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Terry on Lobbyist Report, “Crap…Happens”

By   /   September 8, 2010  /   News  /   11 Comments

It’s round two of the ad wars (see video below) between Congressman Lee Terry (NE-R) and Democrat Tom White, but first some “crap.”

“Crap,” is Terry’s one word description of a New York Post article linking him with a “comely lobbyist.”

Terry has denounced the article, calling it “repulsive and inaccurate garbage,” since it was first published in July. But for weeks Terry had not answered any questions from the media about the Post’s “Page Six” column. Tuesday, during an interview on KFAB radio, Terry had a few more words on the subject.

The Post quotes Terry asking the female lobbyist, “Why did you get me so drunk?” But Terry tells KFAB, “someone took a 15 second, seven second, completely changed the word, the context, everything whatever. Because the incident of having drinks or whatever with the female lobbyist just was not true.” Terry, who is running for re-election against Democrat Tom White, went on to say that in his business “crap like that happens.”

As recently as last week, White’s campaign, accused Terry of “ducking the media.” The comment followed an exclusive report by Nebraska Watchdog that House Minority Leader John Boehner (OH-R) had been in town in late August, quietly raising money for Terry. Despite the fact that Boehner is in line to be the next Speaker of the House if Republicans take control of the House of Representatives in November, the Omaha news media was never told Boehner was here.

White’s campaign manager, Ian Russell, told Nebraska Watchdog that by keeping the fundraiser out of the public eye Terry was able to avoid “awkward questions.” Noting news reports that Boehner had told some congressional Republicans to be careful of their cozy relationships with lobbyists, Russell wonders “whether Boehner was talking about Lee Terry.”

Terry didn’t mention Boehner during his KFAB interview. Terry did say the Post’s story was very difficult on his wife, Robyn. According to Terry, “She wasn’t angry at me…she felt like she was being attacked too.”

Meanwhile Terry’s and White’s TV ads are now naming names, each other’s name. Terry says if White’s elected taxes will go up to pay off the country’s $2 trillion debt. White, who says Terry’s votes in Congress put the country in debt, wants to cut Terry’s salary (and all Congressional salaries) until the budget is balanced. 

Terry is taking the traditional anti-tax Republican line, while White is playing the populist card.

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Reported by Joe Jordan, joe@nebraskawatchdog.org


Joe formerly served as staff reporter for Watchdog.org.

  • Danielle

    I don’t understand the big deal about not notifying the media about a fundraiser. Fundraising events are private, they are not open to the public. When I worked for Lee we didn’t notify the press when Speaker hastert came to town. Although he did make a visit to Boys Town seperate from our fundraiser, but we never let the media knnow about the reception. Big deal.

  • Bob

    One thing we do not need, is another Democrat in Congress. Am not a bil Lee Terry supporter but can’t vote for the other guy either.

  • Mike

    Boehner and Rove both focus on negativity and criticism. They establish the party line to obstruct and smear their opponents. Our citizens, our small farms and our small businesses suffer and struggle while these millionaires play the deceptive games to favor the wealthy bankers and billionaires who buy the legislation and tax codes they want with campaign contributions.

    Many of these funds are raised at “private” fund raisers. Let all voters remember that Rep Terry voted for the largest tax cuts in history, Exxon and BP made billions from those tax cuts and paid zero while benefiting from all the roads, bridges and ports funded by the hard earned funds of we tax payers.

    So who’s side is Lee Terry on?

  • Thriftybob

    I don’t remember all those Democrats being upset when NONE of their candidates stopped into Nebraska during the last election campaign. So who gives a flock about what they think about Republicans? Don’t they have enough problems with the hush-hush deal with health care “reform”, the vacationing Obama, and popularity ratings just lower than used car dealer, ambulance chasing trial lawyers and ethically challenged Harry Reed? They sure seem to be interested in anything other than their campaign promises not to raise taxes, remember that one? .

  • Dan

    “No Leadership Lee” has done nothing in 12 years. Unfortunately we in District 2 have two very poor choices to send to Washington.

    I suppose the case could and will be made by the “No Leadership Lee” Campaign that Tom White is the rubber stamp for Nancy Pelosi and Lee Terry won’t vote with the Liberals as much as Tom White will.

    Either way you cut it neither Tom White or “No Leadership Lee” should be sent to Washington.

  • Charlie

    How many terms does Lee Terry think he deserves? Right out of the starting gate he broke his promise on the number of terms he would serve. He served during the Bush years when the President failed to keep the Republican Congress in check. I dont remember the Congressman standing up and criticizing his party with the courage of Chuck Hagel. No, he was just “go along Lee”. He even approved fighting a war “off budget”. So sure, he can say he isnt responsible for any of the massive debt left by his party and their President, because they made sure there wasnt a record of it.

    Never has there been a less effective member of Congress from Nebraska.

    It makes me ill to think that he talks about “Nebraska Values”. Is he telling me that Nebraskan’s dont care about the health of their neighbors, that Nebraska don’t want honest budgeting, that all Nebraskans care about is their own wallets? Well thats just bunk. This is one Congressman who only cares about getting re-elected so that he doesnt have to re-enter the private sector.

    And where’s the proof. He was first out with negative TV commercials. Whats the matter with him? Maybe he’s scared his pension benefits are in danger.

  • Cliff

    What’s “crap” is Lee Terry’s political courage. He hides behind his party and has only passed one bill during his tenure, to rename a Post Office. Wow!

    He got more done on the Omaha City Council. I think thats where he should return. Come back and do something major like handling the Dodge Street

    “Cruising” problem. Yea, that was a tough one too.

  • Danielle

    Why do people keep bringing up his pledge of three terms? The man has since said (NUMEROUS TIMES) that he made a msiatke. That when he got to DC he realized you cannot get key committee assignments, or get legislation accomplished in that short of amount of time. Period. He made a mistake, he admitted it…move on!

  • PBL

    Danielle – what Lee realized was with only 3 terms he would lose his federal benefits and he’d have to WORK for a living. He’s played it safe his entire House term. Time to give someone else a shot at doing nothing!!

  • John L

    Mr. Terry,

    Thank you for continuing your Pro-Life stance and committing that to action. For that reason, you have my vote.

  • Bart DW

    All Congressmen take an oath to support and defend the Constitution of “We the People.” Each Congressman is supposed to represent the best interests of his constituents, the people of his district. The Omaha district voter registration is 40% Democrat, 38.6% Republican, and 21.4% non-partisan. http://www.votedouglascounty.com/

    Lee Terry votes about 95% Party Line.

    He represents his PARTY not the people. Time to go.

    Rating Lee Terry: