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Oklahoma Turnpike Authority requires more oversight

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Oklahoma Watchdog, editor

Posted: May 10, 2010

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OKLAHOMA CITY — Last year, at RipOffReport.com, a concerned citizen in Dallas, Texas wrote a piece saying he was being “raped” by the North Texas Toll Authority over charges he had allegedly accrued during his commute to and from work.

It’s an alarming post.

Wrote Lance from Dallas: “I could end up owing around $250,000 for driving the Tollway for less than a year. I need help!!! There is nothing that can be done as far as I can tell. There is no oversight. Often they are wrong, they know it and do NOT care! This has to be one of the biggest SCAMS in America. They will not work with you…pay or else. How can this be legal?!?!

Texas is being slammed with tolls left and right.

So what does what is going on in North Texas have to do with the Oklahoma Turnpike Authority? Well, the OTA already raised tolls last year. Who is to say they won’t increase tolls this year or the following year. As a story at Red Dirt Report noted at the time, workers, like nurses, refused to drive on the Kilpatrick Turnpike anymore because of the raised tolls, which was unanimously raised by the enormous OTA board.

Back in January, The Oklahoman slammed State Sen. Randy Brogdon, now running for governor, for proposing that the legislature be the ones to decide on raising tolls.

Wrote The Oklahoman, via a post at OKCapitolInvestments.wordpress.com: “Brodgon wants to micromanage the Oklahoma Turnpike Authority because it had the audacity to raise tolls last year.”

The OTA needs to be held to account on how their quasi-governmental operation is operated. Why is there so little development along the turnpikes? Why so little signage – county line signs, distance signs, etc.? The state needs to fully audit and investigate the Oklahoma Turnpike Authority.

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