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Exclusive: Ex-Husker/GOP Newcomer Tries to Tackle Terry

By   /   June 21, 2011  /   News  /   44 Comments

For the second straight election there’s another Republican out to get Congressman Lee Terry (R) and this one is an ex-Husker.

Nebraska Watchdog has learned that former University of Nebraska back-up quarterback and safety Brett Lindstrom is challenging Terry for the 2012 GOP nomination.

In 2010 Terry ran into Tea Partier Matt Sakalosky who lost the Republican Primary to Terry, but by a closer margin than many expected. It was Terry 63%-Sakalosky 37%.

According to Lindstrom’s website the 30-year-old self described financial advisor is coming out swinging, accusing Terry of being a Capitol Hill lightweight. Lindstrom notes that during Terry’s 12 years in Congress, Terry has “only been able to pass one single piece of legislation which renamed a post office in Omaha.” Lindstrom also goes after Terry on several issues claiming among other things that Terry “does not even have an official statement about the state of Social Security.” Lindstrom calls that “unconscionable.”

As Nebraska Watchdog reported exclusively earlier this month Terry says he “thought about” jumping into next year’s GOP Senate race but decided against it. “I’m staying where I’m at,” said Terry.

Last November Terry won his 7th straight Congressional campaign rolling over Democrat Tom White 61-39.

It appears Lindstrom is a political rookie, never having run in the past. In a statement released to Nebraska Watchdog the Lindstrom campaign says, “The lack of political courage to meaningfully address the very real problems our nation faces has compelled Brett to seek office.”

According to the Big Red’s website Lindstrom, a graduate of Millard West High School, was a walk-on in 1999 and lettered for the Huskers in 2003 after briefly playing in five games during his college career.

Lindstrom is expected to kick-off his campaign tomorrow (Wednesday) afternoon at the University of Nebraska Omaha’s Thompson Center.

With Lindstrom in the fight the GOP has two candidates for next year’s House race, while Nebraska Democrats are still searching for one.  

Reported by Joe Jordan, joe@nebraskawatchdog.org

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Joe formerly served as staff reporter for Watchdog.org.

  • Matt

    5 games makes you a “Husker”? Never run for office and using Tom White campaign material makes you a “Republican”? This guy is calling Lee Terry a “lightweight? Please…

  • Matt

    After looking at Lindstrom’s website, his hypocrisy is almost shocking. He calls out Lee Terry yet offers NO SOCIAL SECURITY PLAN OF HIS OWN. Brett, you’re sounding and looking like a Pelosi Dem.

  • Steve

    Matt great point Lee is a heavyweight. Nothing like being a ‘junior congressman” after 12 years. Lee is acutally polling currently neck and neck with a sack of potatoes

  • Shyler

    Matt=Terry Plant

  • Mickey

    If you can’t call yourself a husker after playing in 5 games over 4 years you CERTAINLY cant call yourself a representative after passing 1 piece of legislation after 12 years

  • Patrick

    Lindstrom is way off base calling Terry Lee a light weight. MILKTOAST is right on accurate.

  • country

    Think about it…how could anyone be worse than Lee Terry?

  • Niver

    Good for this young man. It’s about time we get a new perspective in the GOP in D2, Lee Terry will be seeking his 8th term for congress because apparently no one else will hire him except the voters in D2 – which is really sad. I think Terry may have his hands full on this one – if he thought the last primary was too close, I have a feeling this could be the end of the Terry era. I hope the GOP rally’s for this young man.

  • Nebraskan

    Career politicians have too much self-interest. It is time for turnover in Nebraska and all over Washington!

  • Wow, really?

    I went to High School with this idiot. Hardly the kind of bright mind we need in Washington. What a joke.

  • I’m not saying he’s going to lose, but…

    …generally it’s a bad sign when your announcement is a “Nebraska Watchdog Exclusive.”

