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Colyer on transition; Olson elected to Kansas Senate

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Kansas Gov.-Elect Sam Brownback's "Clean Sweep" on election night

SPRING HILL.  A convention of Republican precinct committees from Kansas Senate District 23 met in far south Johnson County on Monday evening to elect a replacement for State Senator Karin Brownlee.

Brownlee was appointed by Gov.-elect Sam Brownback to be the new Kansas Secretary of Labor.

While votes were being counted, Lt. Governor-elect Jeff Colyer addressed the convention.

Colyer thanked Kansas Senator Brownlee for her service to the state and welcomed her to Gov.-elect Sam Brownback’s administration.

Colyer next talked about the transition being planned by new administration:

Colyer said “job one” for the new administration was to put people back to work since approximately 100,000 Kansans are out of work.

Colyer said the state’s budget deficit was huge — some $493 million — and must be dealt with, but not with tax increases.

Colyer said the approach was not to look simply at the $5 billion state budget, but a $13 billion budget that included federal and other spending too.  Colyer said “Washington needs to get smaller, and Kansas government needs to get smaller.”

According to Colyer Kansas would receive good news on Tuesday from the U.S. Census that Kansas would not lose a congressional state and would retain four members in the U.S. Congress.

Senate 23 Election

State Senate Elect Rob Olson from Olathe. At the Senate 23 convention Olson had one vote as a precinct committeeman and voted the proxies for 10 others.

This senate district had 96 possible Republican precinct committee votes.  Only 2 possible votes were absent since 66 attended in person and another 28 sent proxy statements allowing another committee person to vote for them.

Two candidates were nominated.  Outgoing Senator Brownlee nominated Olathe City Councilman Ron Ryckman, while precinct committeeman Mike McGovern from Olathe nominated State Representative Rob Olson.

Convention rules allowed precinct committees (but not the public) to ask questions of the candidates for up to 30 minutes.  On Twitter @KansasWatchdog tweeted brief responses for each of the 11 questions that ranged from taxes and working with the Brownback administration, to abortion and illegal immigration.  Based on their responses there were few differences between candidates.

In a secret ballot Olson received 51 votes to Ryckman’s 43 and became the Senator-Elect from District 23.

Olson’s election to the Kansas Senate will trigger a new convention to find a replacement for his seat in the Kansas House.


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