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Heineman: Palin Qualified to Be President

By   /   February 21, 2011  /   News  /   15 Comments

As the country celebrates President’s Day, Nebraska Governor Dave Heineman (R) is at odds with a majority of Americans who have said Sarah Palin is not qualified to run the country.

A CNN poll in late 2009 found 70 percent saying she’s not qualified, 28 percent said she is.

In an exclusive on camera interview (see video below) with Nebraska Watchdog, Heineman said Palin has the resume and credentials necessary to be the leader of the free world.

Palin and several other Republicans have said they are looking at the race but so far no one is officially running.

In 2008 Heineman backed former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney, who eventually lost the GOP nomination to John McCain. Asked if he’d support Romney again in 2012, Heineman said it’s too soon to tell. 

Reported by Joe Jordan, joe@nebraskawatchdog.org

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Joe formerly served as staff reporter for Watchdog.org.

  • Watching from Lincoln

    Advice to the Governor: Better to keep your mouth shut and let the world think you a fool, than to open your mouth and prove it.

  • musichound

    I wouldn’t waste my vote on her.

  • J

    Ditto on “Watching’s” comment.

  • Biff

    Hey Gov —

    Sounds like the wind is blowing the other direction! You’d better find another horse in this race!

  • Tom

    Govenor Dave is finally showing how out of touch he is with national politics. Next thing you know, he will be camping on a river bank on Sarah Palin’s Alaska!

  • To Watching

    Is Bold Nebraska commenting on here too? Enjoy your state worker holiday and say thank you to a taxpayer for your paycheck

  • http://www.leaderdevelopmentgroup.com David Bernard-Stevens

    It is sad that someone so out of touch with American thinks that he is in touch AND is so able to convince Nebraskans that he is a leader. There is a huge difference between holding a position of authority and that of being a leader. In Governor Heineman’s case, he holds a position of authority… that’s it.

  • Joe

    From the same folks that brought you George W. Bush.

  • http://Boodogmom@aol.com Joan Bale

    Now we know why the gov makes the stupid statements he has in the past. Sarah Palin is qualified to be President? Maybe of the Barbie Club!

  • leslie

    Don’t confuse qualifications with likability. Palin is unelectable, not because she doesn’t have the “qualifications.” What ARE the qualifications anyway? Coordinating community efforts?

  • http://Msn.com Lue

    The Gov has a “crush” on Palin…everytime I see him at a meeting with her present you see him near by….must have been the hug that’s on the video. Experience/Education doesn’t count with the gov…she’s a republican and she’ll play hard ball like the gov. Nebraska the good life..as long as you do and believe what I do…Nebraska used to be such a wonderful State. The conservative right wants it all their way…they know whats good for all of us…..shades of the taliban

  • leslie

    And Joan… that was a step back for women… good going. Barbie… geez

  • gah

    Since Palin’s qualifications for being president were better than what 0bama had in 2008, 0bama and those who elected him, have set the bar so low, that the question of qualification shouldn’t even be considered. By the standards that 0bama and his voters set, my pet canary is qualified to be president.

  • http://cox WilyCoyote II

    Joan: Who was it that said “I’ve been in 57 states and have 2 more to get to,” and stated that there were 364 days in a year. I think these qualify as really

    stupid statements. Please comment.

  • The Blancmange

    Oh Dave, do you really think you’ve got a shot with Caribou Barbie and/or are you clueless about presidential qualifications?