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Exclusive: Steele On Government Shutdown, “Anything Can Happen”

By   /   September 29, 2010  /   2 Comments

The man in charge of the Republican Party is keeping the door to a government shutdown wide open.

During a brief campaign stop in Omaha on Wednesday, Michael Steele, the Chairman of the National Republican Committee told Nebraska Watchdog “anything can happen.”

Earlier this month the New York Times reported that a Georgia Republican, Congressman Lynn Westmoreland, indicated at a get together of social conservatives that a shutdown of the federal government could be in the offing if the GOP takes back the House in this year’s midterm elections.

During an exclusive interview (see video below) with Nebraska Watchdog, Steele said any talk of a shutdown could come early next year when budget discussions get underway. Asked if a shutdown would be a good idea, Steele did not directly answer the question noting he has “not been a part of those discussions.”

The last government shutdown occurred in late 1995 when President Bill Clinton and Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich engaged in a political game of chicken. It was generally thought that Clinton and the Democrats got the better of that fight.

Reported by Joe Jordan, joe@nebraskawatchdog.org

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Joe formerly served as staff reporter for Watchdog.org.

  • Top Dog

    Seems like old times. Just like 1994 when the Republic Party, a/k/a GOP a/k/a Greedy Old Perverts, came out with the Contract with America. Newt and the greedy old pervs shut down the government and had to walk away with their pointed tails between theirs legs. This philosophy of recapturing the 1950’s is cryptic, tired and best of all failed. Keep it up losers. I smile everytime y’all come up with a recycled “pile of trees” and push it off as something fresh and inspired.

  • Veteran

    I’m fed up with both parties. Neither one represents true Constitutional conservatism that we need. Both parties spend so much time trying to convince us the other side is worse than they are than actually developing ideas.

    Don’t vote party, vote the person. Eventually they will get it straight.