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History of Omaha Congressional Race Cuts Both Ways

By   /   June 15, 2010  /   73 Comments

Omaha’s race for Congress, it’s “The Nebraska Race” to watch in November.

Why? Well for starters…

1) The incumbent Congressman, who got a scare in his last race appears vulnerable again, of course he always appears vulnerable.

2) The Congressman’s little known rival in the May Primary picked up a lot more votes than anyone expected.

3) It’s a midterm election and the President isn’t on the ballot.

4) The President’s health care plan has raised the stakes.

5) The Governor looks like a shoe-in.

6) Democrats are accusing the Republican of censoring books. 


1) In 1994 Congressman Peter Hoagland (NE-D) had just come off a 2 point win over Republican Ron Staskiewicz in 1992.  In 2010 Congressman Lee Terry (NE-R) is coming off a four point win over Democrat Jim Esch in 2008.

2) In ’94 Hoagland’s primary opponent, Jess Pritchett, received 27% of the vote. In 2010 “Tea Partier” Matt Sakalosky got 37% of the vote in the GOP Primary against Terry.

3) In ’94 President Bill Clinton had been on the job two stormy years, ditto in 2010 for President Barack Obama.

4) In ’94 voters were starting to weigh in on President Clinton’s number one issue: health care reform, in 2010 the health care scales are set.

5) In 1994 Governor Ben Nelson (NE-D) received 73% of the vote against Republican Gene Spence; some Republicans accused Spence of throwing in the towel four weeks before Election Day. In 2010 Governor Dave Heineman (NE-R) is running against Democrat Mark Lakers; at least two key Democrats (Anne Boyle and Chuck Hassebrook) want Lakers to throw in the towel now.

6) In ’94 Hoagland’s campaign accused Republican Jon Christensen of being a book burner. In 2010 Democrats are accusing Terry of trying to censor school books.

And what does any of that have to do with the outcome of this year’s battle between Terry and his opponent, Democrat State Senator Tom White of Omaha?

Well the bad news for Terry is that in 1994 the incumbent lost.

The bad news for White is that in 1994 the Democrat lost.

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Reported by Joe Jordan, joe@nebraskawatchdog.org


Joe formerly served as staff reporter for Watchdog.org.

  • Jim J. Enright

    Terry will win, unless he angers the Tea Partyers, not likely.

  • Dan

    Lee Terry has a long way to go to convince anyone he is a strong conservative. Tarp (the first bailout), cash for clunkers, higher cafe standards etc. All of these supported by our “conservative” Congressman Terry. Remind me again of the difference between Terry and White?????

  • DL


    Terrry opposed the stimulus law and the healthcare law. White supports them.

    They cost $2 trillion more. So, the diff? $2 trillion.

  • Dan

    DL you are simply wrong on the facts. October 2008 Lee Terry had no spine and stood up and voted with Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid for the first bailout to the banks (TARP) check your facts. Lee Terry is a conservative in name only and then only at election time. I am happy to debate the facts with you.

    DL it really sounds as though you are only repeating the weak talking points coming from the Lee Terry campaign.

    DL are you a big fan of Cash for clunkers? How about higher cafe standards. How did TARP work for you. Any of those Lee Terry programs likely to reduce the size of government or your taxes? DL, Lee Terry has been in Congress for 12 years please name some landmark legislation he has authored?

    Lee Terry talks about all the work he has done to make us energy independent. We now import more oil than we did when he first went to Washington and gas has doubled in price. Please help me understand the value Lee Terry has brought to the good people of Nebraska.

    I am looking for a reason to hold my nose and vote for Terry but I am just not seeing it. Get beyond the talking points and share the facts.

  • DL

    Dan–I actually thought cash for clunks was o.k.–it was based on a conservative philosophy of if you give people an economic incentive, they’ll respond. Plus, it was paid for with offsetting cuts elsewhere. And, the higher milage standards in Hill-Terry? Absolutely. They are attainable–if you want to reduce consumption, that’s where it has to happen–over 50% of imported oil goes to transportation. TARP–I think we had to do something and that an economic collapse could have otherwise occured, but who knows. I know this–the original purpose of the program was to inject $$$ into banks so that they were no longer insolvent. That’s happened and most of the banks have repaid the $$$ back. So, TARP should end and the $$$ put toward reducing the deb–that’s what Terry has voted to do. .

  • DL

    typo–meant “debt” on last line.

    The one thing I find interesting is the attack against Terry for years has been that he is too conservative. Now he’s too liberal? I looked up his Amer. Conservative Union rating, Right to Life rating and economic ratings (NFIB etc). He’s over 90%.

    Let’s face it–the alternative is White. Why would any conservative vote for him? Pelosi’s puppet. Also, Terry did a great job in fighting ObamaCare.

  • DL

    Dan–I meant to add I was referring in my first post to the 2009 stimulus bill–the one that costs $800 billion. Terry voted against it. I know you were talking about TARP–but they are different bills.

  • Dan

    Again DL you are ignoring the whole issue of being a conservative. Smaller less intrusive government and lower taxes. Which of the programs that we have discussed have taken us towards a smaller less intrusive government. The answer is none of them. Terry himself has said that TARP has been a failure. The real unfortunate part of Terry’s vote in support of TARP is that he did nothing to hold those in Washington on the House Committee on Financial Services accountable for their role in this financial fiasco. Lee Terry became a Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid puppet. He came out and bashed those on Wall Street but did nothing to hold those in Washington accountable.

    What happend to the free market? Why should I as a taxpayer have my income redistributed so others get a better deal on buying a car? You refer to the Cash for Clunkers program being paid for by cuts elsewhere……. Are you kidding me???? Here is a conservative newsflash The government is broke as in out of money. I find little comfort that the clunkers program was paid for by cuts elsewhere. Washington needs to make major spending cuts across the board to pay down our debt not fund these worthless programs.

    Your logic is the exact reason Lee Terry is in trouble with the conservatives. Please provide the detail of the of the cuts you refer to that paid for the Cash for Clunkers. The truth is that they were not paid for by cuts anywhere it was all deficit spending.

