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Coconuts, monkeys and warships, oh my!

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Oklahoma Watchdog, editor

Posted: November 4, 2010


OKLAHOMA CITY — Today, a regular reader of Oklahoma Watchdog called to tell me that they called the St. Louis Post-Dispatch newsroom to talk to someone about the fact that President Obama is going to India and is virtually taking the entire White House with him, along with wife Michelle and their two daughters.

The reader said the person in the Post-Dispatch newsroom was unaware of Obama’s trip. When the reader said it is all over the web and wondered why the media wasn’t scrutinizing it more, particularly in light of the criticism Nancy Reagan received years ago for purchasing new china for the White House, the Post-Dispatch newsroom person really had no response.

And it’s a great question. Why is such an entourage necessary? Why spend all this money? It’s already causing problems for Indian citizens. And check out the plans for an above-ground tunnel that is being constructed in Mumbai so Obama and company can go to the Gandhi museum. Can you say ‘over the top’?

As one story, at FoxNews.com begins: “A foreign force this size probably hasn’t been in India since the era of British colonization.”

Continuing, the story notes: “The president will be accompanied by 40 aircraft, 3,000 people, a fleet of cars and 34 warships, according to a string of blow-by-blow news updates. The Press Trust of India quoted an official in the state of Maharashtra pegging the cost at $200 million a day.”

And there’s this: “Obama’s said to have booked the entire Taj Mahal Palace hotel and, according to The Wall Street Journal, Mumbai officials have ordered coconuts plucked from palm trees outside a memorial the president is scheduled to visit to ensure there are no bumps on the noggin. In Delhi, the president’s second stop, monkeys have been the subject of a municipal crackdown.”

While White House officials prefer to downplay those claims, they do say that “security” is a concern as it would be with any overseas trip involving the president.

Reports The Daily Mail in Britain: “The president himself will be ferried around in a black Cadillac – dubbed ‘Barack Mobile’ – which has its own built in communications centre – to enable Obama to be in touch with the White House, US vice president and the US strategic command.

The car also has the US nuke launch codes and the nuclear switch for the president. It can also withstand a chemical or germ warfare or even a bomb attack.”

Reading these mainstream articles, along with alternative news site reports and blog posts, we are struck by the alarming level of concern swirling out there about Obama’s trip this weekend, which will continue into the following week.
Some are very suspicious. Why would the president need so many people? So many planes and ships? So many taxpayer dollars to pay for this unnecessary trip.

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Andrew formerly served as staff reporter for Watchdog.org.

  • redscout

    The ships are needed for , the reason escapes me now , but I am sure it will come to me. No, it didn’t.

    This is no different from everything Obama-bin arama has done. The absence of reality is alarming. Also, the lack of news coverage for this is astounding. if a Republican president did something like this, the press would be outraged, but Obama-bin arama just take 30 plus ships to india and so what?

    Breaking news, a dog exploded on Ist and main, headlines to follow. no details whatsoever.

    That the news for today and goodnight sweet prince wherever your are

  • Uh, Clem

    Even Nixon wasn’t this…imperial. The 2012 election can’t get here soon enough.

  • RobinGrace

    Some of that info is incorrect, albeit not much of it . There is not 34 warships, my understanding 12 are on the way there not having to do with the Obama trip, But..how would we know the Truth when we have newspapers and Media so lame and lazy they don’t find out themselves They are no longer our watch dogs now are they? And have not been for decades.