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Brownback: “A clean sweep for a new beginning”

By   /   November 3, 2010  /   1 Comment

TOPEKA.  U.S. Senator Sam Brownback was elected Kansas governor on Tuesday as Republicans had a “clean sweep” on all statewide elected offices.

Here are excerpts from Brownback’s victory speech he gave to an enthusiastic Republican audience:

“No more Obama-way.  Now to a Kansas way.  Our way is holding down taxes, holding down regulations, controlling spending.  That’s our route.  That’s the route we’re going to move America and Kansas forward.”

Someone holds up a broom while Brownback talks about "a clean sweep for a new beginning"

“Dr. Colyer and I put forward a ‘road map for Kansas’.  You may be familiar with that statement.  We put a lot of miles behind that.  It’s a plan for the future.  A plan for this state — to grow this state that we love and believe in so much.  It’s a plan to grow our economy.  It’s a plan to create private sector jobs.  It’s a plan to excel in education.  It’s a plan to support our families.  It’s a plan to move forward.”

“We campaigned on the road map.  We won on the road map.  We will govern on the road map.”

“It’s a difficult time for many Kansas families.  Jobs are scarce.  The future is uncertain.  Jeff and I promise you an energetic administration focused on what’s best for the people of Kansas, with a government serving the people, not the other way around.”  …

“Together let us not be bitter for our circumstances, but let us be better for our future. …”

“We still believe in American exceptionalism.  That this is a special place. And if America is a special place and a special country, then Kansas is the heart of it.”

View speeches from the other Republicans in Topeka winning elected office:

Lt. Gov. Elect Jeff Colyer

Prior to the election party in Topeka, Kansas Senator Jeff Colyer addressed a Republican audience in Overland Park as the polls closed.

U.S. Congresswoman Lynn Jenkins (re-elected)

Secretary of State Elect Kris Kobach

Treasurer Elect Ron Estes

Attorney General Elect Derek Schmidt

After Schmidt’s comments, Kansas Watchdog arrived at the Kansas Democrats’ post-election party in Topeka at 11:30.  No one was there for comments about the Democrat’s perspective of the election results.


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  • Tony

    I am embarrassed to say I was born and raised in Kansas… Ya lost a good man in Chris Biggs.

    Will I have to provide ID and proof of citizenship when I come to visit?

    I would assume Dinosaurs will have to show proof of DOB as well…

    Will Fred Phelps be running in the future that would round things off nicely


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