  • DL

    Dan–here’s something we can probably agree on–the 2001 and 2003 tax cuts. You’re for those, right? I am. And so is Terry–strong advocate for the lower rates across the board, child tax credit, end of mariage penalty. We need to get them extended next year. Now Tom White’s against extending them–so, let’s band together and reelect Terry to get it done. The race is between Terry and White–if we keep NE2 Republican, gain more Republicans in the House or even gain control, we’ll have leverage to end the failed stimulus program and stop healthcare ‘reform’ before it begins to kick in. We can also end TARP (which Terry voted to do) since banks have largely repaid the $$$ they received. Democrats, meanwhile, want to just respend it on other things, I reiterate my point to you that Terry is a conserative and all of the ratings by the major groups reflect that. You can ignore that and point to two votes (TARP, clunks) but that doesn’t outweigh the bigger picture. Ultimately, we really need a consitutional amendment to force a balanced federal buget if we are going to get the country on a trajectory of reducing spending obligations and match it to revenues. Terry has sponsored a proposal on this–let’s reelect him and get that passed in 2011. You in?

  • Dan

    DL, my guess is that you work on the Terry campaign? Look at the argument you have laid out. In a nutshell you are voting for Terry because in your opinion he is “better than White”. Again I ask you please point to landmark legislation that Terry has authored over the last 12 years in Congress…….. Please show me the leadership you are so impressed with….. You can do neither. The reference you make to extending the tax cuts, does that really impress you that a republican from Nebraska would support extending the tax cuts? A chimp with an R behind their name would support extending those tax cuts. The argument that Lee Terry is better than the alternative is an old and weak argument.

    Do you find it at all ironic that Lee Terry is touting his support for ending TARP??? If he had not stood with Nancy Pelosi and the rest of the liberals and voted for it perhaps we would not need to find a way to end it. By the way your silence on the Cash for Clunkers funding seems a bit obvious… What spending or programs were cut to fund the Clunkers??? Get beyond the Lee Terry talking points and just be honest Lee Terry is a weak conservative that the Democrats know they sway in congress.

    DL do you honestly believe that Lee Terry is the BEST we have to send to Washington? Just be completely honest and answer that question….. My guess is that you will not give a direct answer.

  • DL

    Dan–my guess is that you are really supporting White and you’re just playing games here trying to act like a conservative.

    Frankly, you won’t have many takers for your thesis. Terry has overwhelming support among the Republican party and those on the right because he is conservative and has a track record to prove it. No one seriously calls him a liberal except, I guess, you.

    Extension of the 01 and 03 tax cuts is a major issue in this race. Terry supports them (and will vote again to extend them) while White will not. If you were a real true conservative, I think you’d be acknowledging how really important it is to have this happen. Getting there means reelectiing Terry. So, again, as much as you want to avoid the issue–it comes down to this: Terry or White.

    Who would you vote for? My guess is that you will not give a direct answer.

  • Dan

    While you dodge any direct answer I will provide one. I am not likely to vote for either White or Terry. Your primary reason for supporting Terry is comical. Again anybody with an R behind their name in Nebraska supports the extension of the tax cuts. That is a no brainer. The likes of Lee Terry and his brand of conservative is exactly why the Republicans lost their majoritys in Washington. I am just shocked that you seem to be so blind to that.

    I have done everything but begged for you to provide deeper more genuine reasons that you support Terry and you have nothing. Still waiting for that Landmark legislation, perhaps you can tell me what he has done on energy policy on the last 12 years that has reduced our reliance on imported oil or reduced our cost of oil. (Nothing) What about those spending cuts you refer to to pay for the big government programs (Cash for Clunkers) that Terry loves and supports, Please tell me your support of Lee Terry is deeper than his campaign talking points.

    I can assure you I think it would be tragic to see Tom White go to Washington. I am a long time conservative that will no longer vote for Lee Terry because he is simply better than the alternative. It is time that Lee Terry earns the votes of the conservatives of Nebraska and that starts with offering up some leadership. Again I ask you what example of leadership has Terry shown????

    I notice you are very short on specifics and answers. Is Lee Terry honestly the best we have to send to Washington?

  • DL

    Dan–I am, to use your words, “shocked.” tShocked that you are so ignorant of reality. The next Congressman is either Terry or White. That’s your choice.

    Matt Sakalosky said it best right after the primary when he endorsed Terry. He said he agreed with Lee on about 90% of the issues and Tom White on zero percent.

    Terry’s not 100% “perfect” in your mind so let’s throw him out. You then get White. Brillian move, Dan.

    btw–did you see C-SPAN when the House debated the tax extenders bill right before the Memorial Day recess? Terry was right in the debate making the point the tax incvreases in the bill would hurt job creation here in Omaha. But, hey, any “chimp” can do that, right?

  • DL

    Had to add a point–you said anyone with an R behind their name supports the tax cuts–that it is a no-brainer.

    but Terry would actually vote for extending the 01 and 03 tax cuts while White would vote against them. That’s the no-brainer.

  • Dan

    DL so that is where you want to hang your hopes, Lee Terry will extend the tax cuts?? Thats the best you have?? Agian I ask you to comment on the other issues I have asked you about. DL I respect your passion for wanting a conservative Congressman. All I am asking is how thrilled are you to have Lee Terry as that Congressman? I am not trying to make this personal but you seem a little put out when asked to provide detail of why you feel Lee Terry is our best candidate. He is weak at best…… I again notice you have failed to answer my other questions. I gave you a direct and honest answer when you asked for one, is it that painful for you to do the same?

  • DL

    Dan–I want to say I enjoy this back and forth, although I have to say you really did not answert the quesiton I posed. Regardless, hopefully, we can find common ground before the article disappears into the archives. I guess our diagreement is this (in my mind): you want a “perfect” conservative to represent NE2 and you don’t see that in Terry. I want the Republicans to keep NE2 in the hope that we get to a majority and bounce Pelosi. Electing White doesn’t further the goal. If we have one chamber, we can be a check on Obama the next 2 years.

    How about this? Help us get a majority by reelecting Terry who, most everyone agrees, is conservative. Then go ahead and roll-out the “perfect” conservative you have in mind for 2012 and take Terry on in a primary if you still think he’s libreral or not effective. How about that?

    Personally, I would much rather have someone representing NE2 who voted against the $800 bil. stimulus bill and ObamaCare than someone who says he would have voted for both of them. That’s the choice.

