies moving into the United States and we are negotiating with a lot of companies,” Trump said. “I think they’re going to give the governor a very happy surprise very soon.”

It wasn’t immediately clear to which company Trump was referring, but Walker recently traveled to Japan for a trade mission. Trump said the company made phones, computers and televisions.

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Rockwell and Manpower team up to train new generation of digital-age manufacturing workers

The next generation of digital-age manufacturing workers will need to be tech-savvy and able to sync with artificial intelligence.

Such workers are deemed essential for any industrial economy that wants to be competitive, including manufacturing-heavy Wisconsin.

And they are in woefully short supply.

ManpowerGroup Inc., a global staffing firm, and Rockwell Automation Inc., which supplies tech-driven industrial productivity systems, on Tuesday announced they are collaborating to train what they call a new breed of “advanced digital manufacturing” workers.

The two Milwaukee-based companies promise to focus on U.S. military veterans who are re-entering the civilian workforce. Rockwell and Manpower are ramping up a joint training program and aim to “upskill” 1,000 workers each year, starting next year and continuing into the foreseeable future, Manpower said.

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Wisconsin continues to lose out under Republicans’ Obamacare repeal legislation

States like Wisconsin that didn’t fully expand their health programs under Obamacare would still miss out on billions of dollars under a proposed Republican repeal of the federal law, an industry report has found.

In a bit of political irony, mostly GOP-led states that didn’t join the Obamacare party would get little in the way of credit — even from Republicans in Congress who are promoting a repeal bill.

“It locks in a massive (health care) funding disparity between expansion and non-expansion states,” said Eric Borgerding, chief executive officer of the Wisconsin Hospital Association. “It’s really sort of astounding that you have states that rejected Obamacare and now in the bill they’re being penalized for rejecting it.”

Eliminating the funding gap for the 19 non-expansion states including Wisconsin is a top priority for the state’s Republicans such as Gov. Scott Walker and GOP lawmakers. But the bill in Congress doesn’t do that, in spite of the number of prominent Republicans that Wisconsin has sent to Washington, D.C., including House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) and White House chief of staff Reince Priebus.