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The money comes rolling in for candidates as Election Day nears

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Here’s a tip of the hat to Barry Massey of the Associated Press, who went to the Federal Election Commission (FEC) website and pored through the data to follow the money surge in the past two weeks of the three US Congressional races in New Mexico.

Here are some of the findings:

In District 3, Mullins is getting some traction

About six weeks ago, few people thought the Ben Ray LujánTom Mullins race would be competitive. But then a Democrat-leaning polling organization reported that Luján led by just six points on Republican challenger Mullins. We wondered in a recent post if Mullins could translate that into a surge in last-minute contributions. Well, that seems to be the case as Massey reports that between Oct. 1-13, Mullins has outraised Luján $53,713 to $22,483. Luján still has a large overall cash advantage ($197,584 to $69,990) but it’s obvious that the District 3 race is exactly that — a race, not a romp.

In District 1, Heinrich still has the cash advantage

Here are the particulars on money between Oct. 1-13 in the Martin HeinrichJon Barela race:

Amount raised during that period:

Heinrich $112,473

Barela $73,008

Cash on hand:

Heinrich $604,194

Barela $429,619

Note: Heinrich does pretty well with celebrities. As reported earlier, he’s received $1,000 from Barbra Sreisand and in the Oct. 1-13 period, Massey reports he received $2,400 from Ted Turner.

In District 2, Teague and Pearce keep the coffers filled

Incumbent Harry Teague and Republican Steve Pearce have hammered each other in their campaign ads and the they’re neck and neck in the money department. Here are the numbers for these two guys in October:

Money raised Oct. 1-13:

Teague $81,896

Pearce $79,993

Cash on hand:

Teague $360,071

Pearce $366,720

In addition to all the money the candidates are raising/spending, outside groups are getting in on the act as well. Massey quotes a watchdog group that says about $4 million have been spent by outside groups in the First and Second District races.

By the way, the Oct. 1-13 numbers are the last set of complete numbers the FEC will release before Election Day.

You can read Barry’s entire article here.


Rob formerly served as staff reporter for Watchdog.org.