  • http://Yahoo.com Jason3

    Lee Terry keeps getting elected? Didn’t he say he wouldn’t be a career politician? The Republicans all are in favor of Ryan’s plan to end Social security/medicare. If they would have checked approx 40% of our Veterans use medicare. Johanns’ recent defense of Ryan’s plan in the OMH leaves a lot out of what Ryan’s plan does and doesn’t do. He gave his version. We wouldn’t have Social Security or Medicare if it was up to the republicans. Unfortunately, Nebraskan’s just don’t get it. We Veterans will get the bad end of this deal by the republicans again…Vouchers..All the seniors will be at the local soup kitchens when they end paying all their savings for health care.

  • Jazzee

    Jason: Then WHY don’t the crybabys back in DC SIT DOWN and come up with a better plan???????????? What else has anyone proposed????? It’s both parties that stink and could care less about this country. They want us all divided makes their job easier. IF ONCE we would all DEMAND they do their job you and me together against them things might change but we buy into their game. We are to blame if we don’t wake up==they work for US not banks, unions, lobbyists but we sit here and fight each other while they laugh all the way to the bank. NONE of them seem to give a damn about this country

  • Jeff

    Just looked at Lindstrom’s website. It’s nothing more than the usual recitation of the right-wing playbook. No original thought at all. Very sad.

  • UBS Foreign Account Holder

    An Advisor at UBS for less than a year is usually on the Income Draw Program and a good sign they aren’t making the grade is when they start looking for another job around 6-8 months in.

    Lindstrom has been at UBS since when, September? 8 Months?

    Why did he leave Morgan Stanley to go to UBS? Is he fighting the Morgan Stanley Non-Compete Agreement? What happened to his previous clients? Did he leave them high & dry? Does he have any foreign account holders as clients? Is he cooperating with the IRS investigation of UBS foreign account holders?

    Looking at his ACLU handlers, all I can say is that I’ve had enough of these liberal fat-cat wall street bail-out boys and their manufactured political puppets.

  • Danielle

    How’s Lindstrom’s voting record…….

  • Brad

    A white shirt, red tie and dark suit doesn’t make this kid a leader. This is the typical story of a former Husker. Huskers fans inflated his ego while he was at school, now he “advises” said fans on their finances because they’re too starry-eyed/ infatuated to realize that he has no idea what he’s doing. He appears to be a glorified little league coach with a new suit. He will be embarrassed when he has to speak on entitlement reform, energy policy, immigration reform, healthcare, the economy, foreign affairs and other issues that Terry has been debating and taking tough votes on for years.

  • Lee Terry’s Soul

    I attended Mr. Lindstrom’s announcement. This young guy is smart, dedicated and a fresh mind vs. the good ol boys up on capital hill now. How about a debate? I honestly think Lindstrom would run the option on him and score a touch down.

  • Road Runner


    Divide and conquer has been the game for centuries. It worked that way for years down South with poor whites vs. blacks to keep wages low and people indebted to the “company store”.

    The problem with your ‘solution’ is that it doesn’t identify the villains. You are right about the banks, but you should be including the multinational corporations. Follow the money, and you will see that the money wants to cut our pay, but still have us buy cheap crap at WalMart, etc., until we have no more credit.

    They moved the jobs overseas and use cheap labor to make trilliions of $$ on the backs of the shrinking middle class in this country. AND they don’t pay US taxes on their HUGE profits! (Look at GE, for example.)

  • Honestly

    I would rather vote for a Democrat than send that worthless waste of oxygen Lee Terry back to the office he promised in his first campaign he wouldn’t stay at for more than 6 years. STOP VOTING FOR INCUMBENTS, for pete’s sake.

  • Lee Terry’s Soul

    At the announcement, did he discuss the different between “capitol” and “capital”?

  • RoyDoyO

    The youngman has just started his run for congress, back off everyone and listen to what he has to say. If he can’t handle the issues or the questions he won’t get elected, however, give him a chance to talk his peace….here is a fundamental question for all…what has Lee Terry done, further….don’t you think it is time for a change, come on….Lee has been there 12 years….Brett has a passion to make our country better, we shouldn’t criticize him for that…our nation needs people who think the parties should work together.

