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Concerned citizens visit Congressman Dennis Moore’s office

By   /   November 5, 2009  /   News  /   2 Comments

Overland Park.  About 100 citizens, who were concerned about losing freedom and liberty under the proposed government-run health care bill, met along the street near Congressman Dennis Moore’s office.

Watch the video report below where a group of concerned citizens presents a petition to Congressman Moore’s staff.  The petition was signed by about 600. 

The person presenting the petition to Congressman Moore’s staff was representing the Campaign for Liberty – Kansas.

Many at the rally outside Moore’s office had signs opposing the proposed health care bill being discussed in Congress, such as:

  • Free Market or Bust
  • No Public Option
  • No Pulib Option | No Public Takeover
  • Stop Gov’t take over of health care
  • Obama is not my doctor!
  • Hands off my health care.  Vote No! HR 3962
  • Less spending:  <$
  • No co-op insurace
  • No socialist medicine!
  • No Obama care
  • No socialized medicine!
  • No Moore Votes 2010
  • Moore votes in line w/ Pelosi.  Not what he campaign on!
  • Reform – Yes.  2000 page power grab – No.
  • Free health care will cost you your country!
  • Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happines
  • All life is precious
  • Don’t force me to pay for abortions
  • Kill the Bills: Obamacare & Cap & Trade
  • Defend Capitalism.  Defeat Socialism
  • Rahm Emanuel:  Never let a good crisis go to waste.  They are Opportunist!  At Our Expense!

As individuals, or in small groups, many presented letters or petitions to Moore’s staff. In the video above one woman, who collected about 600 signatures on her petition, presented it to Congressman Moore’s staff since he was in Washington, DC.  Here is part of her statement:

And whereas, government-controlled health care would inevitably raise taxes by thousands of dollars on hardworking Americans.

And whereas, the free market is the least expensive and most efficient way to ensure American citizens the health care they need without interfering with their privacy and freedom to make personal decisions.

Therefore, I urge you to publicly oppose on every vote the government health care takeover and rationing scheme, and any other bill that expands government’s role in health care. …

There are free market options that have to do with reducing the government involvement rather than increasing it — will actually help us instead of hurting us.

There are a lot of people that feel this way. The government does not have the right to do one darn thing with my health care or my body. And that’s what these people say.

On an earlier visit I asked if I could accompany four Johnson County women as they presented their letters of concern about health care to Congressman Dennis Moore’s staff. That meeting was rather uneventful until I was told “There’s no filming allowed in our office.” See the video below.

[Update:  In the video above, instead of asking about “open records” and “open meetings” my questions should have been strictly about the 1st amendment.  While the petitions and letters given to the government in most government offices are open records, Congress exempts themselves from open records laws.  Several months ago Congressman Moore ignored a FOIA request from me claiming Congress was exempt.

The 1st Amendment gave the citizens I was videotaping the right to seek redress of grievances, and gave me the right — especially with their permission — the right to videotape them seek redress of greivances with their government.  I’m not sure why any government official should object to that as part of their job interacting with the public.]

A brave woman, who favors the government health care bill being discussed in Congress, was the one dissenting person at the rally:

One pro-government-health care person outside Congressman Moore's office today

One pro-government-health care person outside Congressman Moore's office today

Earlier in Washington today, Wichita Congressman Todd Tiahrt particpated in a Health Care press conference on the steps of the U.S. Capitol: