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Exclusive: State Treasurer’s Messy Divorce Takes New Turn

By   /   October 30, 2009  /   News  /   2 Comments

Nebraska Watchdog has learned that Nebraska State Treasurer Shane Osborn’s controversial divorce has taken another twist.

Shane Osborn

Shane Osborn

Five months ago Osborn’s wife, Teri, accused Osborn of physically abusing her for seven years. The allegations were part of Teri Osborn’s request for a protection order against her husband. Now the case has gone full circle and according to the State Treasurer’s lawyer, Shane Osborn has been granted temporary custody of the couple’s children.

Attorney William Bianco told Nebraska Watchdog that during a court hearing today Douglas County District Court Judge Greg Schatz signed the temporary order. Bianco said he expects Shane Osborn will be granted permanent custody in the near future. Bianco also said the couple has been “working together” to resolve their differences. According to Bianco, Teri Osborn will have “liberal visitation rights.” Bianco also told Nebraska Watchdog that during today’s hearing Teri Osborn dismissed her attorney.

Earlier this year Osborn moved out of his Douglas County home where his wife and children lived. But according to Bianco a few weeks ago Osborn moved back into the house and is living there with the children. Bianco said when Osborn returned to the house, Teri Osborn moved out. According to Bianco, Osborn will pay his wife $2,000 dollars a month. Bianco did not say how long the payments will last.

Shane Osborn filed for divorce on March 17, 2009. In May, 2009 Teri Osborn signed an affidavit stating that on Christmas Day, 2008 “Shane and I got into an argument and he started to beat me, punching me all over my body.” The State Treasurer denied the allegations but Osborn, who was elected in 2006, decided not to run for re-election next year. 

Osborn, who was a Navy pilot, became internationally known as a war hero in 2001. During a routine mission in the Pacific, Osborn’s plane was intercepted by a Chinese fighter jet. The jet hit Osborn’s plane, causing it to flip and go into a fast fall. Osborn landed the plane safely on China’s Hainan Island but not before ordering his 23-member crew to destroy sensitive intelligence materials that were on board.

Osborn and his crew were detained and interrogated by the Chinese for more than a week. 

After they were released Osborn received the Distinguished Flying Cross Award and the Meritorious Service Award.  

Reported by Joe Jordan, [email protected]


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Joe formerly served as staff reporter for Watchdog.org.

  • Sheila Heieck

    I read your mission statement again. What does this post have to do with your mission?

    This is trash journalism. I would have thought this was beneath you Joe. You owe Shane Osborn a huge apology and a promise to rake all his leaves and shovel his driveway for the entire winter–I hear it will be a tough one. Having done that, you will still not repair the damage you have done.

  • How can somebody be with a man for seven years who abused her physically… No one will believe this!