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Warrant out for mom who testified at hearing about losing custody of children

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[Updated March 5].  A warrant is out in Wichita for the arrest of a mom who testified about her case at a legislative hearing last year.  The charges?   That she saw one of her children for 30 minutes, and tried to see the child a second time.

Last year we reported stories from parents and grandparents who had problems with placement and removal of children by the Department of Social and Rehabilitation Services (SRS).  Those parents travelled to Topeka to testify at a hearing of the Joint Committee on Children’s Issues.

Cecillia Arnold lost her parental rights.  Wants her kids back.

Cecillia Arnold lost her parental rights. Wants her kids back.

One of  those testifying was an abused mom, Cecillia Arnold. She had her parental rights severed even though the state never found wrong doing.  Even though she had been the victim of domestic abuse for which her her abuser spent about 2 years in jail, she lost custody of her children for reasons she does not understand.

Here is part of the exchange between Arnold and State Rep Bill Otto at that hearing:

State Rep Bill Otto (R-LeRoy): “Your rights are severed?”

Arnold: “My rights have been terminated … I have no rights to my children. I have not seen them since March. I filed an appeal that didn’t go anywhere. I’m here today because I want my children back.” …

Otto: “Where was your lawyer?” …

Arnold: “I had court-appointed attorneys … I feel I could have done a better job representing myself” ..

Otto: “This should not happen to anybody … I’m so sorry.” …

Arnold now lives in another state to avoid direct Kansas SRS authority over her. 

In a telephone interview on Sunday Arnold said that the State of Kansas  garnishes her wages for child support even though her children are in foster care and she cannot visit them.  She does not mind the payments since she feels an obligation to her children, but really wants her children back.

Arnold said that after the Nov. 30, 2009 legislative hearing she spent a few days in Wichita with her family before returning home. 

Monica and Albert Arnold outside Fed & State Affairs Committee Hearing room at Capitol on Thursday.  They traveled from Wichita to Topeka trying to testify on their daughter's behalf.  They also attended a hearing at the Capitol in Nov. 2009.

Monica and Albert Arnold outside Fed & State Affairs Committee Hearing room at Capitol on Thursday. They traveled from Wichita to Topeka trying to testify on their daughter's behalf. They also attended a hearing at the Capitol in Nov. 2009.

While visiting a school with a relative, Arnold had an encounter with one of her older daughter.  Before that, Arnold had no idea what school her children attended since they were in foster care and she lived in another state.

She said she was happy to see her child and took 30 minutes to be  a mom during that chance encounter.    

Arnold said she tried intentionally the next day to see her child again but she was not allowed to.  She said it is her understanding there are now two warrants out because of the chance visit with her child.   The Sedgwick County Sheriff  issued an arrest warrant for her, Arnold said. 

A spokesperson for the Sedgwick County Sheriff‘s office could not explain why Arnold’s court case number (2009-CR-003679) could not be found in a Sedgwick County District Court Search.

Police were looking to arrest her at a relative’s funeral earlier this month, Arnold said.  In a telephone interview, Arnold’s mother, Monica Arnold, said she knows the police have been watching their house in case her daughter visits.

This week in Topeka child welfare issues will be part of House Federal and State Affairs Committee hearings.  Monica McGill said she and her husband will try to attend those hearings and speak on behalf of their daughter.

Arnold said that with limited leave from work, and fear of being arrested in Kansas on the warrant, would keep her from the hearings, but she would like to attend to explain her case.

Last week Arnold’s picture and case were one of the “Featured Felons for this month” of the Sedgwick County Sheriff:

From Sedgwick County Sheriff's "Featured Felons for this Month"

From Sedgwick County Sheriff's "Featured Felons for this Month"

The “interference” mentioned above was for talking to her child who was in foster care.

Listen to Arnold’s testimony at the Joint Committee on Children’s Issues hearing on Nov. 30, 2009:

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We interviewed Arnold on Nov 30, 2009 after the hearing in the office of State Senator Oletha Faust-Goudeau (D, Wichita) at the Capitol:

 Arnold’s parents, Albert and Monica Arnold, appear in the video above at 2:18.

Her parents traveled to Topeka again on March 4, 2009 to speak to the House Committee on Federal and State Affairs.  Since there was not enough time on the agenda to allow their testimony, we interviewed them after the hearing:

In a telephone interview Friday, Cecillia Arnold said had good parents but as a teenager she became pregnant.  She does not understand why her parents were also denied custody.

