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August Surprise: Anne Boyle on the Democratic Ticket

By   /   August 30, 2010  /   News  /   7 Comments

It’s not often a candidate for Lt. Governor is better known than the name at the top of the ticket, but that’s just the case for Nebraska Democrats.

In an unexpected move Mike Meister, the Democratic candidate for Governor, has named Anne Boyle, who is seen by many as the longtime leading lady of the state Democratic Party, to be his running mate.

Mrs. Boyle wasted no time Monday attacking Governor Dave Heineman (R) accusing Heineman of abusing the power of his office. Last week the Governor sent a letter to educators in the state noting they should support the repeal of the federal health care law or he will apparently assume they support cuts to funding education. “Bully politics, blackmail politics, has no room in the office of Governor of this state or anywhere else in the country,” said Anne Boyle.

Heineman has not been immediately available for comment.

Asked by Nebraska Watchdog if she’s concerned her well known name will shove Meister into the background Anne Boyle said, “In Omaha I’m well known, in Scottsbluff (where Meister is from) I’m not.” She also said, “I think this ticket will draw interest.”

Earlier this summer Mrs. Boyle led a move to push Mark Lakers, the Democratic Party’s initial candidate for governor, out of the race. Lakers was accused of faking donor names and pledges on his campaign finance report. When Lakers got out of the race, Meister got in.

Meister has admitted he’s in a tough fight and has often noted that Heineman-who beat Nebraska football legend Tom Osborne in the 2006 GOP Primary-is a popular Governor. But Monday, Meister had clearly changed his mind. “I don’t think (Heineman’s) as popular as he thinks he is,” said Meister.

Anne Boyle holds state office as a member of the Nebraska Public Service Commission and is a former chairperson of the Nebraska Democratic Party. Her husband is Mike Boyle, a Douglas County Commissioner and former Mayor of Omaha who was recalled from office in 1987.

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Reported by Joe Jordan, joe@nebraskawatchdog.org


Joe formerly served as staff reporter for Watchdog.org.

  • Jim J. Enright

    The appointment of Anne Boyle completes the left-wing takeover of the Nebraska Democratic Party. Long a high taxer and abortion “rights” advocate, Boyle has come out in favor of gay marriage.

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  • John

    If she is running, I’m definitely voting for Heineman. We don’t need another ultra Progressive Obama hack in the state house.

  • James

    All I have to say is Anne…good luck to you. YOU WILL NEED IT! DAVE is my person of choice! YOU have two chances of gettng my vote. Slim and NONE. NONE is WINNING!

  • http://www.popomark@cox.net D Mark

    Now Meister has three votes, his, Anne and hopefully Mike’s.

  • don

    Will the Boyles never get away from the public trough? I probably would not have voted for anyone in the governors race prior to her announcement to be Meister’s running mate. ( I’m still sore that Dr. Tom was screwed by the Repubs) However, with her on the ticket I will be certain to vote for Heineman.

  • PBL

    Anybody else notice a resemblance between Anne and Dr. Sanguinary?