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Canadians Keep Pushing Heineman on Pipeline

By   /   September 26, 2011  /   News  /   2 Comments

Insisting he’s not out to change Governor Dave Heineman’s mind on the controversial Keystone XL pipeline, a top Canadian official is scheduled to meet with Heineman in Lincoln today to discuss the $7 billion project.

Gary Doer, Canada’s ambassador to the U.S., is expected to sit down behind closed doors with Heineman. Earlier this month the Governor announced his opposition to the controversial pipeline’s current route through Nebraska’s Sandhills and over the Ogallala Aquifer which supplies 80 percent of the state’s drinking and farming water. Heineman says he wants TransCanada to reroute the pipeline to the eastern part of Nebraska.

Doer’s visit comes one day before Nebraskans roll out for the first of two key U.S. State Department public hearings on the XL—Tuesday in Lincoln and Thursday in Atkinson, Ne.

Doer’s visit follows two separate stops in Lincoln by a pair of TransCanada executives who recently met with Heineman.

Following those meetings Heineman said TransCanada didn’t change his mind on the project and he didn’t think he changed the company’s position.

According to the Edmonton Journal newspaper Doer is not planning a hard sell. “We’re going to go over how we perceive the merit of the pipeline,” said the ambassador. “(Governor Heineman’s) not going to change my views and I’m not going to change his views.”

Heineman has been opposed to a special session of the Nebraska Legislature on the pipeline; specifically State Senator Ken Haar’s push for more state regulations.

Just last week the Governor said lawmakers didn’t act earlier this year because they didn’t have the votes. “It doesn’t make much sense to have a special session to the tune of $10,000 a day of taxpayer money when they’re not likely to act,” said the Governor.

Reported by Joe Jordan, joe@nebraskawatchdog.org

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Joe formerly served as staff reporter for Watchdog.org.

  • Watching From Lincoln

    I guess the only question about that meeting is who will be kissing who’s rear and who will be giving and who will be on the receiving end of that blow job.

    Heineman’s “objection” to the XL is show only, he’s learned the art of fence-sitting from a master – against the route appeases the 64% of Nebraskans who are against the either the pipeline in its entirety or the routing through the Sandhills while being for the idea of the pipeline keeps his TransCanada front groups’ and Americans for Prosperity Koch-backed donations flowing into his coffers.

    He KNOWS he has the power, right and RESPONSIBILITY to call a Special Session of the Unicameral to protect Nebraska landowners, but the Spineless Wonder is too beholden to the money that has flowed freely into the NEGOP coffers from AfP and TC to EVER cross the real power behind the Governorship. Hineyman wasn’t hand picked and groomed as Johanns’ lapdog for his great leadership skills, quite the opposite – it was because he is just a good little toady that will do whatever his master bids be done, the little tin soldier who blindly follows orders no matter how immoral or illegal they may be.

    REMEMBER: THREE bills to regulate the Keystone XL and protect the property rights and affix liability for damages and clean up costs were killed in committee last session, never even making it to the floor for a vote, not because there was no interest, but because the committee members were told to vote against it – right down Party lines every time! So much for the “non-partisan” Unicameral where the NEGOP holds a 2/3 majority caring about anything other than maintaining their power and keeping the donation cashflow coming from the men who WILL make tens of billions of dollars refining the Tarsand Crude in their Texas Gulf refineries for EXPORT to China – the Koch Brothers – financiers of Americans for Prosperity, the check writer of the Tea Party and the provider of campaign donations and “volunteer” campaign manpower for the very State Senators who KILLED the bills in Committee.

    No, Hineyman is right, there is no will of the “non-partisan” Unicameral to call a special session because they are being persuaded not to. There is no will or desire of their leader, the Governor, to go against the wishes of the person pulling his and their strings, either. The power behind the throne calls the shots in this state, and has ever since the residents of this state did the dumbest thing ever and voted for term limits. Now the lobbyists and special interest groups with the largest bank accounts “advise” all these newbie legislators. Corporate Fascism is alive and well in this state, and it wears the faces of Heineman, Falheson, Bruning and Sheehy all marching in jackbooted goosesteps to the drum of Koch money while the ranchers and farmers of this state are blinded by Party Propaganda into voting against their own best interests.

    Perhaps when the first major rupture and contamination of the Ogallala Aquifer occurs a month or two after going into operation, those good folks will be awakened from their slumber too late and find themselves in the middle of a living nightmare whose only cure will to be to grab their guns, pitchforks and torches and seek vengeance on those who led them down this path and we will finally find ourselves with elected leaders who will serve the people that elected them, not those that financed them.

    As a life-long Republican, I am DISGUSTED by the purposeful INACTION of our lapdog Governor, the spineless, chinless jellyfish of leadership. A man who would rather protect his career than show the moral courage to protect the 2.2 million residents of this state. Grow a pair, Heineman, and do what is right by the PEOPLE of this state and call a special session, get meaningful legislation passed (which would require you for the first time in two terms to actually lead, not react or do as you’re told) that would protect this state’s most precious resource – its water – by keeping the XL completely out of the Ogallala Aquifer’s watershed, away from being upstream of Lincoln and Omaha’s wellfields along the Platte, and better yet the hell out of our state. Right now, once any contamination leaves TransCanada’s easement, it will be the adjacent landowner’s responsibility to clean up (and pay for) any spill contamination, reparation and reclamation because there are NO laws to hold TransCanada responsible for the messes they WILL create on other peoples’ property.

    Sorry Lt. Gov. She/he, despite TransCanada’s verbal assurances that they will be responsible that you relayed to me, without legislation to enforce it, TransCanada’s word means NOTHING!

    The question we must ask ourselves is: Do we want to wind up like the State of Michigan which has already spent OVER $500,000,000 since last July when the Enbridge Tarsands Crude pipeline ruptured and dumped between 860,000 and 2,000,000 gallons of Tarsands crude onto the ground and nearby streams which then made its way into the Kalamazoo River, Lake Michigan, nearby drinking wells, people’s basements two miles away, sickened hundreds of residents and clean up workers and STILL isn’t all cleaned up because they had no laws on the books to protect the State’s liability? Nebraska can NOT afford to spend over half of its annual budget for cleaning up TransCanada’s spill.

  • http://Boodogmom@aol.com Joan

    Watching From Lincoln…You are so right about the above statements. TransCanada, the check is in the mail without legislation. I was born and raised in Kalamazoo.