Arnold described maturing a lot through the legal process and admits she was not always respectful of the district attorney and the courts as a teen.  She wonders if the Sedgwick County District Attorney is treating her now the same way as when she was 16, even though she has matured a lot since then.  Arnold is now 24 and wants a different district attorney to review her case.

Arnold laments not having more money to fight her case in court to win custody of her daughters. 

Her dad’s final words in the video above:  “We don’t have money.”


Contact: Earl F Glynn, earl@kansaswatchdog.org, KansasWatchdog.org


  • BM

    There is no heart, soul, love, devotion, conscience from the very agencies who do this to parents, relatives, and grandparents. They need be psych evaluated to find out if they are, in fact, human, or otherwise. Most have never had a chld. Judges do not have children, know no love that exists, kow no bonding, or how that bonding could occur? We are facing a loss of our country folks. More prison inmates, more prostitutes, more crime and drug use. Someone need step up to the plate for our children and country!

  • Nancy Berry

    Sedgwick County your dirty laundry is showing. It is about time. This is the

    kind of stuff that has been going on here for a long time. Lets see out legislators do something about the violations of law.

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  • This is beyond insane!! I am angered -once again how battered mothers are once again ‘battered by Justice when they dare try to leave an abusive situation.

    The privatization of SRS/CPS has put an incredibly high price on our children, this has got to stop.!!!

    Thank you Kansas Watchdog-Earl Glynn for being the only voice for this battered mother- her only crime-to survive and to THINK that she had her children had the right to be free from abuse.

    A sad and highly profitable business is- the price of children

  • Melinda

    CPS, in cahoots with the family court in Goshen, NY (Orange County, NY) does this to battered mothers and their children, too! Bump into your kid after they rip them away from you without due process, and you face jail time. Abusers and their family are the ones who get custody… same old, same old.

  • This is an outrage. These agencies are on a corrupt power trip where they are apparently accountable to no one. This has got to stop.

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  • Gaill Lakritz

    This is a miscarriage of justice. As a survivor of domestic violence and attempts on my life, cover-ups by police and the courts, I know what she is going through. I have heard my final breaths being gasped from my throat, but none of that is as bad as having your children ripped from you for one reason. You are a victim and there is rreed and the need to cover up bad judges, blatant liars as court appointed “experts” and corrupt CPS employees.

    The name of the game is money. So long as these people can collect taxpayer dollars to take these children and bleed a parent to boot, it will not stop. I heard of one case yesterday where they were billing taxpayers for 5 children in a family when there was only one. The inflation of the number of children in the system is normal. One county in California claimed 5,000 children when they only had 1.500. Another family in Virginia was billed $3000 per month when the foster parents were only given a few dollars a day and the children never saw professionals of any kind. They pick on domestic violence victims because they are alone and frightened. The Federal Government will not investigate, as they look only at one case at a time, not the total of all cases in a locality.

    Keep reporting. And those who have information, be it yourself, your family or a neighbor, come forward. We all want fairness and lower taxes. Call for federal investigation into these courts.

  • Advocate

    This horrific treatment to both a mother and children is an abomination. This is one of many human rights violations going on inside the US. Why is it that the US is being allowed to mistreat and imprison so many. Where are the other countries to help us? Time for people in the US to wake up and protest. If they think they are safe from being criminalized in this way, there are thousands of other ways they too could be accused of being a criminal and have warrents issued and face prison. Time to stop this inhumane treatment. Stop separating children from mothers who care about them.

  • What a senseless tragedy for both this mother and her children. Those responsible for the termination of this mother’s rights without a finding of wrongdoing should be held accountable in a human rights court for the violations of the human rights of both the mother and her children. And what an abuse of taxpayers’ money for time, energy, and financial resources to be wasted trying to criminally punish a non-criminal. Why aren’t the taxpayers of Kansas pitching a fit over this and getting fired/outsing from office all those involved in perpetrating this miscarriage of justice? Their tax dollars could be better spent on the pursuit of violent offenders rather than a mother acting on her natural instinct to interact with and show love to her own child. Either the “system” has completely lost its senses, or this mother is being retaliated against for exposing governmental incompetence/misconduct.

  • Lorraine Tipton

    When will the destruction of motherhood stop?? I believe that Kansas is run by the Scarecrow, Tin Man and Cowardly Lion….No brain, heart or courage!

  • Lynn Hoover

    I am completely disgusted with Kansas. I hope someone takes the initiative real soon to sue the pants off of these pricks. This is ridiculous and outrageous. Words cannot describe how upset and infuriated this makes me. Kansas needs to leave our families alone!! Cecilia….STAY HID….F KANSAS!

