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Exclusive: Security heightened at Nebraska GOP convention in anticipation of Ron Paul insurgency

By   /   July 6, 2012  /   News  /   177 Comments

Security at the state Republican convention has been tightened this summer in case turmoil breaks out as it did in other states where Ron Paul and Mitt Romney supporters clashed over control.

Even though the state Republican chairman Mark Fahleson decided this week to stay in his position to prevent a Paul supporter from winning his seat, there’s still potential for fireworks at the state convention on July 14 in Grand Island.

The executive director of the state Republican Party, Jordan McGrain, told Nebraska Watchdog in addition to its usual sergeant at arms committee, the party hired additional security for the first time in convention history, to his knowledge. Party officials are preparing for potential for trouble caused by Paul supporters. The libertarian Texas Congressman quit campaigning for president in May, but his supporters have circumvented primaries and caucuses by winning delegates at conventions in Iowa, Maine, Minnesota and Louisiana with an eye toward sending as many as possible to the national convention in Tampa.

In Louisiana, Paul garnered about half the state’s delegates and chaos broke out, with several delegates arrested and the convention chairman reportedly getting thrown to the ground by police.

McGrain said Nebraska Republicans are preparing for the potential for “some pretty rowdy guests” at the convention – noting that other states experienced “all-out anarchy” at their conventions because they weren’t ready for a ruckus.

“We’re just not going to tolerate any disruptions,” McGrain said. “This is not going to be a free-for-all.”

In Nebraska, about half the delegates went to Paul supporters in Dodge and Sarpy counties, with Paul supporters claiming rules were violated in Dodge County and retreating to a rump convention in Fremont. Then the Paul-Tea Party movement appeared poised to get their candidate elected chairman of the party – over the wishes of Gov. Dave Heineman – until chairman Fahleson pre-empted that fight this week by announcing plans to stay in his position until his term ends next year.

And so ends the battle for the chairmanship, but the battle for delegates continues. It would be an embarrassment for Heineman – the first governor to endorse Romney – to have his state’s delegates vote for Paul at the national convention. Heineman has been mentioned as a contender for a Romney cabinet post. 

McGrain said Romney and Paul supporters have been “burning up the phone lines” – making calls to delegates to ascertain who they’re committed to before the state convention. He accused Paul supporters of claiming to be from the state GOP or refusing to say who they are. A leader of the Paul movement said those calls are being made by the Paul campaign.

“They’re not interested in a straight-up fight,” McGrain said. “They need to float underneath the radar. It’s just kind of their M.O. (modus operandi).”

Nebraskans voted for Romney in the primary, and it is delegates’ responsibility to deliver those votes, McGrain said. He expects Paul supporters will “steal away a few delegates” at the state convention, but “nowhere near a majority.”

“We’re all cautiously optimistic that we’ll be able to deliver our delegates for Mitt Rommey,” he said.

McGrain said Paul’s supporters are trying to “take by party rules what they couldn’t on election day.”

He has been warned by Republican officials in Nevada and Louisiana to be prepared for “Paulistas” to try to seize control of the convention through endless votes, amendments, re-votes and parliamentary delays aimed at wearing out establishment Republicans.

That’s why McGrain intends to make sure the agenda is “tight” and ballots counted in an orderly and efficient way, with rented ballot-counting machines. He said the battle for delegates has become a “political sideshow that’s not helpful.”

“Frankly some of the people that got involved are supportive of Ron Paul and really don’t have any interest in doing what’s right by the Republican voters of Nebraska or by the Republican Party, who overwhelmingly said on election day that Mitt Romney was their choice,” he said. “Now is clearly the time to coalesce behind our candidate.”

A leader of the Tea Party/Paul movement in Nebraska is Laura Ebke, a blogger and chairwoman of Republican Liberty Caucus, which promotes limited government and individual liberty. She has said her movement is about the heart and soul of the Republican Party, which she said will “sink into oblivion” if it doesn’t bring new people on board.

“It’s just a matter of trying to bring the party back our way a little bit,” she said today.

She said there’s dissatisfaction with the state party and her group would like to have more of a role in the GOP. She said many counties aren’t sending a delegate to the convention, which ought to worry state party officials.

Ebke was called in to a meeting with the governor recently, where Heineman “made it clear to us that he wasn’t very happy” about the group’s support for the candidate for chairman that he had not endorsed, John Orr. She said the governor said they shouldn’t challenge his authority to name a state chairman.

