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SWOSU, too! All six regional universities spending more in FY2012

By   /   August 2, 2011  /   News  /   2 Comments

With the numbers now in for Southwestern Oklahoma State University (SWOSU), Oklahoma Watchdog confirms that all six regional state universities are spending more in FY2012 than they did last year, despite a revenue shortfall for the state.  Going back to FY2001, SWOSU has had only one year, FY2004, when it spent less than the previous year (see chart below).  In those 12-years, spending at SWOSU is up 59% overall, averaging a nearly 4.4% increase every year, outpacing the rate of inflation.

SWOSU Total budget expenditures FY2001-12 Many Eyes

SWOSU also continues the trend of state universities relying less on state appropriated funds.  In FY2001, state money represented 67% of SWOSU’s total revenue while tuition and fees made up 31.2%.  This year, those figures have changed so that tuition and fees are now a majority of revenues at 50.8% while state appropriations account for 46%.  Still, state appropriations to SWOSU did increase from last year to this year by over $200-thousand.

For the current fiscal year, the six regional universities have increased their budgets by a combined $19-million.  The University of Oklahoma and Oklahoma State University, the other two schools whose budgets have been obtained by Oklahoma Watchdog so far, increased their budgets by $80-million and $63-million, respectively.  So these eight universities are spending $162-million more in FY2012 than they did just last year.  To put that in perspective, those eight universities have increased spending by more than the amount the state appropriated to career technology centers around the state ($133-million).

Oklahoma Watchdog is in the process of getting budget information from the 18 smaller colleges in the state to see if any of them plan on spending less this year than last year.  Higher Education Chancellor Glen Johnson says he’s sure there are some.

You can check out the stories on the other seven universities by clicking on their names here: University of Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Northwestern, East CentralUniversity of Central OklahomaSoutheastern and Northeastern.


Peter formerly served as staff reporter for Watchdog.org.

  • imok

    Why is this not a surprise? Higher ed in Oklahoma has forever been operated with absolutely no fiscal accountability. With cash cows like the unbridled state regency, run by the former politicians who gave up any responsibility for these schools, and the unprotected students who don’t have any choice other than to pay the increased fees and receive absolutely no increased quality of education, why should the Borens and Hargises (Burns, that is), et al, not continue to milk the public for all they can squeeze?

  • blarg

    This article lacks context. What are they doing with the money? Do they have more students? Some RUSO schools haven’t provided a cost of living increase in years. In those cases all of this ‘extra’ money is not being spent on faculty.