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Sedgwick County Government Payroll

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In 2010 the Sedgwick County government payroll for its 2,768 employees was almost $103 million, which included about $3.8 million in overtime payments.

With a 2010 census population of 498,365, an increase of 10 percent since 2000, earnings by county workers cost every person about $206.

For the 286,061 residents ages 21 to 64 that’s almost $360 per working-age resident.

The median annual earnings for a Sedgwick County worker was $34,868 with the middle half of workers earning between $26,244 and $45,686.

Online search page: Search and filter Sedgwick County 2010 salary data

Top Pay

Top paid Sedgwick County workers included 24 paid more than $100,000.   (A boxplot of salaries shows 102 “high pay” employees with salaries over  $74,715.)

Table 1. Top 10 salaries among Sedgwick County government workers in 2010


Slightly more than 1400 workers were paid a total of $3.8 million in overtime.

Table 2. Departments paying 90 percent of overtime in Sedgwick County in 2010

Table 3. Top 10 individuals receiving overtime payments in 2010 in Sedgwick County


Only 30 employees were given bonuses in 2010 and these totaled slightly more than $37,000.

Bonuses ranged from $70 to $2750, with Cynthia Rieg, Staff Attorney III in the DA’s office, receiving the largest bonus.

Except for one $100 bonus, all others were paid to members of the District Attorney’s office.

Departments with largest payrolls

Twenty departments accounted for about 85 percent of the county’s payroll:

Table 4. Sedgwick County departments in 2010 with 85 percent of the total payroll

See Summary of Payroll by Department for all departments.

Payroll by job titles

Sedgwick County assigns one of 509 different job titles to its 2768 employees.

Table 5. About 25 job titles accounted for half of the payroll in Sedgwick County in 2010

See Summary of Payroll by Job Title for all positions.

List Employee Earnings

Table 6. Sedgwick County 2010 Payroll (click below to view PDF)

(click to view PDF)

Download file with Sedgwick County 2010 payroll information in Excel or PDF format. The Excel file is in alphabetical order by name but can be filtered or sorted differently.

Sedgwick County with a 2010 census population of 498,365 is the second largest county in Kansas. Sedgwick was the largest county in the 2000 census.

In population Sedgwick County is slightly behind Johnson County with 544,179 but well ahead of third-place Shawnee County with 177,934.

See Technical Analysis report for additional details.

Cross-county comparisons will be made in future articles.

Word cloud of job titles in Sedgwick County in 2010 (click to enlarge)

Computer Assisted Reporting Notes and Files

Statistics summary files show number of employees, salary lower and upper bounds (min and max if there are no outliers), quartiles (Q1, Q2 — the median, and Q3). Sum, mean and percent of total figures are also shown. See p. 4 of Technical Analysis report for information about boxplots.


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