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Video Special: Suttle Makes Pitch for Four More Years

By   /   June 12, 2012  /   10 Comments

OMAHA—Mayor Jim Suttle surprised no one Tuesday night when he announced he’s running again in 2013.

But one of his re-election promises did sound too good to be true.

As he pledged among other things (see video below) to keep Omaha’s unemployment low, Suttle upped the jobless ante.

“We still have a sector of our city with over 20 percent unemployment and we are going to solve that and drive that statistic down toward where it should be at three-point-nine like the rest of the state,” said Suttle.

Suttle says his legacy will be the city’s strong financial future but he also used the historic Flood of 2011 as one key reason voters should give him four more years.

“We saved our city,” Suttle told a packed room at the Old Mattress Factory.

The fundraiser-birthday bash (Suttle turned 68 Wednesday) followed what may have been some campaign cash lowballing by Team Suttle.

After telling Nebraska Watchdog that the get-together would raise about $100,000, the campaign now says it picked up at least $200,000.

Several other candidates are expected to challenge Suttle but so far only State Sen. Brad Ashford is running.

Told that Democrat Suttle picked up a couple hundred thousand dollars Ashford, who was a Republican until he became an independent late last year, said he’s “very confident” he can raise the money to get his message out.

“I realize it’s a big challenge…the citizens of Omaha will respond to real reform,” said Ashford.

Reported by Joe Jordan, [email protected]

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Joe formerly served as staff reporter for Watchdog.org.

  • James

    The video comes up as “private”.

  • James

    In the meantime, watch this one from his last campaign.

    How many of these have talking points have still not happened?


  • David L.

    Interesting to note, that once again there is a Fire Dept/Union connection as the co-owners of this business just happen to be members of the Omaha Fire Dept. I guess ole Jim just want to be a little “suttle” and not kick off his election campaign at the Fire Union hall. He will wait until it gets closer to the election before he starts bringing the hose handlers up front for their PAC money and to pound signs. And the beat goes on……….

  • Jazzee

    Suttle is a joke so full of himself


    Remember Suttle`s ad where he is carrying signs under his arm and promises to reduce city taxes?


  • SoWhat???

    Mayor Moron is going to pander for support from the blacks in North O, the hispanics in South O, the GLBT/TFU freaks, UNMC, UNO and the fire union. Gangs are out of control, he’s wasting money on grand design and transportation plans and he loves taxes. You couldn’t find a better man to keep on the job…other than the other already announced disaster, Brad Ashford.

  • How did I know the mayor would bring up the flood as an administrative accomplishment. First he parted the waters and then walked on them. We get it. Yawn.

  • Bob Smith

    David Linnel cant help but to bite the hand that feeds him. We all hope you are enjoying your union negotiated pension. So everybody knows David Linnell was a spiker.

  • David L.

    In reply; NOT~!

  • RealDLinnell

    I had to scroll all the way back through all of these threads. Maybe it is too late and nobody will care. Whomever is trying to be me you are a coward. Why would you want to pretend to be me. Bob Smith this is Dave and you are the the one that is wrong. For you to assume that someone pretending to be me is me is cowardly.

    And to call me a spiker is pretty pathetic, and to put my full name on a public message board. You apparently don’t know my views on spiking.

    Maybe next time we cross paths and I say high to you and you ignore me and walk away you can ask me my opinions.