They were not dissuaded, however. Fahleson’s move this week solved that problem for Heineman – delaying that battle until next spring.

Ebke said she hopes the Nebraska state convention doesn’t get tumultuous, and as the “mom” of her group, she’s tried to keep people on an “even keel.” She said her group just wants to get as many Paul delegates as possible, to get his name put into nomination in Tampa in a symbolic victory.

“The last thing I want is to have a real rowdy convention,” she said. “By the same token, youthful enthusiasm could result in… ” she said, trailing off.

“I hope that the party plays fair,” she said. “We’re prepared to lose, as long as we lose fair.”

Reported by Deena Winter, [email protected]

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Deena formerly served as staff reporter for Watchdog.org.

  • Wow Jordan McGrain

    What arrogance!

  • Ed Helmstetter

    what BS

  • Biff

    LOL…the GOP can’t manage party politics without calling the cops.Yet they want to run the country.

  • Dee

    I resent the term “TeaParty/Paul”. I believe in many of the principles the Tea Party was founded upon. I do not, however, stand with the Ron Paul supporters. A vote for Ron Paul is a vote for the current administation. These people need to get over themselves and fight to win this election by standing behind the candidate the people of the Republican Party choose.

  • Sue

    If the NE primary were binding on delegates, this problem would not exist.

  • Santorium Republican now Romney

    “I hope the party plays fair,” she said, “We’re prepared to lose, as long we lose fair.”

    Strange remark by Ebke since “they” already lost fair and square in the primary.

    I didn’t know anarchist was a synonym for libertarian until I meet the Paulistias. Maybe it is just the way spoil sports from the entitlement me generation behave when they lose. I think it’s called SORE-LOSERS!

  • Watching From Lincoln

    Oh what fun to watch the NEGOP implode as the dogs start eating each other and just in time for the November elections!

    Gruppenfuhrer HeineyMan must be boiling mad right about now – this is the second time now that his “leadership” has been challenged by his goose-stepping shock-troops in the past three months, first the overrides of his vetoes by the Unicameral against his orders and now this dissension and defection among the ranks. One more straw and I bet we’ll see him dissolve the legislature and declare himself dictator of Nebraska, the position he thought he held in his mind!

    And let us not forget Oberfuhrer Fahleson, so nobly circumventing the convention’s attempted coup plot by eliminating the election for the new Chair – talk about the coup d’grace of voter disenfranchisement – perhaps it’s clear to all now where Leutnant Phipps got his voter disenfranchisement orders from.

    Talk about the best laid plans of mice and men, or David and Charles Koch, going awry. Nobody wants to listen to or follow the Chinless Wonder’s orders any more, now just wait till this fall when the courts rule LB1161 unconstitutional and I bet in a fit of apoplexy and insanity, Gruppenfuhrer HeineyMan declares martial law and cedes Nebraska from the Union as a trump to that other nut-job, Gov. Perry.

    Perhaps, as Senator Bob Kerrey defeats Obergruppenfuhrer wannabe Fischer and President Obama gets re-elected this November in a nation-wide bout of sanity over Willard Romney, HeineyMan finally has that last split from reality and descends into the bunker under the Governor’s Mansion to do what he should have done all along.

    This is just so damn entertaining and shows how little control the NEGOP really has, compared to what they think the rank and file will do if told.

    I’m no longer Watching From Lincoln, I’m Laughing My Ass Off From Lincoln!

  • Watching From Lincoln

    Oh Sue, but where would that individual freedom that makes America so great be in that case? Sounds like you’re an advocate for totalitarianism and fascism to me. “Every one must think alike and as we say” is EXACTLY what has gotten the NEGOP into this laughable conundrum!

  • Democracy Is Sacred

    Nothing says “Happy 4th of July” like cancelling an election that you know you can’t win.

  • Danielle

    No rules were broken at the Douglas County Convention. What a pack of lies.

  • Biff

    Danielle — don’t kill the messenger. Watchdog only reported what the Paulistas claimed. All in all, this is a fairly balanced report, a rarity for Watchdog!

  • Deena Winter

    You are correct; that’s my mistake. It was Dodge County.

  • Patrick

    I love watching the Cons eat their own. No wonder the Cons are the party of Know nothing, they don’t even know what they are. I can’t wait to see what happens if the Paulies don’t march in lock-step with Republic.