    Time for everyone to listen to Brett before you’all take wacks at him…

  • Wow

    I was not going to make any comments about this guy running, but this really got my attention – I first read in the lincoln journal star today and I am surprised by the overall reaction – people seem either eager for a new candidate in the GOP to challenge Terry or people just are going straight for the guys throat after one announcement. The guy appears to be somewhat well spoken and organized – is he hooked up with the Rickett’s family? A buddy of mine who played at Nebraska said he thinks Lindstrom and Pat Ricketts went to high school and were college roommates. So whom is really behind this campaign????? Makes me think maybe with that kind of potential support he might not be the underdog that everyone seems to think he is. Does anyone have a knowledge on this?!

  • RoyDoyO

    No Ricketts connection…he is is own man

  • Not So Fast Roy DO

    Ricketts went to Millard North and Lindstrom went to Millard West. However, Ricketts’ wife graduated from MW with Lindstrom.

  • Lee Terry

    I am going to vote for Mr. Lindstrom.

  • Lee “Millhouse” Terry

    Well Gosh what is all this hubaloo about. This Lindstrom fellow seems like a rablerouser. What we need in D.C. is bad hair, crappy suits, and people in the fetal position when tough votes come our way

  • RoyDoyO

    I know Lindstrom…no connection…..he just thinks Lee Terry is not doing enough and he thinks can make a difference….

  • Not So Fast Roy DO

    He’s right, Lee Terry is not doing enough.

    But what makes him think he can do better with no experience in politics OR the real world?

  • Lee “Millhouse” Terry

    I am pretty sure he has plenty of business experience

  • Jack

    As a 30 year old “financial advisor” who constantly fails to name his firm?

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  • RoyDoyO

    Brent thinks America need to move forward with the unsolved issues that are out there..Granted he is a political newcomer, however that is what our system seems to about at times, people who get involved because they think they can make a difference, and those who say not enough is happening. As stated earlier, Brent is a bright young guy, and he will either win this by stating the issues and making a case for change, or fail at it. I believe he understands the odds are against him, however, he again has that passion to try to make a difference. Does Lee Terry have the passion, or is just running the plays. Guess the voters will decide.

  • Scrotie McBoogerballs

    To: you don’t know “Jack”

    You probably didn’t know this, but any major financial firm will tell you that part of their firm policy is not mentioning any affiliation to political ties. just sayin…

    Go Brett, Go!!!!

  • Jack

    Wow, you can make a scrotum reference. Look at you!

    You probably don’t know this, but running for Congress is hard work and requires competent individuals. This kid won’t crack 15%.

  • Lee Terry’s Soul

    any effort has got to take some fortitude, vs. sitting back and getting a job handed to you…again. (cough) Lee Terry (cough)

  • James Mason

    Lee Terry is heading up the legislation on the keystone or whatever you call it oil pipeline that is running across the state.

    his office called me today to ask about one of our founders and national coordinators who needs to talk aobut this legislation.

  • Mike

    Jack–wow your right im sure Brett didnt consider it is hard work Great point he should quite now… 15%??? i am surprised you can count that high.

  • Jack


    It’s “you’re” and “quit.”

  • Jack-“off”

    good job buying a ticket on the titanic i.e. Lee Terry….Tell me how that works out

  • Dan

    One lacks the necessary life experience to lead and the other lacks the will or courage to lead. Either way you cut it D2 has to do better than this.

  • Bill

    Judging a member of congress by the number of “his” bills passed is a naive standard. Do we really want to encourage Congressmen to be constantly changing the law? Back to Poli Sci 101 Brett.

  • Ann

    I don’t know much about this young man,…yet. But I KNOW Lee Terry needs to go! He manipulates the tax system to benefit people who will vote for him, he is a horrible public speaker, he hasn’t taken a strong stand on any significant issues, he is anti-FairTax, he said he would impose term limits, which was a big lie, the is not the person we need in Congress. I have never liked the guy.

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