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ACORN tactics revealed in discovered documents

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OKLAHOMA CITY – Rep. Mike Reynolds, R-Oklahoma City, said Wednesday he combed through documents from an abandoned local ACORN office because of reports of impropriety at other organization chapters. Oklahoma City-based news and investigative website Red Dirt Report discovered documents in an abandoned local office of the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now in south Oklahoma City’s “Little Mexico” neighborhood.

Investigators found computers, hard drives, documents, registration forms, I-9 employment information and boxes with return addresses to ACORN’s New Orleans home office, as well as a regional IRS office last October.

Oklahoma Watchdog now has many of the documents and will reveal them here.

Reynolds said, “The contents of the ACORN offices were offered to me late, last summer,” but he didn’t examine them in detail. “My other duties didn’t allow me to examine the tens of thousands of pages available until recently,” he said, adding that when he read national stories about video of ACORN appearing to advise illegal behavior, “I decided I’d more carefully examine it.”

The information has been made available to the appropriate federal authorities, this website has since learned.

Oklahoma Watchdog attempted to call ACORN offices in both Tulsa and New Orleans.

ACORN, which receives millions in federal dollars for voter registration, cannot legally support one party. However, internal documents show ACORN “targeted” state legislative districts in 2007 and 2008, leading up to the presidential election.

A “Power Plan” document begins: “Oklahoma ACORN has been virtually non-existent since its glory days in Tulsa, over 20 years ago. 2007 is Year Zero.”

It continues with a five-year plan to obtain “power”:

“Therefore, the route to power is twofold: First, build powerful city organizations in Oklahoma City and Tulsa that can control these municipalities. Second, become an influential organization by shaping a handful of strategic legislative districts that, by themselves, can change who controls the state legislature.”

“(W)e will be seen as the force that is making Oklahoma a progressive state in the way that it was 100 years ago.”

“By using this power to win significant changes for working people, by the end of our 5 years, we will have legitimized the progressive takeover of the statehouse and head into 2012 with a real possibility of changing what Oklahomans look for and expect out of their Congressional delegation.”

Under a subsection titled “Politics and Elections,” in 2007 and 2008, ACORN was looking to take over State Senate District 43, which they referred to as “the biggest prize,” in hopes of unseating Republican Sen. Jim Reynolds. This district includes part of Del City, abuts Tinker Air Force Base, and portions of southern Oklahoma City and northern Cleveland County.

The ACORN document notes that District 43’s south half will “prove difficult, with more Anglo, Republican and military families,” while the district’s northern half will “be more fruitful.”

Other districts they focused on include: Senate District 33 held by Democrat Tom Adelson; House District 85, won by Republican David Dank; House District 87, held by Republican Trebor Worthen, and House District 93, held by incumbent Democrat Al Lindley.

Jim Reynolds, reached while traveling, recalled the ACORN tactics used against him in 2008.

“We knew back before the election that they had kind of targeted us,” Reynolds said. “But we didn’t know to what degree.”

Reynolds said ACORN chose his opponent, a previously unknown Democrat he referred to as the “bogus David Boren” to differentiate from the president of the University of Oklahoma,  to confuse voters.

His opponent spent thousands of dollars on TV ads during Oklahoma Sooners football games and slick mailers, tactics Sen. Reynolds said politicians had not previously used in state Senate campaigns in Oklahoma.

While Sen. Reynolds is aware of the information his brother Rep. Reynolds uncovered about being targeted, he said he is not sure if he will look at it due to “some painful memories.”

“It was so intense the last couple of weeks … the dollars spent on the negative campaigning against me. There’s a lot of satisfaction winning the election last year,” he said.

He said that he found it disturbing federally-funded ACORN and the national Democrat Party would come into Oklahoma and target him and others. He added it was that much more satisfying that he and his small group of volunteers were still able to win in spite of Obama’s and national Democrat Party voter turnout.

“If the word is not out there they (ACORN and their operatives) will continue to target conservative legislators,” Sen. Reynolds said, adding, “It’s nice to know who your enemies are.”

Oklahoma Democrat Party Oklahoma City office communications director Karina Henderson said she would not comment on “documents we have not seen.”

Those internal documents include a sheet titled “Canvass recruitment rap,” a “script,” directed towards ACORN activists in Houston which says: “Hi, my name is ____. We are hiring Outreach Workers to remind people to get out and vote for Barack Obama in the upcoming election. One of our team members spoke to you today and you signed up for our intake tomorrow. You are interested in working with us on this important election, correct?”

