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Exclusive: Kerrey Supports Gay Marriage

By   /   May 10, 2012  /   News  /   11 Comments

Democratic Senate hopeful Bob Kerrey tells Nebraska Watchdog he supports same-sex marriage; he also wants voters to know that when it comes to gay marriage he and Dick Cheney agree.

One day after President Barack Obama made history announcing his support for gay marriage, Nebraska Watchdog asked Kerrey for his view on the highly controversial issue.

In a statement released exclusively to Nebraska Watchdog, Kerrey echoed the President’s position including Mr. Obama’s view that each state should decide for itself.

“I support marriage equality and believe strongly that all of us have a right to be treated equally under the law,” said Kerrey. “I also believe that states should retain the authority to write family and marriage laws.”

In 2000 Nebraska voters overwhelmingly passed a constitutional amendment, the Defense of Marriage Act, banning same sex marriage.

Kerrey says he voted against DOMA because it put federal restrictions on the states.

“I know that many good people disagree with me on this issue,” said Kerrey. “However, as occurred with former Vice-President Dick Cheney, all of us are acquiring increased awareness of the struggle of gay and lesbian Americans.”

Reported by Joe Jordan, joe@nebraskawatchdog.org

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Joe formerly served as staff reporter for Watchdog.org.

  • Omaha

    He would confirm judges that would make states recognize gay marriage. Read what he did at New School to see how liberal he is.

  • Dave Fall

    Alas, it appears to be the moment to push for equality. Hope for our LGBT friends.

  • Dave Fall

    Really Omaha be afraid be very afraid. Good heavens! What century is this again?

  • Patrick

    Denying gay marriage never was about defending marriage, but a tradition. I understand that. We need traditions and rules to guide us.

    I’m Pro-Gay Marriage because I have gay friends, I know couples that have been together of over 30 years & the Defense of Marriage Act is the only piece of legislation that takes rights away from people.

    If DOMA really wanted to protect marriage then it should’ve just banned divorce.

  • Christian Conservative

    I don’t disagree Patrick. But then the piece that sent us down the casual marriage path we have now was allowing ‘no-fault’ divorce in the first place, and making it much easier on the parties to divorce. (Never mind the effect such laws have on the children of the families, who everyone claims to protect, but who were probably the ultimate victims of the ‘free love’ era) Kerrey just made his road to victory extremely tough if not impossible in Nebraska with this news. The vast majority of Nebraskans support protecting the sanctity of marriage and its definition. Interesting that Kerrey chose to go in this direction. He solidified his liberal base, but at what cost? Will be interesting to see in the coming months.

  • Jazzee

    kerrey is a clone of obama always has been will be …..civil unions can be stronger and binding but leave marriage for the rest of us we can all be happy but nope once again someone else’s ‘rights’ are more important I don’t care what any gay or straight person does it is not my business

  • Jerinne


    Civil unions can be stronger and binding? Nonsense.

    What civil union, for example (and there are hundreds, maybe thousands more), allows a couple to own its property as tenents-in-entirety?

    Got an answer for that?

  • Jazzee

    laws can be changed so it allows all the same as marriage can’t they?

  • http://nebraskawatchdog resistwemuch

    BREAKING NEWS!! BREAKING NEWS!! A liberal supports gay marriage.

  • http://cheapmatresseshq.org Frances

    As much as anyone might want the happy sentiment of marriage: marriage between two of the same doesn’t make any sense. The whole point of a marriage is uniting complementary difference or opposites. Imagine a top chef saying “for my new recipe I will marry carrot to, guess what, carrot.”??!? Well, the fellow might get a job with the BBC or the Tory party, but the Labour party came to a much more reasonable accommodation: civil union. A truffle is a marriage between a soft ganache and hard shell with a sweet inner and bitter cocoa dusting.

    Gay civil union, yes! Gay marriage: impossible.

  • Weeble

    @jazee and @frances: you are both right! Separate out the “legal” portion of marriage and make everyone, straight or gay, go to the courthouse and make your “civil union” legal. Then you can pick the church, synagog, Temple, etc, of your choice to get “married”. Separate but equal never works, so if we ALL get “civil unions”, then everyone is happy. The big problem is folks are always combining the legal component of marriage with the religious when they should remain apart.

    And while Kerry and Obama have made great strides in their “acceptance” of this issue, the biggest problem is that it really IS a federal issue. This should not be left up to the states any more than women voting, mixed-race marriage, and minority rights should be left to the states. Where would we be today if states had voted on whether or not to locally approve those issues?

    Just saying, is all.