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Terry vs White: A 2010 Street Fight

By   /   July 2, 2010  /   News  /   6 Comments

With Election Day four months away the Omaha race for Congress is starting to take shape and its shaping up to be a street fight.

On Thursday Democrat Tom White accused Congressman Lee Terry (NE-R) of “putting Wall Street ahead of Main Street.” Terry fired back that White is simply following Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi’s “orders to a tee.”

At issue is Terry’s vote against a bill Democrats describe as “comprehensive Wall Street reform” and includes a limit on bonuses to bank executives at banks that were bailed out by the taxpayers. Terry says he voted against the plan because it’s a “job killer.”

During a news conference at his campaign headquarters at 49th and Dodge, White insisted Terry doesn’t care about the little guy.

At the same time though when questioned by Nebraska Watchdog, White defended Senator Ben Nelson’s (NE-D) recent vote that will leave millions of “little guys” cut-off from any additional unemployment benefits.

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Reported by Joe Jordan, joe@nebraskawatchdog.org


Joe formerly served as staff reporter for Watchdog.org.

  • Mel

    If Terry’s going to call anyone a rubber stamp he should look in the mirror. He voted with his party 95% of the time

    Meanwhile Nelson has only voted with Dems 61% of the time

    (taken from opencongress.org)

    Nice try though Terry

  • James Vanderhoof


    Lee has voted properly whether or not it is with any party. Ben Nelson has nothing to do with the race between Terry and White. Don’t try to confuse the issues.

    Nice try though, Mel

  • Dan

    “No Leadership Lee” has created a problem for himself with the conservatives in NE2.

    While he stands against the Wall Street Reform where was “No Leadership Lee” when he stood with Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid and voted for the first bailout? (TARP) Where was “No Leadership Lee” when he should have voted against Cash for Clunkers but instead he stood with Nancy and Harry again and voted for it, and other big government programs.

    “No Leadership Lee” tries to sell us on all the great progress he has made on energy policy. HMMM How ironic is it that gas has more than doubled since “No Leadership Lee” has been in Washington and we now import more oil than ever before. I don’t think we can afford anymore of “No Leadership Lee Terry’s” energy policies.

    The Terry campaign is attempting to paint Tom White as “Two Trillion Tom” because of all the spending Tom White has said he supports. Unfortunately NE District 2 has 2 very poor choices of who to send to Washington.

    One is a known and admitted Big Spending Liberal. The other is one that stands and votes with the Big Spending Liberals then tries to sell himself as a fiscal conservative.

    After 12 years in Washington “No Leadership Lee” has little to offer, other than more of the same. Unfortunately too much is at risk for more of the same.

  • CW

    I don’t think Tom White is the “best” candidate but it’s time for lackluster Lee to go. It’s time for term limits in the Senate and the House.

    THROW THE BUMS OUT!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dan

    The GOP should wake up to the candidate they are putting up. In the past “No Leadership Lee” has always won because he has been better than the alternative.

    Unfortunately “No Leadership Lee” has nothing to show for being in Washington for 12 years.



    Ben Nelson IS NOT a TRUE Democrat and I really feel sorry for all the Demacrats in NE that expect him to support the Democratic party when they voted for him.

    Look at his buddy White who is also a Republican in Democrat party. White agreed with Nelson vote to deny extended benefits.