  • Grant

    I’m a Paul supporter. I find it very hard to see any difference between Obama and Romney. I’m also from West Virginia, so I have no say, nor do I want to have any say in Nebraska politics. I have enough issues to deal with in my state. However, as a life long (R) I have an issue with the behavior of the establishment GOP, something I had not had until this party started nominating our most liberal leaders. First off, this article infers that Paul supporters cause the chaos and violence, I find this very upsetting, a simple youtube search would have provided the author with sufficient proof (over 1000 videos) of party officials demeaning Paul supporters, chairmen ignoring Paul supporters, and ROMNEY supporters hitting and in one case BREAKING THE HIP of a Paul supporter. I understand the desire to pull together to defea Obama, but I cannot fathom how anyone could blame the need for extra security on a movent based on the principle of NONVIOLENCE. I can only pray that the delegates that read this article are not swayed from intelligent discourse followed by reason and debate, by thuggery and groupthink, before they cast their vote. Our founding fathers created the greatest constitution and government even though they held many opposing views. I promise you the most you can expect from the Paul delegation is a well-disciplined group of nonviolent people there to promote the principle oc freedom in the Republican party. PS Deena, your chairmans term will end and our movement hasn’t stopped growing in 10 years. I can’t wait to read your pro-paul (liberty movement) articles in a few years, once the we are the establishment.

  • Gu Pos

    I think it’s amazing to watch young people wake up. The older republicans in NE the ones that only get their news from TV, they have their beliefs formed by the cold war hoax, they are scared, drugged with prescription poison, and beyond changing. We – the young Internet generation -can think critically. We were raised with the likely scenario that W was behind 911, and we certainly aren’t happy about getting obamacare. Hey old folks, you had your chance, you left us nothing, you’ve poisoned our food, you’ve put poison in our water, you’ve lined us up for crippling and mind warping vaccines and antibiotics, what do u know about what is good for us. Thank God for RP!

  • John

    Ron Paul supporters should just get over it. He dropped out of the race. No matter how big the whip is, using it to beat this dead horse is idiocy.

    Seriously, if you want to get the fool in the White House out, you need to start acting like adults and stop this Bolshevic like push to disrupt the convention.

  • gu po


  • gu po

    The more you repress the truth, the more you lose your soul.

  • KittenJuggler

    I wouldn’t be surprised if someone gets killed by these security forces with all this anticipation.

  • David Rairigh

    Seems to me that the NEGOP could easily insure that the proceedings are calm and orderly by FOLLOWING THE RULES. Let’s see if they do that, shall we?

  • RonPaulKicksAss

    You have got to be kidding me!

    “Party officials are preparing for potential for trouble caused by Paul supporters.”

    Ron Paul supporters are NOT the problem, it is the GOP and Romney supporters who are the problem! Romney supports the Project for the New American Century and the Foreign Policy Initiative, the think-tank which promotes: diplomatic, economic, and military engagement IN THE WORLD! Romney even named his foreign policy plan An American Century. He LOVES war, so do his neocon supporters.

    Here is what really happened in Lousiana, the Ron Paul supporters were not at fault…as usual. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rvS2DYoAF_4.

    The GOP and Romney people have been cheating the entire process: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=347BJLhZkE4.

    Keep up the great work supporters! Rack up the delegates!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kYc3LOu7Qoc.

  • Adam

    It’ a banner year for the liberals… Even if, and that is a big if, Obama loses they get the liberal Mitt.

  • Mandi

    Romney will lose because he is a two-faced liar that bullied his way through the GOP nomination. Anyone with eyes can see that. He can’t even draw a crowd, nobody wants him. A vote for Ron Paul is a waste just because it will be stolen by Romney. But Romney can’t turn my vote for Gary Johnson to his advantage. Get ready folks for King Obama. Thanks a lot Romney!

  • Adam


    This is a Republic, not a Democracy. We are allowed representation! Also he did not drop out of the race.

  • James

    I love watching all you “Anybody but Obama!” supporters crying about how much the Paul supporters dislike your empty suited, flip-flopping candidate that you nominated. Good luck winning without us in November

  • Chase

    I’m proud to say that I am a national delegate for Dr. Paul.

  • Chase

    Ron Paul is the godfather of the tea party.