It continues: “We’re hiring for people to go door to door talking to registered voters in Houston to get out the vote for Barack.”

A 2007 grant request sent to an unknown organization seeking $100,000 to “fully fund our efforts here in Oklahoma City” from then-Oklahoma City ACORN organizer Adam Carter stated: “Many of the politicians in this state cater to the so-called ‘winners’ of our society rather than trying to help everyone. ACORN is non-partisan, but we demand that our elected representatives actually represent the people and do what is best for everyone, not a select few.”

Carter also wrote a form letter to Oklahoma City area pastors telling them that ACORN offers tax return processing services for free and that ACORN is a “national nonprofit organization whose mission is help people in need.” This includes ACORN determining if the pastor’s congregants get SoonerCare, Medicaid, food stamps or health insurance for children.

The majority of the documents left behind in the abandoned office were Oklahoma Voter Registration Application forms, most of which had been collected in the Del City area of Oklahoma County.

Tabulating the forms reveals Democrats 128 Democrats and 39 Republicans. The remaining 130 were “No Party” or “Other.”

This information is the beginning of what Oklahoma Watchdog is researching and investigating regarding ACORN’s presence in Oklahoma.

Reynolds said he will continue to investigate what ACORN is doing, and is “carefully contemplating” his next step. Reynolds said he is adamant that ACORN was trying to create chaos and ultimately win.

“I believe the ACORN documents show that they had political motives for manipulating elections in both Oklahoma and the United States,” Reynolds said.


By Andrew W. Griffin of The Oklahoma Watchdog

Contact: [email protected]

Copyright 2009 West Marie Media


Andrew formerly served as staff reporter for Watchdog.org.

  • scoutgirl

    Great first story!!!!!!!!1

  • Glad to find this site.

    Fight on!

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  • JupiterSuite

    Going Nuts

    ACORN: Alien Children Offered Regularly Nationwide

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    ACORN: Assembly of the Complacent: Organized, Registered & Non-productive!

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    ACORN: Another Corrupt Obama Run Network

    Others? Please suggest!

  • Eric West

    If ACORN is non-partisan, why is it saying the name Barrack Obama in it’s scripts? This is a clear violation of their 501 3(C) status and should result in an immediate investigation leading to their loss of tax exempt status.

    I bet you find a lot more interesting things as this investigation continues.

    Thanks for your work on this.

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  • MrsH

    Well met Sir! Saw this article and stared at the title, then laughing, then called my mother to share, she was still laughing when we hung up.

    Lord love a duck. Thanks for all your work, as it sounds quite daunting. Some serve in the military and they are heroes. We thank them for their service. Now, you’ve found your own engagement, a heroic endeavor, and we thank you for your service. Thousands of pages??? Please add thanks to the fine source who gave these docs to you. Oh yes, and in the spirit of ACORN, I say,

    Keep the pressure on.

  • shane2813

    Sorry Andrew we have this one covered. It’s funny watching these IDIOTS trying to play catchup. You found these LAST OCTOBER??? Looks like the OLD MEDIA can’t coverup for these criminals anymore. WE THE PEOPLE are the new Mainstream media. Stay out of are way Andrew. MARXIST=DEMOCRATS=TERRORIST All the same Ask the IDIOT Andrew W. Griffin.

  • DEF

    While it might play out like a “Jig-saw puzzle, it shouldn’t be boring!!!! It’ll be like “Digging up bones” and bones generally don’t lie!!! Some Treasonous teachings might even be uncovered, but then again it’ll probably be only the small fish at the fry!!!! The vagueness of the laws governing the influential will forgive them of their crimes, while the laws of absolution that govern the common will guarantee fall guy/gal convictions!!!! They can then boast of punishing the culprits, while they bask in their new found riches!!! Good luck….open the whole can of worms!!!!!

  • DrJon


  • Dirtt

    ACORN “manipulating elections?” Gosh. Shocking!

    Remind me how cries of racism helped defeat mortgage reform in 2006. And how ACORN backed officials who led the charge to squash mortgage reform in 2006.

    Please remind us. Barney Franks recollection doesn’t square with reality. We owe the world apologies indeed. But not the ones Obama is giving. We owe the world an apology for letting ACORN, the DNC and Soros & Co. run the mortgage industry into the ground while selling it overseas as quality investments.

  • KansasGirl

    I believe too, Brother.