    Please tell me how electing Tom White will further the conservative cause here in NE2. Actually, I just read in Politico that one pol. scientist has projected that the Republicans will win 39 seats–that is one over the majority. They have Terry as a win. Suppose Tom White wins–we’d then we’d be one short of a majority. What have you accomplished other than giving Pelosi another two years as Speaker?

  • DL

    We need to get the economy going again by creating private sector jobs. The way to do that is not raise taxes next year on all earners and businesses. But that is what will happen if the 01 and 03 cuts expire. This is a HUGE issue–our economy could be thrown into a double-dip recession. Dan, if you’re really a movement conservative, you should be jumping up and down demanding that these tax cuts be extended. Terry will vote to do so. White will vote against them. Not a biggie to you? Then you’re not really a true conservative in my mind.

  • Dan

    DL, I did answer your question. Let me repeat my answer. I am not likely to vote for either Terry or White. Is that clear enough? DL you have provided nothing to support your candidate other than the expiring tax cuts of which you and I agree they need to be extended.

    Again I ask you what leadership has Terry brought to the table in the last 12 years. 12 years is a long time to be in Washington and do soooooo little. What bill has he authored and has become law? If he wants my vote he needs to earn it and so far he has fallen very short.

    Again I ask you DL is Terry the best we have in District 2 to send to Washington? I am very aware the perfect candidate does not exist but Terry is not remotely close. Please answer the questions.

  • DL

    Dan–seems like we have the thread to ourselves! You asked initially to be reminded of the difference between Terry and White. I think I responded next that the diff was $2 trillion. Terry voted against the 09 stimulus bill and the 2010 healthcare bill–solid conservative votes. White supports them. Then I mentioned the pending expiration of the 01 and 03 tax cuts in January. Terry wants them extended (thus blocking what otherwise will be a $1 trillion tax hike) while White opposes the extension. That’s another huge difference and a key one since I think raising taxes in an economic slump is insane. All of the major groups (ACU, NRTF, NFIB) regard Terry as a conservative. I’m still waiting to see who the perfect conservative is that you have in mind, You mention TARP–the TARP thing was needed at the time and it has just been reported that the banks have largely repaid the $$$. So, TARP should end with the $$$ applied to paying down the debt–another solid conservative vote that was recently made by Terry. We need a constitutional amendment to require a balanced budget–Terry has sponsored one and it is at his YouTube page (www.youtube.com/leeterry2010)–please take a look. Terry was reported by National Journal to be an “expert” in telecommunications policy–that’s one reason he is able to get legislation passed such as three key provisions in the 07 energy bill that related to fuel economy, E-85 ethanl and geothermal energy. That’s a solid record. For years, the attack on Terry has been that he is too conservative–now you’re saying he’s too liberal? We can take the U.S. House back if Terry wins NE2. Let’s bring all of the conservatives together and do this. Like Matt Sak said, he agrees with Terry on 90% of the issues and 0 percent with White. It is going to be Terry or White. That;s an easy choice for any real conservative.

  • Dan

    DL you seem to continue to run and hide from the question is Terry the best we have to send to Washington? I have heard the talking points before about all that Terry has done on energy policy LOL are you kidding me????? We import more oil now than ever before and gas is more than doubled since Terry has been in Washington. DL again to set the record straight I do not want to see White go to Washington. Unfortunately Terry is not much better. Every now and then maybe it becomes time to go through a cleansing process. As painful as that might be.

    If we re-elect Terry then in the next primary we end up with the GOP and their money getting behind a weak and very poor candidate (Terry) and it becomes next to impossible to get any traction for an alternative candidate.

    Matt Sakalosky is a perfect example. Matt was much more of a Regan conservative than Terry ever dreamed of being. But with the GOP money and influence it was next to impossible for Sak to get traction.

    By the way you need to check your facts on the banks and the overwhelming success you seem to think TARP has been. It has been a miserable failure. Check your facts.

  • DL

    Dan–If your ‘strategy’ made any sense, you’d think Matt Sakalosky would buy in–he hasn’t. He’s supporting Terry. Strongly. Fact is, a true conservative wouldn’t propose throwing out another conservative (Terry) in favor of a liberal Democrat (White), especially in a year where control of the U.S. House is in play. Again, the race is between Terry and White–who is the “best” there? Terry.

  • Dan

    DL your logic is well supported if you are thinking only short term. Again is Lee Terry the best candidate the second district has???? The answer is obviously NO. for some reason you won’t admit that. But in any event by implementing your logic every two years we end up with a very mediocre congressman.

    DL we are at a point in this country where mediocre is no longer acceptable. I want a strong fiscal conservative that will stand up to Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid and tell them NO, I do not want one that stands up and supports their legislation. I will attach a letter I wrote to Lee Terry right after he voted for TARP. you read it and tell me where I am wrong. If my congressman is not going to Washington to be a leader then we need to send someone that will.

    Again Lee Terry has led on NOTHING.

  • Dan

    Here you go DL just tell me where I am wrong? You see DL I am a man of my word. I had shared with Lee Terry and Eric his COS, that if Lee Terry voted for TARP after assuring all of the good people of his district he would not vote for it. That would be the end of me ever supporting Lee Terry. I guess unlike Lee Terry and most in Washington I have core convictions that mean something to me. Honesty and integrity still mean something. Call me old fashion but better than the alternative is no longer going to get my vote.

    I welcome you to tell me where I am wrong?

    October 4, 2008

    Congressman Lee Terry

    1524 Longworth House Office Building

    Washington, DC 20515

    Dear Congressman Terry, I have read your press report concerning your recent vote to support the Economic Stabilization Act of 2008. Please understand that for me this is not a Democrat or Republican issue. In an effort toward full disclosure, I have voted for you in every one of your Congressional races. Unfortunately my support for you returning to Washington has come to an end. Make no mistake I realize the dire consequences this nation faces if we do nothing. I also recognize that to continue to do the same thing and expect a different result is the very definition of insanity.

    In your report you speak of all of those that you have heard from. Hundreds of Nebraskans who have contacted you by phone, email, or come up to you when you were at home. You are very correct we are all angry. As a matter of fact we are mad as hell. Angry at the greed, arrogance, and just reckless nature of Wall Street and Washington, angry at Congress and the Administration who have the audacity to now propose using taxpayer dollars to bailout those greedy investment bankers, traders, CEO’s and yes those greedy self serving power grabbing politicians. Congressman Terry, this anger is justified, and properly placed at the feet of those that voted to pass this 700 hundred billion dollar bailout package while holding NO ONE in Washington accountable.

    Congressman Terry, you said to Madam Speaker Nancy Pelosi that you share our anger. With all due respect Congressman please do not patronize the citizens of Nebraska. Had you shared the anger that we in Nebraska feel over this complete and total failure of Wall Street and Washington perhaps you would have stood tall on the floor and voted NO. Perhaps you would have found the same conviction to principle this week that you found last week when you voted against the first bailout package.

    Congressman Terry, I find your name calling of those on Wall Street as “greedy pigs” somewhat shameful. Have you looked in the mirror, have you looked around the halls of Congress? How is it that you have found it so easy to attack those on Wall Street but you are blind to those that you work with every day? Do you need to come back to Nebraska where we can all clearly see who in Washington has had their pockets lined, their campaigns donated to, and their special interest catered to. Is it, at all ironic to you, that while you could not vote for a bailout bill last week. Once the bill was put back in front of you laden with pork you seemed to have forgotten your core convictions that led you to vote against the bill the first time. Now Congressman Terry where do those “greedy pigs” really reside? It would appear the pork is in Washington.

    Congressman Terry how can you speak with such passion and anger about those on Wall Street but you say nothing about those that sit on the House Committee on Financial Services? Since you seem to be oblivious as to their role and responsibilities in this financial crisis, I have provided you an outline below of what this committee should have been doing.

    The Committee oversees all components of the nation’s housing and financial services sectors including banking, insurance, real estate, public and assisted housing, and securities. The Committee continually reviews the laws and programs relating to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, the Federal Reserve Bank, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, and international development and finance agencies such as the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund. The Committee also ensures enforcement of housing and consumer protection laws such as the U.S. Housing Act, the Truth In Lending Act, the Housing and Community Development Act, the Fair Credit Reporting Act, the Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act, the Community Reinvestment Act, and financial privacy laws.

    Congressman please tell the taxpayers of Nebraska, has this committee done their job? Are you blind to their role in this economic mess or just mute? We in Nebraska have heard you say nothing about removing those on this committee for a complete and utter failure in their job. What we do hear you saying is give them 700 billion dollars and another chance.

    We don’t expect anyone to sit by and watch this country brought to it’s economic knees. Unfortunately because of the complete incompetence in Washington and on Wall Street We the taxpayers are going to have to step up to the plate and fix this mess. What we had no intention of doing was writing a 700 billion dollar check to those that participated in creating this mess in the first place. Please tell the citizens of Nebraska you are kidding. I ask you Congressman do you honestly want or expect that we the taxpayers will trust you or others in Washington that are responsible for creating this mess? Please Congressman tell me there is no double standard between Washington and Main St. Certainly we can agree that if this train wreck would have taken place on Main St those responsible would have been fired immediately. Congressman please tell me where I can find your outrage at the audacity of those that want to keep their positions in The House Committee on Financial Services? Those that want us to bail them out instead of humbly apologizing and stepping down. Please Congressman tell me that somewhere out there I can find something that would show that you had the courage to stand up to those in Washington and say you will earn my vote and my support when those that are responsible will NEVER be in a position of leadership again. Tell me Congressman that you recognize the greedy pigs in your own pen. For the taxpayers of this great nation to send 700 billion dollars to those in Washington right now would be akin to offering an alcoholic a drink to help them recover from a hangover.

    Congressman I don’t question that you are a good man. I don’t question that you have done good things with your time in Washington. Unfortunately Congressman you have failed the biggest test of your career. You underestimated the power of your vote. You failed to hold those in Washington accountable. You found it easy to point the finger at those on Wall Street but you just could not muster the courage to stand up and let those in Washington know that we in Nebraska are mad as hell and we will not take it any longer. We will not tolerate a double standard. When those on the House Committee on Financial Services step down, we taxpayers will step up. Until then Congressman, you have lost our confidence, support, and certainly you have lost our vote.

  • DL

    Dan–if you were to update your letter, it could read as follows: “As time has passed I can more easily appreciate your vote in Oct. 2008. Just this week the oversight committee created for TARP has received an analysis that shows virtually all of the funds paid to banks have been repaid. Another $23 bil. in interest on these funds has been deposited with the U.S. government. I agree with your recent vote to eliminate TARP altogether and apply the additional funds to a reduction on the debt. Keep up the good work!” Want me to cut/paste this and email to you so you can send to Terry?

    You say in your latest post that you want a “strong fiscal conservative” who will stand up to Pelosi. Tom White would be some conservative. Your thesis is that if Terry loses in 2010 you can then put up the “perfect” conservative and win in 2012. Fat chance. If White gets in, you won’t get him out with dynamite, especially in the presidential cycle. Obama’s campaign will be here with millions to spend and they’ll spend it to win NE2’s electoral vote and reelect White. I think your longer-term strategy is delusional, to be blunt.

    Finally, in your letter you said Terry has “done good things” in Washington. I agree–maybe you can list some of them in your next post. Cheers.

  • DL

    Dan–You said earlier that it is “painful” but that sometimes one has to go through a cleansing process. Hope it works for you but I’ll take a pass.

  • Dan

    Dl I have enjoyed our exchange but please don’t let it end without coming clean. Is Lee Terry the best that NE2 has to send to Washington?

    I would continue to encourage you to check your facts on TARP. It has not been the success you seem to claim. If that were the case why would Lee Terry be out front trying to end it? HMMMMM crazy uh?

    Terry is pulling a John Kerry on TARP I voted against it before I voted for it. Can’t have it both ways.

  • Dan

    Quick question DL if Chuck Hagel would not have retired would you have voted for him to have another 6 years in the Senate?

