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Video Special: More Heineman v Kleeb

By   /   March 17, 2011  /   9 Comments

You’ve probably heard by now that Governor Dave Heineman (NE-R) has accused Bold Nebraska’s Jane Kleeb of “aggressive, partisan, attack style politics.”

Well as it turns out, with the controversial TransCanada XL Pipeline in the backdrop, that was just for openers.

In an on camera (see video below) interview with Nebraska Watchdog, Heineman denounces Kleeb for “shooting her mouth off.” Kleeb tells Nebraska Watchdog that Heineman is resorting to “personal attacks to make up for his lack of leadership” on the XL issue.

On Tuesday the State Department ordered a second look at the pipeline’s current route through Nebraska’s environmentally sensitive Sandhills and Ogallala Aquifer; that decision coming while Nebraska lawmakers recently refused to add any state regulations to the project.

Heineman says he’s all for that second federal look and wants a safe route that is environmentally responsible. The Governor also says Kleeb and Bold Nebraska are “opposed to (the pipeline) no matter what.”

Meanwhile, Kleeb is upping the ante arguing that Heineman has the authority to issue an executive order moving the pipeline. Asked by Nebraska Watchdog if he has that authority and if he’d use it Heineman said “it’s very difficult for the Governor to issue an executive order that says stop it.” According to Heineman, “That’s one where Jane needs to do her homework.” 

Reported by Joe Jordan, joe@nebraskawatchdog.org

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Joe formerly served as staff reporter for Watchdog.org.

  • Biff

    Wait a sec…the gov doesn’t even know whether or not he can sign an executive order on this issue, and he’s telling Jane Kleeb that SHE needs to do her homework?

  • leslie

    That’s not what he said Biff.

  • Dirt

    An executive order would not stand up in court. I don’t like Governor Dave, but that’s basically what he said without specifically saying it. I think his leadership has been lacking on this issue– he sure hasn’t been very visible– but it may be because he nor anyone else at the state level has any control over what happens. Mike Johanns is a much more important figure on this particular issue than the Governor.

  • Husker Red

    Wow!! Way to go, Dave!!!

    Smack her down, she’s insulting you!!! How dare she demand that you lead any effort to protect Nebraska!! Lets leave that up to the FEDS!! They’re way better at knowing what’s good for Nebraska than we are, right???

  • Mike Carolus

    Dave Heineman used language unbecoming a leadership office to describe and refer to Jane Kleeb. If he used that language to refer to my daughter, sister or spouse I would be inclined to give him a good what four! Scott Kleeb is more evolved and refined than I am so the disrespectful sexist language he used will probably not get the Guvner’s ass kicked even though he needs it done!

  • Biff

    Anybody home Gov McFly!?

  • Wait a sec…the gov doesn’t even know whether or not he can sign an executive order on this issue, and he’s telling Jane Kleeb that SHE needs to do her homework?

  • There’s been a number of new pipelines in the US leaking, brand new. Enbridge used pipe with flaws in it, they could see them during the X-rays of the girth welds, but didn’t bother replacing those sections. Now, that line has had 2 major leaks, on a pipeline just 14 years old. There’s still tar sands crude in the river in Marshall MI, 2 years after that spill, even with that area supposedly having been “remediated”.

  • Naamal

    Good work Jane Kleeb!