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VA politicos OK gov’s pension changes, kill voter ID reg

By   /   April 19, 2012  /   No Comments

By Carten Cordell | Virginia Statehouse News
ALEXANDRIA — After securing a narrow victory in the state budget battle Wednesday, Gov. Bob McDonnell applauded the Legislature’s action on the budget as well as approving his pension amendments.

“Today, we saw the General Assembly come together in a bipartisan manner to pass the biennial budget and consider the amendments I proposed to legislation passed during the General Assembly session,” the governor said in a statement.
While all eyes were on the budget negotiations, the General Assembly also affirmed the governor's amendments for pension reform. The amendments extend coverage and provide opt-out clauses for state employees, while also giving localities more control on setting contribution limits.
On the state’s voter ID bills, the Legislature voted down a McDonnell amendment that would have provided a signature comparison for voters who came to the polls without identification, the Richmond Times-Dispatch reported. The voter ID bill now goes to the governor, who could decide to pass, veto  or change the measure.