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Homeless Vote in Recall

By   /   January 12, 2011  /   News  /   23 Comments

With the temperature near zero, several of Omaha’s homeless found a new place to get warm on Wednesday: the Douglas County Election Commissioner’s office.

According to Election Commissioner Dave Phipps three busloads of people, some of them from the Siena-Francis House (a downtown shelter), registered to vote and then cast early ballots in the January 25th recall election of Omaha Mayor Jim Suttle.

Noelle Obermeyer, a spokesman for the pro-Suttle group Forward Omaha, notes that homeless people have as much a right to vote as anyone else. She also tells Nebraska Watchdog, and Phipps agrees, that “tons” of homeless people signed the petitions (listing their address as 1702 Nicholas Street) to recall Mayor Suttle.

Obermeyer says Forward Omaha is not paying anyone to vote, although people trained to help the organization’s get out the vote effort receive $5.00. In addition Obermeyer says Forward Omaha will continue to help people, homeless and others, from the inner city get to the election office which is several miles away near 114th and West Dodge Road.

Reported by Joe Jordan, [email protected]

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Joe formerly served as staff reporter for Watchdog.org.

  • leslie

    Sounds similar to ACORN or what pro-Arena people did at UNL… I think it’s snaky and just plain wrong. Yes, the homeless have every right to vote. It’s up to them to do so. Okay Suttle supporters, pack up the vans and collect people from the streets, take them down to register and let them vote. If Republicans can do it, so can you!!!

  • J

    Maybe they just wanted to vote – they should have a voice, too. But I don’t think many homeless people have vehicles or money to ride the bus…

  • To Leslie

    To Leslie: It was the Mayor $uttle supporters that did transport the homeless people to the election office. Did you miss that in the article? It was not the Republicians that did it.

  • Matt

    Suttle just guaranteed his recall… LOL

  • OFD & Proud

    Oh the Republicdummies are loaded for bear on this one. Do not panic fellow citizens, we shall prevail and keep OUR MAYOR in office.

  • OFD & Proud is right. The demoncrats will vote early and often.

  • kjstrouble

    I would have to agree, this does seem like ACORN tactics. But then, this is a Democratic party group who is organizing the shuttles. Now we have to remind all the Recall supporters to go vote as well. I voted on Monday, in spite of the storm, and I encourage all to vote who want to. We need a better mayor than we currently have.

  • BkDodge42

    Our men and women serving our country in the military overseas will not have the opportunity to have absentee ballots sent to them since it takes two weeks for mail to get to them. The first day to mail out absentee ballots was Jan 10th and the election is Jan 25th. While it is the right of the homless to be able to vote, it is a discrace to our military members who sacrifice to give us this right are not able to vote in the recall election. Suport our troops and vote Mayor Suttle out of office.

  • James

    OFD is Proud and right? I have 5 votes in my family. WE will vote early and often. Often? More votes to rid ourselves of a Mayor too proud to listen to the people who elected him! Listen to the people! Something YOU don’t do. Let’s get Mayor Pothole out of office and on to better things. He is all about taxes we are paying daily. By often? Are you considering voting more that once? I don’t want to think that Democrats will vote early and often anymore than I want to think that Republicans will.

  • James

    What will happen will happen.

  • frank

    busing in the sub 2.0 GPAs, haha, next suttle will be busing in the illegal aliens and digging up graves to get more votes. suttle is a either a liar or incompetent, maybe both. calls voters whiners… people are tired of these lying MFs who steal from the public and line the pockets of their union buddies, imagine what they would try if we were not gun owners!

  • PBL

    A desperate act by a desperate man. To bad he didn’t work this hard to cut the budget and not raise taxes.

  • Bell-View

    What did Mayor Pothole know and when did he know it?

  • Sara

    Stay Classy Forward Omaha!

  • James: “Vote early and Often” is the mantra of Chicago Democrat politics. You mis-understood the post.

  • GeosUser

    Look on the bright side people…as a result of the efforts from Backward Omaha and Mayor Shuttle, there was a spike in sales tax collections after the bums got their pay and headed for the nearest quickiemart to buy their booze and cigs. Now those bums have joined the ranks of their brothers, the grossly over-compensated fire and police union members. If Mayor Shuttle had a shred of self-respect, he’d resign today. Even if he manages to stay in office…thanks to voter fraud and all the help from the police and fire unions…how is anyone ever going to respect anything he ever says or does again???

  • Jazzee

    The lawsuit and now this ‘using the homeless’ to keep his sorry rear end in office should convince anyone he needs to go. Can’t you see what he is doing? This is Chicago style politics but then his hero is barry obama and unions so it’s no surprise what this guy does. He needs to GO!!!

  • How desperate this man has become. Where did they find Noelle Obermeyer?

  • The anger of the Right is pathetic…just think of how much money we could have saved this city if we had let Mayor Suttle do his job and not gone through this recall nonsense. Hal Daub is still costing us tax payers a fortune with his Asarco and UP deals. Oh and need I mention the HAL-icopters.

  • To Joan Bale

    Dear Joan, I’m sorry but you are a little off base. The helicopters were requested by the OPD, not Hal. He was just the mayor at the time and worked with them to find army surplus units for them to use, saving money for the citizens of Omaha. These have been very valuable not only for Omaha, but for the surrounding areas. As for Asarco and the UP deals, those were done in conjunction with the Qwest Center construction project. Qwest Center bonds WERE being handled by the revenue from the Qwest Center, but Councilman $uttle (as chair of the finance committee) and his Mentor, Mayor Fahey, took money from the revenues to put into the city’s budget. Fahey also was the one, with $uttle’s knowledge, created the spiking problem with teh OFD and OPD union contracts. On top of al that, we see Mayor $uttle’s own group, Forward Omaha, does one of the most BONEHEADED moves I have ever seen. We have no choice but to question $uttle’s decision making process and those of the people around him to allow something like that to happen. So please, make sure you have your facts straight before you spout off.

  • Jus Wondering

    Remember the old saying; “When you are in a hole,stop digging”. There is no glory to be had for the Mayor to continue to try undo the great harm that he and his Shuttlegate cronies have already inflicted on Omaha and his own campaign. The smart and honorable thing to do now would be to step aside and let the replacement process begin. Mayor Jim…put your ego aside and do the courageous and honorable thing.

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