  • DL

    Dan–appreciate the back and forth, truly. btw–just saw Tom White–he said to tell you “thanks” for all of your help! TARP has been a success in my mind as far as the banking portion–the money has been paid back with interest–so you and I made a bit of coin on it. That is what Terry voted in favor of–the banking portion was the only aspect on the table. In 09, it morphed into other things by Obama–but the Republicans couldn’t do anything to stop it. Another reason we need a Republican House in the future–to stop nonsense laws. (Have I mentioned that we can’t get there this Nov. without NE2 and Terry?) Now let’s scrap TARP–I’m sure you’ve emailed Terry to thank him for his recent vote to do just that! If a crash had happened in Oct. 08, we wouldn’t be talking about these issues today–we’d be trading the latest rumor that First National Bank was going to allow depositers to have access to up to $100 daily of their funds or that, yes, ATMs would be reconnected and started up again. Please feel free to list the specifics of the “good things” you told Terry he’s done. I have quite a list of items myself-I’d like to compare and see if we are on the same page. I’m sure Terry’s support for extending the 01 and 03 tax cuts would be at the top of your list of thanks. If there is a singular policy idea that links all conservatives it is reducing the tax burden so individuals can keep more of their earnings to save, invest or pursue as they see fit (“the pursuit of happiness”). Any real conservative would advocate loudly for the extensions–Terry will vote to extend them. Tom White will not. So, please feel free to thank Lee in advance for when, after being recognized for two minutes on the floor of the House next spring by Speaker Boehner, he argues for the extensions in the final key moments of the historic House debate–which then passes it by a single vote due to the fact that you and others banded together to keep NE2 Republican in 2010, delivering GOP control by a margin of 219-217. Well done, Dan!

  • DL

    Dan–regarding Hagel, yes I would have. I would take Hagel over a Dem candidate easily. You?

  • DL

    On 5:59 post, eant 218-217.

  • Dan

    Not a chance…. As a matter of fact I am still bitter at Chuck for cheating me out of the chance to participate in firing him.

  • DL

    Dan–so, hypothetically, you would have voted for Scott Kleeb? OK, that certainly clarifies things.

    Also, your last post to NW didn’t take–the one you where you listed

    “the good things” Terry has done as referenced in your letter. If there’s a glitch w/the system, let’s make sure Joe J. knows so he can fix it ASAP.

  • Dan

    DL simply put now is not the time for a weak “conservative” in Washington. The stakes are to high and the damage that can be done is too great.

    I wonder did you by chance support Matt Sak? If not why not. If it is all about electing a conservative for you. Certainly we can agree Matt was more of the Regan conservative?

  • DL

    Dan–Matt’s a good guy and I think he has a good future in the Republican party. He’s playing it smart, unlike a few other people, in this regard by strongly backing Terry. Matt knows the race is between Terry and White. One is a conservative and the other a liberal. That’s why Matt himself said he agrees with Terry on about 90% of the issues and White on 0%. I supported Terry, largely for the reasons I’ve outlined in our on-going discussion. One of the reasons is that Lee has done quite a few “good things” during his tenure, as you stated succintly in your letter. (btw–we’d love to see the specific list you have–please post!.) NE2 has a stong conservative in office right now and this race could mean the difference between Boehner or Pelosi as Speaker. I prefer the former–you really want the latter? That’s what you’ll get if White wins this Nov.

    On another matter, you would really have preferred Kleeb to Hagel?

  • Dan

    Why do you think I prefer Kleeb or White. Not a chance. I I would really prefer Hagel and Terry to be the true fiscal conservatives they ran as rather than run away from their conservative principals. Is it asking too much for a politician to keep their promises?

    I suppose you would take Crist over Rubio in FL. Since Crist is the known incumbent.

  • DL

    Dan–the correct spelling is “Reagan”. btw–I first saw him in person when he came to Nebraska to campaign for U.S. Sen. Carl T. Curtis in Lincoln. They had a reception over at the old Villager Hotel on O Street after the main event. Reagan was unbelievable. This was in ’71. Supposedly, he and Nancy R. were very hurt when Curtis endorsed Ford in 1976 during the Republican primary. So, the next time you make a controversial comment, I’ll just have to say:

    “Well, there you go again. “

  • DL

    Well, there you go again. I’m for Rubio. You’re a litle off in how you characterize the race though–yes, Crist is an incumbent (Governor), but this is an open Senate seat. Rubio is a solid conservative, a candidate who can appeal to Democrats (Reagan Dems, largely) and who articulates a plan for bringing balance back to Washington and changing the course our country now is following. In short, he’s just like Terry. Anyway, back to Hagel–I re-read your post, you said there wasn’t a chance you’d vote for Hagel. What would you have done then–leave it blank? But my point on NE2 is if you don’t vote for Terry, you’re helping White. Might as well send him a contribution.

    Who are you for prez at this point in time on the Repub side–potential candidates, etc. ?

  • DL

    Are you pro-life? If so, you really must acknowledge Terry’s 100% record on this.issue. Contrast that w/White, who supports ObamaCare. That plan permits taxpayer funding of abortions.

    How about this: Rubio/Terry in 2016. We’d get the first Latino president; the first Nebraskan as Vice President and then you can have NE2 with the perfect conservate yet to be named. You in?

  • Dan

    LOL a conservative with a sense of humor. It is an insult to Rubio to say he and Terry are alike. Terry could not stand in the shadow of Rubio. I trust you are joking about Terry as a VP? That is just flat out beyond crazy.

    You have to admit that Terry in a public forum makes George Bush look like a great speaker..

    Yes very Pro-life, perhaps you can put that on your list of a few good things Terry has done. As for my choice for Pres right now……….. Maybe Thune out of SD.

    What about your choice

  • DL

    Well, if you won’t back Terry for VP in 2016, we’ll just have to scrap the Exploratory Committee. It’s gone. By 2016, actually, Terry could be chairman of the House Energy and Commerce Committee–one of the most powerful posts in Congress. Imagine it–we’d then get real reforms like Lee’s All American Energy Plan that increases domestic sources of energy (including cellulosic ethanol) so that we can reduce our reliance on foreign oil. Hill–Terry is a big help on this right now, but we need to get Lee’s plan enacted so we can be more energy self-sufficient.

    Glad we agree on pro-life. If White gets in, he’ll support implementation of the healthcare law–it provides direct taxpayer funding of abortions. They do this by funnelling $$$ to FQHCs outside of Medicaid. Thus, the Hyde Amendment doesn’t apply. This was all very deliberate by Pelosi and the left-incredible that White would back it. Terry led the fight against the abortion provisions in Committee–but was narrowly outvoted. He’ll keep fighting on this–there’s nothing more fundamental than gov’t protecting the helpless.

