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Bruning Shakes Up Campaign

By   /   September 26, 2011  /   13 Comments

Nebraska Watchdog has confirmed that Jon Bruning’s recently troubled U.S. Senate campaign has a new pitch man.

Bruning has tabbed Washington D.C. based McCarthy-Hennings Media to replace Dresner Wickers and Associates out of San Francisco. According to a 1994 Time magazine report Larry McCarthy was one of the admen behind the infamous 1988 Willie Horton attack ad, which helped derail Democrat Michael Dukakis’ presidential campaign.

Over the last few months Bruning has arguably made a series of missteps. The Attorney General:

According to a recent poll Bruning is still the frontrunner in the GOP race but is a long way from the nomination. While Bruning’s 29 percent put him well ahead of Don Stenberg’s 12 percent and Deb Fischer’s eight percent, 46 percent of those polled were still undecided.

Bruning and his campaign have not been available for comment.

Reported by Joe Jordan, joe@nebraskawatchdog.org

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Joe Jordan

  • Solomon Kleinsmith

    DAVID KRAMER – I wish he ran again.

  • http://homepage.mac.com/gerardharbison/blog/RWP_blog.html Gerard Harbison

    Since Bruning did not use the phrase “scavenging raccoons”, it is poor practice, and misleading, to put the phrase between quotation marks.

    Surely a journalist should know this?

  • GOP Voter

    Who is David Kramer?

  • Kevin

    I’d agree that some of what he says is controversial. But people who choose a life of welfare are a bunch of scavengers waiting for the government to toss them their next bone. Bruning did no wrong with that statement.

  • Joe you’re a punk

    Joe your constant hatchet job against Bruning is old hat. Lucky for Bruning all 12 of your readers have already decided to vote for Jim Suttle.

  • Patrick

    Kevin, you’re using a very broad stroke when you talk about people who use food stamps and gov’t aid. I’ve seen elderly people too old to work use food stamps at the grocery store as well as know people that get heat assistance.

    If it’s ok for republicans to call poor people scanengers then I don’t want to hear another word about class warfare from your side. You are so PATHETIC.

  • http://www.whocare4us.org Icon

    Bruning realizes he’s in deep shite because he’s been conned by some real DC Con Artist, IE McCarthy & Hennings Agency. Watch out for these spin masters to portray the Racist, Social Parasite, Ego Maniac as Christ himself come again to save the day! Look very close & listen very intently to just what they have him say. Also watch his eyes to see if they have him use a video prompter like they did in the TVC they did for Mark Kirk in Illinois. Of course Bruning is so inept that they will do a lot of “B” roll shots so they wont have to have him on camera much or at all. Their approach is to accent the positive which in some of their other clients is not hard to do but where Bruning is concerned, it’s going to be Total Spin, IE lies. Because if Al Gore invented the Internet, they’ll have Bruning inventing Corn & Soybeans not to mention cracking down on some obscure Dem crook. Tag Line: Jon Bruning, Walking on Water to Keep Republican Nebraskans Rich & Poor Nebraskan Sent to Death Camps Where They Belong!!!!!!

  • Prairie Dog

    I had enough when I heard Bruning say that Sokol was a fine fellow, one of his best friends, and that he did nothing wrong without so much as a question about what had actually happened. And, of course, he would accept more campaign donations from Sokol, and anybody else. Or was it the guy who took all the money from OHA (rather than Sokol)? Or was it both? I just can’t remember every little misdemeanor. By the way, Joe, you’re doing a great job and I am sure I am more than your thirteenth reader. Thanks.

  • Kevin


    What part of the word “choose” did you not understand?

    The elderly do not choose to sit on their ass and not work when they are physically and mentally able to.

    It does not take much capacity to know what members of society I am talking about.

    You are pathetic if you cant see that.

  • Kevin

    that should have been the elderly do not choose to use aid.

  • Bam

    It looks like all the stupid actions/comments from the Bruning campaign were initiated by Bruning himself. If I were getting the big bucks as a consultant to him, I’d say “Stay at home, shut yer yap and keep running commercials saying how much you care about the children.”

  • http://progressiveoasis.wordpress.com Progressive Oasis

    Gerard, “scavenging raccoons” is a paraphrase, completely accurate and totally legal. I know grammar is hard for some in Nebraska.

  • http://cox charlie ferguson

    The fact that Bruning hired consultants from San Franfreeko in the first place should tell you loads about his mindset.