  • Tammy Youngquist

    Where is the Justice?? Iam sure your baby had a wonderful visit with you…stand up strong and we the people will prevail. God Bless.

  • Sarah

    Women are being targeted by CPS, private contractors, and even the court systems. Even our federal government gives federal grants if the father receives the children and are taken from the mother, even when the mother is a victim domestic violence, the abuser gets the children through the courts and cps private contractors. A domestic violence (bodily injury) is just a misdemeanor with $2,500.00 bond, but, accidentally seeing your child and wanting to touch them is a felony with $10,000.00 bond. This felony will follow her for the rest of her life and she will have to notify any future employers of this. Women need to start standing up for our rights. We are back in the stoneage where men treat women any way they want and nothing is done about it. We need more women’s groups and vote these politicians out when they don’t support our equal rights.

  • DS

    I can not believe that a woman that was a victim of domestic violence not only lost her kids because of that violence but that the state felt it necessary to terminate her parental rights! Kansas, that is appalling! She was found of no wrong doing, yet still had her rights as a mother terminated? What kind of black market are you running there in Kansas, child trafficking is illegal in most areas of the world these days.

  • Concerned citizen

    RE:”The state never found wrongdoing”

    How was the state able to receive funding for the children if there was no wrongdoing? That’s fraud. Fraud committed against the federal government and the tax payer.

    What happened to “clear and convincing evidence?”

    The felony charge against Cecelia for “interference with parental(state) custody “is exactly what the state of Kansas should be charged with.

    The state of Kansas interferred with Cecelia Arnold’s parental custody when they removed her children with no evidence of wrongdoing.

    Law enforcement is watching her parent’s home? Why aren’t they arresting the pedophiles that the Sedgwick County DA’s office allows to walk the streets?

    This is obviously intimidation for telling the truth about what happened in her case at the Children’s Issues committee hearing.


    It’s time for the legislators to request Quo Warranto for the Sedgwick County DA.

    The crimes against the children and families has got to STOP!

  • This is her child that she was seeing. She is her mother and always will be her mother, regardless of what the state has to say. God is the only one to govern those rights. This nation has gone far beyound it’s boundaries and stepping on our constitutional rights. And who is paying for these warrents and court proceedings we are the tax payer. Stand up people and let our voices be heard.

  • Grant

    Until the people take back their rights this will continue. You must fight for your children, they do not belong to the State. Let this be a warning for future parents to reject government interference from the beginning: have a home birth, don’t even get a d*mn birth certificate, give government agencies as minimal amount of information as you can. And when all else fails, pick up and move your *ss out of the state, or better yet, the country. Tell everyone what happened because these tragedies happen in secret. Mothers will soon vanish.

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  • How horrific for the children! To have the state take your mommy away from you because she was being abused? That in itself is abusive, and who ever issued the arrest warrant on this mother should face abuse charges, as well as any Kansas state official that played any part in taking the mother away from these children. These people need to lose their jobs….they are suppose to work for the people of Kansas.

    Seems they are profiting off of the people of Kansas by participating in a child trafficing scheme there. This is the only logical explanation of why these children are not with their mother…the State of Kansas wanted more children to sell off/collect more federal funds on.

  • Seems the State of Kansas should have their butt dragged into federal court on this, re: they unconstitutionally infringed on parents’ fundamental right to rear their children (Troxel v. Granville). It seems since Ms. Arnold is a poor woman of color, the State of Kansas chose her as an easy mark to take her children to profit off of. Shame on Kansas and shame on all those who took her children.

  • Concerned citizen

    After watching the people in this broken system I have come to the conclusion that most of them – the ones that I have dealt with – don’t actually like children. I believe that most of them have come from dysfunctional families or foster care where they were abused – their life wasn’t so good and they don’t think that any child should have it better than they did. The reason that I believe this is – why would someone working for a system that was created to protect children and families get so much enjoyment out of the pain that is caused? – It’s a control issue. They are finally in control of someone else’s life – they were never in contorl of theirs.

    Knowing that so many of these individuals are willing to falsify records – how would anyone trust anything that these individuals do?

    There is NOTHING that they could show me – documents or otherwise – that I would believe – after all – they are nothing but liars!

    They have been proven to be liars by the State of Kansas – so why are they being given another opportunity to lie to the House Federal & State Affairs committee on March 2, 3 &4?

    What does that say about Representative Melvin Neufeld and the committee that they are willing to hear the lies and act as if they believe what they are told? – that their lies are actually the truth??