    Speaking of helpless, Tom White’s new nickname is T3. Two Trillion Tom. That’s the new spending he wants ($800 bil. in stimulus and $1.2 trillion in healthcare). Terry voted against both programs. So what’s the difference between Terry and White? 2 trillion dollars.

    I can see Thune. I really like Santorum, but I thiink he needed to win that 06 Senate race to really be perceived as being a credible nat’l candidate.

    Who are you supoporting against Nelson in 2012?

  • Dan

    DL as I have said I enjoy our exchange here but you are starting to expose your true identitiy. You have to be either Lee Terry’s wife or Mother. Only a wife or mother could be so blind to Lee’s overwhelming shortcomings and weaknesses.

    Please name a specific benefit you have received directly related to “No Leadership Lee” and his energy policy? Gas has more than doubled since Lee has been in office and we are now importing more oil than ever. Don’t blame it on the lack of control of Congress because the Republicans have had control of the House and Senate since “No Leadership Lee” has been in Washington.

    As for “Two Trillion Tom”. Shall we count the amount of out of control spending Lee has supported and see if perhaps “Two Trillion Terry” fits or if “No Leadership Lee” is the better fit.

    I would have to agree Santorum is DOA as far as a presidential candidate. When the hometown boy loses his senate race it is a big uphill battle to consider a Presidential run.

    You must have played a lot of dodge ball as a kid???? I am impressed with your ability to dodge the question…. Is Lee Terry the best district 2 has to send to Washington??? I know it is painful for you to answer that question but it is just you and I on this thread. Go ahead and be honest it is just between us. LOL 🙂

    Are you a Newt Gingrich fan for 2012?

  • DL

    Dan–actually, the largest deficit Terry ever voted for was $245 billion–about 17% of the level of the deficits now being run by Obama and Pelosi.

    As far as dodgeball, did you coach it? Still waiting for the list of the “good things” you told Terry he’s done in Congress. If it takes moe than one or two posts to do it, pls don”t be scared.

    We are seeing an increase bigtime in the use of cellulosic ethanol–that’s the future since it is far more concentrated than the kind you get from corn. CE can turn the midwest into the next Saudi Arabia. The major architect on the issue: Leadership Lee.

    In case you missed it in the earlier posts, Terry voted against the 09 stimulus bill ($800 bil.) and against ObamaCare ($1.2 trillion). White supports both–that’s the difference between Terry and Two Trillion Tom. 2 trillion dollars.

    btw–Lee’s mom passed away in Jan of 2008.

    I don’t know about Newt–he’s a great idea guy but I just get the feeling his actions are more to promote his books and think tanks than really undertake a prez run.

    You dodged the Nelson inquiry–are you supporting him?

  • Dan

    Now I am on the floor rolling in laughter…. Me support Nelson???? You are a funny man. Not a snowballs chance of heck of that ever happening. But the same could be said for me supporting “No Leadership Lee”.

    I am anticipating Bruning will be running against Nelson and Jon should win hands down.

    If I would have coached dodge ball you would have been my #1 pick.

    Come on DL 12 years in Washington please impress me with a long list of accomplishments from “No Leadership Lee” ….. Should have , Could have and Would have won’t get many votes.

    DL what would you be looking for in a candidate if you were to consider a alternative to “No Leadership Lee”?

  • DL

    “Dodgeball Dan”–what about the Hagel/Kleeb race? Would you have voted for Kleeb since you disliked Hagel so much–if not, leave it blank? Either way, you seem to manifest your conservative principles by supporting Democrats, like White. Wierd. Again, if you don’t vote for Terry, you’re helping White–whether you intend to or not. Remember, the House could end up being 217-217 and it is decided in NE2.

    I’ll make it simple for you on the “good things” list you have about Lee Terry. Just list 10 things–actually, just list 9. We’ll already count as #1 that you agree he is 100% pro-life and a leader in that area. White supports ObamaCare that provides taxpayer funding of abortions. Start the countdown….

  • DL

    Who did you vote for in the 06 Republican primary for U.S. Senate? Or did you also leave that one blank….

    On post #43, you asked if I would consider an “alternative” to Terry. Dan, the alternative to Terry is White. If you want to support a pro-abortion, $2 trillion lib spender, go ahead. I’ll stick with the conservative in the race, Terry.

  • Dan

    06 wasn’t that Ricketts? I liked Ricketts

    I was referring to an alternative in the NE2 Primary?

  • DL

    OK–I’m reassured a bit now since you supported Ricketts. I thought you might go lib squish somehow on that one.

    Why do you dodge the Hagel/Kleeb question?

    Working on the “good things” list?

    Like I said earlier, I like Sak–it doesn’t make sense, however, to throw out Terry. He’s done a great job–please scroll back up for some of the key legislation he’s authored that has become law(i.e. Hill-Terry, E-85 ethanol in the fed. fleet and geothermal energy).

    More than that, he votes right–opposing the recent bill (HR 4213) that would add billions in spending without paying for it. Also, he’s accessible. I bet you’ve been at a bunch of his Coffee with Lee or Town Hall events, Caseowrk and coinstituent service is excellent.

  • Dan

    His 85 ethanol has done nothing to reduce your cost or mine on our energy.

    How did you like his recent vote on the spending bill The HR # escapes me at this time I will get it for you. it I believe was about 87 Billion.

    Hagel / Kleeb Similar to White , Terry none of the above thank you. I would campaign against both. I will look at Jerry Odem in November he is running as an independent. Intends to be on the ballot by petition.

    You are funny though in your ongoing rant that “No Leadership Lee” has done a great job. I can appreciate you wanting someone you think is a conservative LOL but to say “No Leadership Lee” has done a great job is comical. He has simply filled the seat for the last 12 years.

    Does it concern you that you see more of Michele Bachman, Eric Cantor, Paul Ryan, Mike Pence and Steve King on the news around here than your own do nothing Congressman? “No Leadership Lee” is an embarrassment. Poor guy makes President Bush look like a world class speaker.

