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Amanda Grosserode: “You need to get involved”

By   /   May 1, 2010  /   1 Comment

Amanda Grosserode explained what led her to get involved in Tea Parties

Americans for Prosperity Foundation Kansas held their Defending the American Dream Summit on Wednesday in Topeka.

After a morning session with talks by several well-known speakers, including Michelle Malkin and P.J. O’Rourke, AFP held a rally at the state capitol to bring public attention to the economic consequences of higher taxes in Kansas, which are being considered by the Kansas legislature, particularly the Kansas Senate.

The first speaker at the rally was Tea Party organizer Amanda Grosserode. She talked about what led her to get involved and encouraged others to do the same.

The video below shows Grosserode call for others to follow her lead in getting involved, including running for office:

Excerpts from the video:

I’m just a mom. …

As many of you were, and like I was, in the fall of 2008 I was very interested in what was going on at the federal level. If you remember there was that huge debate about the TARP package.

It distressed me that we [had] … big government intervention into our banking system. The banks that made risky choices were having major financial problems because of it.

I did not think it was a good use of our tax dollars. I thought it would burden my children years into the future.

It made me start watching that debt count. … We’re almost at $13 trillion now.

The stimulus package started the debate … I e-mailed Dennis Moore. I called Dennis Moore. The response was ‘he’s going to vote for it. …

The day [the bill] passed was the 13th of Feb. [2009]. My husband and I were out to lunch the next day …. and I said: “Someone needs to do something about these people who are not listening to the public.” I said, “No one doing anything, and I’m going to DO something.”

That day I started talking to friends … I started e-mailing people. I e-mailed our friend Michelle Malkin. She put it on her blog. …

I got a phone call from Darla Jaye … she put me on her radio show …

Two days later … we had 750 people who showed up on a very, very cold blustery day to state their opinion that we were sick of government spending our money. …

I became an organizer in the Tea Party movement …

Late last fall I decided to announce that I was going to run for State Representative in Kansas from my district [16]

I’ve been advocating for months for people to get involved. … If I was going to advocate that people get involved … then I needed to step forward and do that myself.

I’m here to say: “You need to get involved.”

Figure out what it is you’re passionate about. Who it is that you’re passionate about. What candidate it is. What issue it is. Become a volunteer. Donate money. Go walk door to door. Educate your neighbors. Educate your friends and family.

In order for us to change the situation we’re in, we need each and every one of us to get involved in some manner. …

Do what you can to do your part. Don’t make this the end. This has to be the beginning.


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