    Who exactly do the legislators work for? Us or the liars – criminals willing to falsify documents to steal children? After all – it’s the legislators that keep pouring our tax money to the broken system that steals the Kansas children!

    It’s time for the legislators to do what they were elected to do – represent the people. Ask for prosecution from an outside source – Not the AG – he works for the state(SRS) and has been neglegent in his duty to advise them to follow the laws of Kansas! That is his responsiblity!

    I rest my case!

  • Sickened in Canada

    Next, if you walk down the street and are attacked and sent to hospital; any children you may have will be taken away. And, I read, in Utah- there is a bill – law? – , so that is you trip and fall- anywhere for any reason, and have a miscarriage, you may be pursued under the law. Both these situation are beyond madness. The actions in Arnold’s life are reprehensible. The people and entities responsible are engaging in human rights abuses and criminal acts. What is wrong in Kansas ? Collective madness ? Orwell’s 1984 come to pass ?

  • Thank you for letting the country know about Cecillia Arnold and her ongoing efforts to protect her children. We face similar struggles in Rhode Island. We are gradually identifying the legislators who care about these systemic problems in child protective services and family court. We look forward to hearing about progress for her family and others in Kansas.

    Here is another Kansas story to inspire you as you continue to make history:


    Stay strong for the children!

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  • Jody

    This mother and her children have been abused by the cruel system in Kansas. She is not the only one nor are her children. A single Mom or a divorced woman doesn’t stand a chance with the policy of corruption in Kansas. Vote them all out that are in office. Bring charges and for Heavens sake keep the pressure on the legislature to change laws.

    Turn this in to the AP services and to the media at Fox news. THEY DON’T WANT THE TRUTH OUT! Shout it from the housetops… Someone has surely got to hear it and investigate the wrong-doing of Nola Foulston, Ron Paschal, the Juvenile Judges, EMCU, SRS, Youthville, the Secretary of SRS Don Jordan to name a few miscreants. Kathleen Sibelius is covered up in too. They have ruined lives and caused enough misery. They need to answer for their crimes against the children and families of Kansas.

  • For moms who need help. Know the truth about child abuse, abandonment and neglect.We need a watchdog in every state, and Kathleen Sibilius needs to be removed from her position. She had the worse record where child reunification is concerned. And someobody needs to delve deeper into where these children are ending up. To ensure they are not ending up on the laps of the preditors, molesters and perverts. There are just too many children in this state that are being seduced here by the system. The DOJ needs to get involved since the legislative body in this state, plays blind mans bluff. You Kansas folks who are aware of this, need to start running for office against these low lifes. They’ve been around for years and if you think about it, i bet they’re all related at the court house and workin their way up the ladder. There is just no way, the stats in this state are shocking. This is the work of the good ole boys network.

  • Gabrielle von Stralendorff

    My heart goes out to Cecillia, who is obviously guilty of nothing. The child services agencies are interfering in a parent/child bond in a way that they can never “fix” by later saying, “Oh, sorry, we were mistaken”. There is no excuse for what she is going through!

    My family dealt with the Arkansas DHS for about a year. All I can say about all of these agency representatives is that they are undereducated, arrogant and dedicated to creating problems in order to create funding for their agencies. They operate on the assumption that most parents don’t know their rights, and are completely unnerved if you demonstrate that you DO know your rights, or–heaven forbid–haul out a tape recorder or camcorder during a visit. DO NOT EVER LET THESE PEOPLE INTO YOUR HOME WITHOUT A POLICEMAN WITH A WARRANT! They threaten that they can break your door down, but they CANNOT do that. Show the police officer your healthy child through a window, if you have to, but do not let anyone in without a warrant.

    It’s high time that these children and parents had a voice.

  • Jared

    Full proof that CPS and whatever acronym they use in any state needs to be defunded and abolished.

  • Jared

    CPS/DCS is no good here in Tennessee either. They believe every insane lie while fabricating their own out of thin air! People are talking about CPS reform ut quite honestly the only REAL course of action is to defund CPS, Abolish it and then imprison everyone of the caseworkers,supervisors,Regional Admin and State Admins for their crimes against the Constitution, For violating state codes and for crimes against families!

  • CPS is the same, all over the world. They kidnap children from the good parent(s), and destroy families for money, but also because they are – and there is no other way to put it – evil. If you listen to a tape of a child being forcibly removed from a parent, you know that only an evil person could do this.

