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Murray State College budget up almost 8% after slight drop last year

By   /   September 6, 2011  /   News  /   1 Comment

Murray State College in Tishomingo continues the trend among state colleges and universities in Oklahoma (see list at the end of the story) of spending more this year, despite state lawmakers cutting Higher Education funding by 5%.  As the chart below shows, Murray State increased its budget by 7.8% this year after a slight budget cut of about a half-percent in FY2011.  Since FY2003, Murray State’s budget is up over 73% even with two years where spending dropped (FY2004 and FY2011).  The average annual increase over the last decade is 6.4% which is more than twice the rate of inflation during that period.

Murray State college Total Expenditures FY2003-2012 Many Eyes

Like every other state college and university, Murray State raised tuition and fees this year.  And like the other institutions studied so far, Murray State is relying more on tuition and fees and less on state appropriations for its budget.  In FY2003, 62% of Murray State’s budget came from the state while 24% came from tuition and fees.  For FY2012, the state is only providing 44% of the budget while 47% comes from tuition and fees.

Out of the 22 institutions examined so far, 17 – including Murray State –  have increased spending in FY2012.  Click on the school name below to read about the others.

Stories for the remaining three schools (Northern Oklahoma College, Redlands Community College and University of Science and Arts Oklahoma) should be up this week, so be sure to check back!


Peter formerly served as staff reporter for Watchdog.org.