  • DL

    Dan–it only took you 49 posts but you finally admitted the obvious–you want Odom. Hey, go for it. I think he’ll end up getting about what Graziano received percentage-wise in 04. But, again, suppose he’d take enough votes away from Terry to throw the election to White. What have you accomplished? You’ve thrown out someone who everyone–and I mean everyone–in Washington believes is a conservative Republican and replaced him with a Democrat. Nancy Pelosi will thank you profusely. But you’ll then put up the “perfect” conservative and get White in 2012, right? You’re delusional. White would play the 1st term very smart and raise millions–we won’t get 2 Trillion Tom out w/dynamite.

    Please cite the ‘spending bill’ you are ticked about. I don’t know if you are referring to HR 4213–that’s the tax extenders bill that added $100 bil. to various programs and added $54 bil. to the debt. Terry made an outstanding speech against it on the House floor and voted “no”. Fortunately, the bill was shelved in the Senate yesterday.

    Your “none of the above” approach is interesting. What do you do when you go to the polls–sign in and then leave everything blank? Very productive.

  • DL

    Dan–your strategy really is the “cleansing”. You know who will be administering the procedure? The DCCC. Think about that as you assume the position…,

  • Dan

    Principal my Dear friend, principal

  • Dan

    DL, not sure what you do for a career. Have you ever managed a group of employees? I have always found that hanging on to mediocre people will drag the rest of the organization down. After a while you end up with a very below average company that struggles to compete. Cut the dead weight and cut your losses.

    The reason the Republicans lost the control of the house and Senate was there became less and less difference between the parties.

    It is never comfortable to cut and let go of people but sometimes it becomes necessary. Now is the time to let “No Leadership Lee” go. I do admit it would have been made less painful had he been fired during the Republican Primary.

  • DL

    It’s “principle” my dear friend, not “principal”. http://www.dictionary.com

    But we’ll see how this all plays out–it is going to be an interesting 18 or 19 weeks in NE and nationally. We are on the cusp of regaining the U.S. House–our country’s future is at stake and I believe Republican control is critical to blocking the course the Obama Administration and Pelosi want to take the nation.

    We only get there if we keep NE2 Republican. If White wins, which is what you want to enable and facilitate, then you get Speaker Pelosi for two more years. Congratulations.

    Again, for years, the line of attack is that Terry is too conservative. Now he’s too liberal? Your premise is flawed, Dan. Your tactics that follow that are delusional. You want to ‘blow up’ NE2 so that you can regain the seat w/a “perfect” conservative in 2012. Not gonna happen. White would roll to reelection easily. We’ll all be standing on the sidelines together in NE2 watching the Dems destroy the country–but at least you’ll have plenty of time to tell us more about your principles.

    Your strategy reminds me of the comment a Lt. Col, made to CBS news after one battle in Vietnam. He said, “We had to destroy the Village in order to save it.”

  • Dan

    DL are you honestly concerned about “No leadership Lee’s” re-election? For all the back and forth we have had, I am pretty confident that “No Leadership Lee” will cruise to re-election.

    If you truly are concerned, that really speaks to how flawed of a candidate “No Leadership Lee” really is. Nebraska is a very red state with strong conservative values. “No Leadership Lee”, if he were a STRONG consdervative would be having no problems at all in this election cycle.

    The problems for “No Leadership Lee” are coming from the right not the left.

    From here on out I believe I will need to refer to you as Roger Dodger. Referencing to your ability to dodge the more challenging or painful questions. I did not get a response on the Michelle Bachman, Eric Cantor, Paul Ryan, Mike Pence question.

  • DL

    I’m flattered. I’ll refer to you as “Colonel Ito”–after all, you want to launch a kamikazee attack against the ship–except in this case it is one of your own fleet. Have at it.

    You underestimate Terry’s popularity, grassroots support and field operation. We lost 20 seats in 08 where Obama took the district and swept in his Dem cong. candidate. They tried that here, too. Obama won NE2–as you know–but Terry got the cuts he needed to win even after the $1 mil. in attack ads that the DCCC threw at him. NE2 is a swing district now–the voter registration is esentially even between the Repubs and Dems. Independent voters are growing–they’re now 21% of the district–you need someone who can win a wide swath of voters, anchored by overwhelming support from the Republicans. Terry has a proven record of doing that. I doubt your “perfect” conservative could. But, crank up your kamikazee mission. Let’s see what you’ve got.

    You going to Saturday’s NTF party at Walnut Grove Park?

  • DL

    Dan–still waiting for the list of “good things” you told Terry he’s done in Congress. Post away!

    Don’t Roger dodger it!

  • DL

    RE: your post #54. It is Mike Spence, not Pence, btw.

  • DL

    Apologize on post #57–you’re right–it is Mike Pence. He is very good, btw. You mentioned Bachman, too. I dunno–she has a habit of making over the top comments. I hear she’s in trouble up in his district.

  • Dan

    I do a fair amount of travel Up in Minnesota, They seem to love Michelle up there. Nancy Pelosi put Bachman on the Dems hit list but I am confident she is pretty safe.

    I thought ihad agreed with you on the Terry pro-life positions. Roger the list is not that long. Please take into consideration “No Leadership Lee” has been in Washington for 12 very long years.

    Roger you still have not answered Is “No Leadership Lee” the best NE2 has to send to Washington?

    Truth be known our political positions are not that far apart. Who knows perhaps we will end up working a campaign together 🙂

    That is if you ever come clean and admit to being a friend or relative of “No Leadership Lee”

  • DL

    Dan–I think on specific issues, we’d probably be very close. I might be a tad more to the libertarian side than you, but who knows. On the macro issue of campaigns, we might have a problem–I want to elect Republicans. Especially where a contest pits a conservative Republican against a pro-abortion, $2 trillion-spending liberal Democrat like in NE2. You want to elect the lib.

    How long have you had the problem of going squish?

    Noticed you roger dodgered the Q on NTF–are you scared to attend–that it may show all the conservatives like Terry? Johanns is going to be there, too. You probably don’t like him either, though, right?

  • Dan

    DL below was cut and pasted directly from the NTF web-site. Does this seem at all fair to you? They take a shot at Ben Nelson and he deserved but what do they do for “No Leadership Lee” ???? Lets just be honest with the good people of Nebraska. “No Leadership Lee” Voted for TARP where is the ban on “No Leadership Lee”

    “Sen.Ben Nelson speaks often about wasteful spending, but he voted FOR the Porkulus Bill!”