    CPS, being dominated by homosexuals, also seeks to destroy heterosexual relationships. They want men to despise women, and vice versa. The family courts work with CPS and will often grant custody (when they do grant custody to a parent) to the abusive parent, and only the very fortunate and resourceful can change this outcome.

    One of the keys to fighting CPS is to expose their lies, however and whenever you can. Keep spreading the word, because the truth grows, exponentially. CPS cannot win this war because parents are motivated by something more powerful than the greed and perversion that motivates CPS. Parents, in stark contrast, are motivated by a love that never dies, the love for their children.

  • Alexi K Jansen

    Shame on all of the abusive and vindictive people that are a part of and run all child care agencies in the US.

    Our Children need to come first……

  • Concerned citizen

    There are hearings in Topeka on 3/2, 3/3 & 3/4 regarding how SRS and the privatization contractors have failed children and families – please send an email to them stating what you have written here. Representative Neufled has brought professionals from across the USA to brief the members of the committee.

    On what? How they have wrongfully removed children?

    House Federal and State Affairs: Neufeld, Chairperson; Kiegerl, Vice-chairperson; Bowers, A. Brown,

    Brunk, Carlson, Fund, Hill, M. Holmes, Huebert, Knox, O’Brien, Olson.

    Loganbill, Ranking Minority Member; Benlon, Grant, Henderson, Peterson, Ruiz, Swenson, Tietze.

    melvin.neufeld@house.ks.gov ; mneufeld@ink.org ; mike.kiegerl@house.ks.gov ; jus4smk@aol.com ; elaine.bowers@house.ks.gov ; elaine@concordiaautomart.com ; anthony.brown@house.ks.gov ; staterepbrown@sunflower.com ; steve.brunk@house.ks.gov ; sbrunk@cox.net ; richard.carlson@house.ks.gov ; crown_c@fastmail.fm ; rocky.fund@house.ks.gov ; rockfund@hotmail.com ; don.hill@house.ks.gov ; donhill70@hotmail.com ; mitch.holmes@house.ks.gov ; rep@mitchholmes.com ; steve.huebert@house.ks.gov ; shuebert77@sbcglobal.net ; forrest.knox@house.ks.gov ; connie.obrien@house.ks.gov ; connie@connieobrien.net ; robert.olson@house.ks.gov ; judith.loganbill@house.ks.gov ; judithloganbill@msn.com ; lisa.benlon@house.ks.gov ; lisa.benlon@yahoo.com ; bob.grant@house.ks.gov ; grantbnl@ckt.net ; broderick.henderson@house.ks.gov ; michael.peterson@house.ks.gov ; mjpkck@aol.com ; louis.ruiz@house.ks.gov ; louis_ruiz@sbcglobal.net ; dale.swenson@house.ks.gov ; dale.swenson@gmail.com ; annie.tietze@house.ks.gov ; atietze@cox.net ;

  • Stacie

    Our tax dollars are funding the prosecution of this DV victim who’s parental rights were terminated with no proof of wrong doing. I say “NO” to my tax dollars paying for the witch hunt of this mother. This mother needs “the people” to stand up for her otherwise these corrupt officials will continue to destroy other families.

  • Mike

    With all due respect, to a few of the ladies who have lost their children but I am getting a little bit sick of people thinking CPS only destroys women’s lives. One, I know society has trouble accepting this but sometimes men get battered too by their wives. Domestic violence is gender neutral. Second, some of us do care about our children. I loved my two sons dearly and got set up and have not seen my kids in now two years because of the corruption in Tennessee. I always took responsibility for both of my boys while my ex has a drinking problem, men in and out, you name it but if you are a man in this country forget about having any rights. I know CPS is criminal but they are just as hard on men as they are women. In fact they pick on us a lot because they don’t know what to know with men who step up to the plate and try to be loving fathers. You want to know why many men walk away from their kids? It is because of CPS agencies and a legal system who treats us all like a hotel room and a paycheck. Ladies, with all due respect, stop always playing the victim role, men are sometimes victims too.

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  • Karl

    Maybe CPS and all variants only understand messages that come in the form of lead.


    there should be an arrest warrant out for all evil cps social workers all across this country. not innocent parents that just want to visit their kids. this country is so f-ing backwards its beyond belief!!!!! they snatch kids away from innocent parents like me and my wife had done to us 9 yrs ago. for no reason!!!! i hate the f-d up system we have in this country!!! most cps social workers and family destruction court judges should be either put to death by stoning them or put them in prison for life without the possibility of parole. and let them rot there!! GO TO HELL AMERICA!!!!

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