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Video Exclusive: Suttle Tells Nebraska Watchdog “I’m Not Resigning”

By   /   November 18, 2010  /   News  /   22 Comments

In case there was any doubt, Omaha Mayor Jim Suttle removed that doubt today telling Nebraska Watchdog he is not walking away from a fight.

During an exclusive interview (see video and transcript below) just a day before Friday’s recall petition deadline the Mayor said, “I am not resigning.” Suttle added, “I made a pact with the voters to serve four years.”  

In the Mayor’s recall defense statement, which is printed on the petitions, Suttle says the recall is, “expensive, divisive, and reckless…by signing the petition, you approve spending $900,000 for special elections, taking funds from vital city services.”

The Mayor Suttle Recall Committee and other critics of the Mayor have countered the Mayor’s argument. The critics claim that if the petition drive is successful and if Suttle resigned, he would save the taxpayers at least $300,000-the cost of the initial recall election.

But Suttle tells Nebraska Watchdog if he is forced out of office, “It’s going to cost us money, it’s going to cost us tremendously in the reputation of Omaha.”

The recall petitions, with the signatures of at least 26,643 registered voters in the City of Omaha, must be in the Douglas County Election Commissioner’s office by 5 p.m. Friday.

The Election Commissioner then has 15 days to validate the signatures and begin setting the date for a recall election.

Reported by Joe Jordan, [email protected]

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NW: If they get the signatures, if they’re validated, is there any chance, any circumstances, under which you would resign?

Mayor Suttle: Well I am not resigning, I made a pact with the voters to serve four years and I’m going to stay on mission and we will continue doing that everyday just as we did today, just as we’ll do tomorrow, and just as we’ll do next week.

NW: You know the argument is that would save a lot of money if you resign from office.

Mayor Suttle: That’s not an argument, it’s going to cost us money, it’s going to cost us tremendously in the reputation of Omaha and we need to stay the course. Good leadership is necessary and we have accomplished so much in my first 17 months and there’s more to do. And I will be focused very heavily on the jobs component from here on out.


Joe formerly served as staff reporter for Watchdog.org.

  • Icon

    Wow He want to “Stay the Course” now where have we heard that crock before?? Bad choice of words Jimmy Boy!! Resign now!!!

  • Promises Promises

    Didn’t this guy make a pact with the voters not to raise taxes!!!!!!!

  • don

    Jimmy: Please name one of your accomplishments in the last 17 months other than caving to OPD demands.

  • Sully

    The only pact this idiot made was with Local #385, Omaha Professional Fire Fighters Assn., to allow them as much spiking as they can squeeze in. And to allow them as many union hours that they need to campaign for candidates for political office.

  • Not surprised. He didn’t listen to any of Nebraska Taxpayers for Freedom 3 – 4 pages of proposed budget cuts so that he wouldn’t have to raise taxes or create new fees.

    This business of ignoring the majority voice of the people must be the Socialists #1 game plan because we’ve seen it with Sen Ben Nelson and POTUS Barack Hussein Obama.

    If Mayor Suttle is not going to resign then he doesn’t care about the voice of the people nor does he care about the image of Omaha. He just cares about being in an office of power that will allow him to wield his Socialist party’s agenda. TAX, SPEND and IGNORE THE PEOPLE.

  • Anxiously Waiting

    Good for him! For Omaha’s sake let’s hope that these signatures aren’t enough. It would rip the City apart.

  • Who is the genius that would take Mr Suttle’s place and solve all the city’s problems? BTW, a lot of people commenting and talking bad about Mr Suttle don’t even live in our city (see; Susan Smith).

    I bet the signatures are not there.

  • Bell-View

    So has “Mayor Pothole” fixed all of the potholes yet?

    A condescending attitude and stubborn arrogance seem to be his main qualities.

  • BkDodge42

    Ricky, some people who don’t live in the city (and can’t vote Suttle out) are going to have to pay $50 “wheel fee” (not tax) come Janurary. So since they are being taxed without representation, are you saying that their voices shouldn’t be heard either?

  • Kevin

    Time for Suttle and his cadre of high paid friends to go.

  • Kevin

    Ricky, Hopefully the next guy will not lie to the voters in order to get voted in. What taxes has Suttle cut? Let us know.

  • GeosUser

    The only “pact” Mayor Moron made was with the fire union and, since his election, the police union. If he truly thinks he’s doing a good job and will win a recall vote, he having delusions and needs treatment.

  • Bob L.

    Can’t wait to see this moron out of office. For you Diamond Jim supporters, he is not being recalled soley because of new taxes but rather he does not listen to the general public and is completely out of whack with spending. So please get it straight and remember: Highter salaries for his staff, SUV rental deal, Chief of staff snafu, bicycle coorndinator, and the list goes on. Yea, I am sure some of his smoke eater friends will be posting but remember brother and sisters, the gravey train is coming to an end.

  • Tj D.

    We need good leadership is right, thats why the signature’s were beyond what was exspected, this guy is even more ignorant that I had previously though!

    What a sad pitiful man.

  • Bob Smith

    What has suttle done for the firefighters, really Susan OPD has a contract and OFD does not, moral is low on the OFD from the continued attacks by Nagity and his millionaire elitist club, isnt it amazing the rich elite can turn working class people against other working class people woth inuendo and half truths spread by ratings hungry media. Bob L no firefighter I know is on a gravy train, you are as misguided as nagity and the whoper smugler and thier group.

  • Johnny R.

    Boy, Bob Smith must really be a Omaha Fire Fighter. Maybe he can improve his GED to learn how to SPELL. These OFD goons are really getting to be something.

  • Bob Smith

    Johnny R, only goons attack others typos. Besides there is only one Johnny R. I know, he sacrificed his life for the citizens of Omaha, you are obviously not him.

  • PBL

    Moral is low in the OFD because of Union bickering with the Administration, the Union attitude with the public, favoritism in promotions and scheduling.

  • Bob Smith

    NO, UN-PBL (that means you should not be proud to listen to the fat marbled mouthed one), unions always bicker with any administration, the vocal public is not the the majority of the public, which supports OFD’s Firefighters, if you study hard enough you can pass the tests for promotions and scheduling is so off base it is laughable you bring it up. ONCE AGAIN MAKE SURE YOUR FACTS ARE CORRECT, WHICH MEANS YOU DO NOT GET THEM FORM NAGITY OR MARBLE MOUTH.

  • PBL

    Poor, poor Bob Smith resorting to name calling and Union bullying tactics!

    You’re wrong about unions ALWAYS bickering with the administration and you’re wrong about the vocal public not being the majority and you’re wrong about public support for OFD firefighters which is waning because of the exact attitude you’re showing here. For the most part we do support the firefighters, it’s the rest of the bunch that’s dragging the firefighters under.

  • Rob

    OFD= zero credibility

  • Rob

    And somebody who retires at age 50 (i wont even go to 45) with a $70,000/year pension is not working class. And if they are working class, then they are overpaid.