    Congressman Lee Terry (2nd Dist. NE) awarded an “A” Grade!!

    DL I do not know you from Adam but I would like to think you are an honest man of high character. I believe that to probably be true. Is this analysis by the NTF fair? No Leadership Lee Terry was at the front of the line casting his vote to support the first bailout. Where is the condemnation?? Where are the harsh words. Where is the outrage?? They are both GUILTY of supporting big government legislation.

  • DL

    Dan–I’ll check their web site since I’m not sure from your cut/paste what bill they refer to. I suspect it was the 09 stimulus bill–that Terry strongly opposed and that White supports.

    So I guess you don’t like NTF either, huh? Who do you like other than Odom?

    You should come to the event–I know there are several groups on the right that are sponsoring these types of tea parties–but this one is generally the largest with the most attendance and interest. If you attend I think you’ll see an astounding level of strong support for Lee Terry. That is, unless you’re ‘scared’ to see what you are up against.

    btw–do you want to blame Pence also for the doubling of gas prices., or is it solely Terry’s fault. They voted the same way on everything energy-related.

    Here’s a real leader for the future–Rep. Kevin McCarthy of Calif. I think he is the Deputy Whip in the House–in his second term…check him out.

  • Dan

    You should run for office. You have the ability to take what is said or written and twist the living daylights out of it. I NEVER said I liked Odem. I said I would look at Odem. I just may write in DL for NE2.

    DL I have no doubt there will be a strong presence at the event for Terry. No great surprise. I have also said I fully expect Terry to win in the general.

    You still dodge is “No Leadership Lee” The best NE2 has to send to Washington.

    Not sure what you are talking about blaming Pence for doubling gas prices. What I referenced was that “No Leadership Lee” talked up the great work he has done and accomplished on energy issues. The point I was making is, I am not sure we can afford anymore of his great work on energy policy. Gas Prices have doubled and we now import more oil than ever since “No Leadership Lee” has been working on energy policy.

  • DL

    Dan–that’s my point–Pence, Bachman, Cantor, McCarthy and Terry–they have all been on the same page about energy. Oil imports increase yet you only blame Terry. One thing has happened that is saving oil consumption and that is the 07 CAFE levels–Hill-Terry. Pretty much everyone in D.C. and in the NE media acknowledged this as the key part (Title 1) of the 07 energy bill. I think I mentioned this in about 10-15 of these posts. But I’ll keep doing it for you. At some point, like the Chinese Water Torture, you’ll give in.

    Seriously, check out Rep. McCarthy–a great conservative and someone we really can be proud of as a leader in the Republican House. He could end up as Whip–if we take the House. To do that, we need Terry to win NE2.

    I’ll make a deal w/you: If you commit to voting for Terry, I’ll stop mentioning Hill-Terry.

    Do you support Lee’s proposed constitutional amendment to require a balanced federal budget?

  • DL

    Dan–don’t throw the vote asway by writing me in. It won’t count since I would have ty register before election day as an authorized write-in. Let’s keep things simple–just mark the oval for Lee Terry.

  • Dan

    DL I bring it up about “No Leadership Lee” Because when he is pressed for what he has accomplished in 12 years in Washington he points to and speaks about hi work on energy policy.

    The point I am mking is that it is not a record to be impressed with. Gas has more than doubled and we import more oil than ever before.

    Simply put “No Leadership Lee” Has no accomplishments and no landmark legislation to point to.

  • Dan

    his work on energy policy

    The point I am making

  • DL

    Dan–can you point to “landmark legislation” that has been sponsored by Reps. Bachman, King or Pence?

  • Dan

    DL are you thinking of voting for any of them? Is your point an effort to continue to take the spot light off of “No Leadership Lee”. I find it amusing that you can point to NOTHING that “No Leadership Lee Terry has done or accomplished in 12 years in Washington so the rebuttal is “What has Bachman, King or Pence done”? The last time I checked none of them were asking for our vote here in NE2.

    Just as a side bar the multiple times you see any or all of them in the media, they are all far more impressive in communicating their positions and ideas than “No Leadership Lee”.

    DL this is not a personal thing with Lee Terry. Unlike you I have no problem answering the question “Is Lee Terry the best that NE2 has to send to Washington. Obviously he is not the best the district has. He is a flawed and weak candidate. That is why you are nervous about the general election in November.

    Help the conservative movement here in Nebraska. Raise your standards and expectations.

  • DL

    Dan–good roger dodger. I think I have outlined multiple times now the Terry legislation (especially in the energy field) that is significant. You disagree–I get it. But if the standard for throwing him out is because he hasn’t authored “landmark legislation,” then what about the other key conservatioves you identify–would you want to throw them out too?

    My point also is this election is between a conservative Republican (Terry) and a liberal Democrat (White). That’s the choice. There’s no in-between. Again, you don’t help the conservative movement by throwing out the conservative and electing the liberal.

    Pls read my prior post about 08–20 House Republicans went under last cycle because Obama’s wave pulled in the Dem. congresisonal candidate in those districts. They tried to do that to Terry also–but he withstood it. So, give the guy some credit.

  • Dan

    DL I think it is probably safe to assume we may not find common ground on sending “No Leadership Lee” back to Washington in November.

    The good news for you is that “No Leadership Lee” should sail to a win against White.

    I will look up Kevin McCarthy, It sounds like you wished we had a Kevin McCarthy for NE2. So by your silence I will conclude that you agree. “No Leadership Lee” is NOT the best NE2 has to send to Washington.

  • DL

    Dan–this just seems to be a case of we agree to disagree. This has been a great back and forth, but don’t you think we have pretty much played it out? (When NW puts this in the archive, someone years from now is going to wonder, “who were those two people?”) lol Best of luck to you my friend!

  • Dan

    I would have to agree. If you are ever up for it, it would be my pleasure to buy you a coffee at Starbucks and talk politics. Even though I believe you referred to me as Tom White supporter somewhere in this thread LOL.

    You can sleep comfortably tonight knowing that “No Leadership Lee” will beat Tom White like a drum in a marching band this November.

    I am serious about the coffee.

    Very Best Regards!