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  • david

    have you reviewed the okc ACORN office which was by tinker diagonal where the Boing office is? I don’t know if it is still there but it was this time last year.

    as their own literature shows, they are all about power and control and Progressivism

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  • Why hasn’t anyone followed up on the ACORN worker in New York who went on national TV before the election to vote Obama. I said it was criminal then and it’s criminal now.

    That video has to be out there somewhere.

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  • Anna

    Keep up the good work, Mr. Griffin! We need people watching and scrutinizing ACORN in all 50 states.

  • Ace Tomato

    Wow. Just WOW.

    Can we get a raid on the rest of ACORN’s offices already?

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  • David

    How ironic, Obama uses Acorn to help him get elected and now they are imploding. I am sure there is a great weeping gnashing of teeth in acorn right now.

    I would have no reason to complain if they were NOT receiving taxpayers money. I also have a HUGE problem with their extortion tactics(in business sector) which is reminiscent of the Mafia.

  • Red Scout

    Great story. as usual. your writing is right on. Who did what to whom, whereand when and why. This is just the beginning. Congratulation!!!!!

  • Mark

    And what will “Law Enforcement” do about this? As if I have to even ask. Putrid stench of filthy maggot swill.

  • Carmen Farmer

    Please stay on this, and put out anything you find on Houston. We are in DESPARATE need of being able to not only take ACORN and SEIU out of Houston, but to try to vote out Shiela Jackson Lee. Her district has been rigged so much that people republicans who do not believe the way she does have been put into her district because they are such a rich tax base. They get NO REPRESENTATION from her because she is too busy voting for pork, and entitlements for the poor blacks that she really represents.

    She is virtually impossible to vote out, and I think the only way to get her is to tie her with ACORN and bring her down.

    At her town hall this summer, she actually used a person impersonating a doctor whom she claimed she did not know, but this person turned out to have been a delegate for Obama in the last election, so there is no way Jackson Lee did not know her.

    She stood up and spoke in favor of health care while illegally impersonating a MD.

    SEIU came into Houston in 2006 as you know and strong armed janitorial companies into accepting their union. One man stood against him, and they have worked every since to ruin his business.

    Texas does not go for these kinds of thug tactics, and if the people were made aware of them, they would stamp them out and vote out the democrats in office which allow them to go on.

    Rick Perry the gov. has been very quiet on the ACORN matter which is strange for him so I have to wonder what his voter redgistration tactics are.

    Thank you for your attention, and keep up the good work!

  • Barbara

    George Soros is involved in going into States to make sure Progressives are elected…his money is behind ACORN, SEIU, he helped finance the illegal aliens’ that marched in our streets.

    A few months ago, an England newspaper had an article on Soros, he was bragging about the money he made in the markets, during the downturn, Oct. 2008…a couple of weeks later, another UK newspaper said that Hungary had fined him for millions, for wrecking their economy during the same time period!

    Connect the dots!

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  • Eileen

    ACORN violated the Hatch Act. Any entity that receives US government funding cannot involve itself or its workers in partisan politics. These people need to get into prison NOW!!!!!!!!!

    This is simply another communistic tactic by the Ayers of the world.

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  • bruce hawkins

    you people keep up the great work america will forever be indebt if you can bring these communists down

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  • It would be great if you would use a larger font, very difficult to read, great post!

  • Michele

    All I have to say, is Obama needs to be Impeached We now have ACORN working in the White House!

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  • richard

    This infolds back on Obama,as he ran acorn and heled startt there operating agenda; so what does that say?…Obama Is the Obamination of us all,as well as of the united states. I beleive ater all said and done He will be impeached and imprisoned { the first black! and the first to go to prison.} then we can really play the nathional anthem

  • Brian Anderson

    Andrew I have to agree with your findings in all the documents. ACORN has and is being utilized by the Democrats to create chaos in the elections. I really think they are committing voter fraud! I think Barrack Obama is strongly affiliated with this organization! After all the Obama champagne gave ACORN $800,000.00 to help get the word out.

    All politicians do this to some degree, but they do not lead individuals to commit fraud or break the law as this organization does. This is so obvious in the recent videos regarding the drug and prostitution incidents last month. If ACORN is blatant about that issue, they would not have any issues with voter fraud. I am so glad there are organizations like yours looking at these type of actions which are most definitely in violation of our constitution and laws. Keep up the good work.

    Brian Anderson

    [email protected]

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