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Top Oklahoma Republicans praise fed. judge’s ruling on ObamaCare’s unconstitutional provisions

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Oklahoma Watchdog, editor

Posted: December 13, 2010


OKLAHOMA CITY –Oklahoma’s Republicans praised a federal judge’s decision Monday that found forcing Americans to purchase ObamaCare health insurance was “unconstitutional.”

In a press release sent out Monday afternoon, Governor-elect Mary Fallin commented on the federal judge in Virginia’s ruling, adding that more would be needed to put the final nail in the coffin of ObamaCare, as it were.

Spokesman Alex Weintz, who sent out the press release to the media this afternoon said Fallin remarked: “Today’s ruling is an important step in rolling back the president’s job-killing health care bill. It’s good to see a federal judge understands what I – and most Oklahomans – have known from the start: President Obama’s health care plan is unconstitutional.”

Fallin continued, saying: “Oklahomans expressed their desire to opt out of the federal health-care law when they overwhelmingly passed State Question 756 in November. I will continue to work with Attorney General-elect Scott Pruitt as we explore our state’s legal options and find the best way to fight against the federal health care bill.”

U.S. Rep. John Sullivan (R-Tulsa), said: “Throughout the entire health care debate, the Administration and the Democrat-led Congress ignored the most fundamental question of all – whether or not the federal government was overstepping its constitutional bounds by taking over our health care system.”

Continuing, Sullivan said, “Today’s decision by a federal judge in Virginia confirms what many of us have been saying all along – it is simply unconstitutional for the federal government to require American citizens to purchase government-approved healthcare or else face a criminal penalty. I firmly believe that all Americans have a fundamental right to choose the healthcare plan that is best for themselves, their family and their business, and I will continue fighting to uphold that right by supporting efforts to repeal and replace ObamaCare.”

And Matt Pinnell, chairman of the Oklahoma Republican Party, said late Monday echoing those earlier sentiments, saying that his party was pleased the federal judge saw the error of this legislation.

“This is further validation of what conservatives have known from the beginning, that ObamaCare was, and still is, unconstitutional,” Pinnell said. “I believe this serves as the first major step in what will be a Republican-led effort to fully repeal this legislation.”

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    Way to go. as always getting to the heart of the issue.