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More Attack Ads Target Kerrey

By   /   January 19, 2012  /   10 Comments

There’s a good chance you’ve heard or seen them…attack ads targeting Bob Kerrey and his possible bid for the U.S. Senate.

Nebraska Watchdog’s Joe Jordan analyzes the blitz for KMTV, Omaha.



Joe formerly served as staff reporter for Watchdog.org.

  • Steve Delanty

    yeah, It shows that the gop is scared totally crapless!

  • Retrospect

    Most GOPERS are Pathetic Social Parasites!! It’s a pity that NE really doesn’t have anyone else to run against these Slugs!

  • scared?

    Don’t think anyone’s scared…. maybe Kerry. If he’s so confident, why not run? I think he’s waiting until the final moment on purpose. There will be a D running. They will not let this election go. @Retroscpect- you say it’s a pity NE doesn’t have anyone else to run against these “Slugs”. You do… why don’t they step forward? What are THEY afraid of? Maybe they’re the “Pathetic Social Parasites.” Why don’t you take a stab at the run? Just get in touch with Vic Covalt, NDP Chair and tell him you want to run. That’ll get more names in for sure! One name in starts the ball rolling….

  • nebraskavoter

    If Bob Kerrey cares so much about Nebraska, why wasn’t he in the state for the last 11 years, why didn’t he become engaged on any Nebraska issues during that time?

    The fact is, Bob Kerrey even today still lives in New York.

    Regardless of if you support his politics or not, in order for democracy to be real, we should have candidates that at least live in the state they want to represent.

  • Really?

    Sounds to me like the truth about Kerry hurts. Get over it. Kerry will not be elected in nebraska to the US Senate.

  • Dave Fall

    To answer the question if Kerrey will be scared off from running, is Karl Rove so stupid he thinks his fat, slimy, deceptive trickery scares a Medal of Honor recipient? One thing about Nebraska Republicans is even they know If he runs Bob will win.

  • Let’s all get behind BK and elect another Neocom to the US Senate.

  • Watching From Lincoln

    What amuses me is the totally amateur hack job that that piece junk ad is, especially considering the money of the group behind it. A person with a Southern Accent blasting Kerry, a Native Son of Nebraska? Really?

    @ Nebraskavoter. So, if you lived in Nebraska since you were born (except for the period you were serving your country in combat and being awarded a Medal of Honor while being injured saving the lives of you team), served terms as Governor and US Senator ably, then were offered and accepted the offer of a prestigious institution in another state to work there after serving your state, would that make YOU any less of a Nebraskan?

    For that matter, does living in San Diego and being a member of Southern Californians for Nebraska alumni group, or living in Dallas and being a member of North Texans for Nebraska alumni group, make YOU any less of a Husker fan??

    Let’s not forget that other current US Senator “from” Nebraska – born and raised in Iowa, didn’t live in Nebraska until his mid twenties, used to be a Democrat until about 25 years ago, boot-licking, rubber-stamp, chinless, spineless wonder, Mikey Johanns.

    Let’s not forget that other current Carpetbagger who didn’t live in Nebraska until three years before he ran for Congress, Jeff Fortenberry. What kind of “Nebraska” ideals and ethics does he really have? All the ones Dick Armey instilled and trained him for??

    I’m a registered Republican of 32 years. I voted for Bob Kerry for Governor while I was at UNL, drank a few beers with him when he was Governor, and voted for him both times for US Senator and will vote for him a third time if the opportunity arises, as he is the better candidate compared to ANYONE the NEGOP has fielded for the office since Chuck Hagel!!!!!!

  • Watching: When logic fails do what all progressives do, CALL PEOPLE NAMES.

  • What!?

    Hey, at least he got us a bridge! That’s worth a vote isn’t it?

    Council Bluffs is so proud of it that they’re planting a “Great Lawn” on their side. Carpetbagger Bob and the Occupy folks should camp out there.