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Suttle Finally Gets Anti-Recall Help, Will Let Others Talk for Him

By   /   October 14, 2010  /   News  /   6 Comments

Just one week before hundreds of recall petitions are scheduled to hit the street, some big money and at least one well known Republican are stepping up to stop the recall of Omaha Mayor Jim Suttle.

And during a news conference touting the city’s new snow removal plan, the Mayor made it clear today (see video below) he’s going to let others do the anti-recall talking for him.

Asked by Nebraska Watchdog how much of a distraction the recall is Suttle said the question, “Is for another day.”

Meanwhile Omaha philanthropist Dick Holland, a Democrat like Suttle (the Holland Performing Arts Center carries his name) is putting together “The Committee to Keep Omaha Moving Forward.”

Holland’s effort comes as GOP State Senator Brad Ashford says he also opposes the recall. Instead of throwing the Mayor out of office Ashford is arguing instead for changes in state law, such as a provision that would allow Omaha voters alone to decide the amount of the city’s sales tax.

The Holland and Ashford moves appear separate from the Mayor’s own anti-recall effort. Suttle has rekindled his campaign Website to ask for contributions from those opposed to the recall.

Over the past several weeks the Mayor has had to issue three separate statements defending himself against a recall. Today he punted any recall questions, more than willing to let the Holland group speak for him. “There will be spokespersons for that, let them address those questions,” Suttle told Nebraska Watchdog.

The Mayor Suttle Recall Committee is expected to launch its 30 day petition drive October 21. The recallers need the signatures of nearly 27,000 registered voters in the City of Omaha. If the recallers are successful Suttle can either resign or face a recall election that would most likely be held in mid-January.

Reported by Joe Jordan, joe@nebraskawatchdog.org

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Joe formerly served as staff reporter for Watchdog.org.

  • GeosUser

    Brad Ashford is a Republican??? Since when??? Maybe you should consider mentioning that Dick Holland also is the major donor behind Jane Kleeb’s BoldNE effort. Did you happen to ask Suttle if he thinks the recall effort is racist? Why not??? Did you ask him what the status of the fire union contract is? We can assume it’s sitting in a drawer in Suttle’s desk waiting to see if he survives the recall effort because anyone with half a brain knows it will be at least as “sweet” as the police union contract. I was truly undecided about signing the recall petition before today, but no longer. I will be signing it on November 2 at/near my polling place. I will also encourage family and friends to also sign it. I’m not happy at the thought of a possible Mayor Daub, but leaving a moron like Suttle in office for another two years is worse. BTW, in announcing the “snow removal plan” do you know Joe that they increased that budget by $2.6 million over last year? And last year they were $1 million over budget. If the city finance director actually knew anything about finance, they could have set that budget at $5 million and hedged against any risk of spending more than that. They and she wouldn’t even consider the idea…how’s that for running the city like a business???

  • EcoBob

    As usual you tend to look for fights instead of open discussion on issues. Why worry about signing the petition you stated you were leaving Nebraska anyways. Good luck finding a place that is GeosUser ‘worthy’. As always, thanks Joe for reporting on issues that people want to learn more about so we can make better decisions.

  • http://www.popomark@cox.net D. Mark

    Brad Ashford, when was the last time he said anything meaningful?

  • Jazzee

    DMark & GEO–no kidding who cares what Ashford says

    And if he is a Republican I am two years old

  • CW

    Another reason to recall the Mayor – – – – “(Personel Director) O’Gara said Tuesday that the city learned early on that had the case gone to trial, the judge most likely would have sided with the retirees, ruling that they could not be required to pay health premiums if they had already been promised otherwise.” What did this trial cost the taxpayer??

  • http://usacellsearch.com Voncile Mallo

    Life is just too brief to be tolerating ignorance. Your blog is fine, but alot of your readers are really lame and need to get a life.