  • Bob

    How about the GOP follow the Rules of Order for once during this primary season. If Romney followers have a majority and vote in delegates, then so be it. The Paul supporters should be given the same opportunity.

  • Danielle

    Thanks Deena for the correction! I was concerned about the “claims” concerning Douglas County because I was the parliamentarian, and I know I followed it to a “t,” to ensure nothing could be claimed.

  • Mike

    Wake up to the false left right paradigm. The goverment sells you out to the highest bidder. Both parties are guilty of this and voter fraud. The primaries are fixed with electronic voter machines that can be hacked which is proven. Hence when 4000 supporters show up and only 2000 votes go to said candidate explaines the math. Both parties are owned by bankers and corporations. Both want to and are currently tearing the constitution to shreds with the ndaa and cispa sopa and now the un small arms treaty. Please wake up and get the bastards out before we have to force them out. Your second amendment is not for hunting the forefathers knew that the beast of government grows too large and if need be the beast must be slain and brought back to its smaller rroots. Learn your history and read things written by the founders. They are scared of personal liberty.


    Trying to steal this election? If you don’t like it call Jordan McGrain at the NEGOP 402-475-2122

  • Jerry

    You’d think if the GOP was so interested in beating Obama in November they would embrace Ron Paul supporters since they obviously have the the organization and passion that the party needs… All I see though is attacks and whining about how Paul supporters are making it so hard to do business as usual.. If Nebraska voted for Romney why are his supporters having so much trouble winning conventions?? Why don’t they have overwhelming numbers at the conventions?? People here call Ron Paul supporters “sore-losers” HA.. I call old guard GOP big babies we are using the tools at hand to make the biggest impact we can on the party.., quit your crying and whining about it and do something like Paul supporters are.. Or an even better idea instead of attacking Paul supporters try and embrace them!! Cause attacking the fastest growing division of the party is like cutting off your nose to spite your face…

  • Waldo TheLibertarian

    Can’t believe that you think this is journalism.

    Got involved with Ron Paul in Iowa this year.

    Completely amazed at the dishonesty and corruption

    of establishment GOP. Have you actually seen

    any of the videos on YouTube?

    The honest and principled won anyway.

    Just in case you haven’t been listening:

    “Thou shalt not bear false witness”


    Because: “As you sow, so shall you reap”

  • RonPaulKicksAss

    I just wanted to add some additional information about Romney. Here is Romney’s foreign policy plan An American Century: http://www.mittromney.com/collection/foreign-policy.

    Here is a video about Romney and the Project for the New American Century: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qYEsfXqHeck.

    Video about PNAC: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aepfsJfWxV0.

    PNAC in action, The Bush Administration’s 935 LIES about Iraq war: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zs4MxB18NHE.

    The media can legally lie: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OBgrV1o3MaE.

    They lie about Ron Paul ALL of the time: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D_uvhsvPdEo.

    Oops, it’s an Honest Mistake: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cGAxidJaNEA.

    The GOP, RNC and the Romney people need to stop cheating! If Romney has already won enough delegates, why does he care if Ron Paul wins some delegates?

  • johnny

    This is much more than about an election or individual like Ron Paul — for all you that think this is the reason why why the Ron Paul supporters are doing what they are doing. They know he can’t win the short term nomination battle. That was just one objective that would move towards the goal of winning the war to change the minds of Americans. They have passion to make sure the ideas Paul championed only grow and gain exposure. They have decentralized objectives, and they are hitting them serendipitously. Dismissing the revolution and retracement of our small limited government foundation as a simple election is a miscalculation and is why they will continue to win.

    How can you disagree with everything you were taught about American history? Paul supporters are reviving it.

  • Tony

    Its a shame obama passed into law the ndaa tht had tge right to detain americans indefinetley nd even execute them without probable cause and romney said he wouldve passed it to its two heads on the same snake!!! Ron paul is the only one for the people they stole his votes damned thieves but we will get it right ron paul baby!!!!!!!!

  • Frank


    You realize who started the tea party movement when he wasnt invited to a debate in 2008 dont you…

    Also what dont you agree with? Small government, anti war, peace through trade? End the war on drugs that has done nothing but cause EXTREME Violence at our borders? Stop policing the world and getting kids killed over the price of gas (follows anti war)?

    thats all good…if you are against the Paul Freedom movement I have to bet you are anti-stay out of private citizens lives..generally the biggest differences in the 2 movements is that we understand that what you do in your bedroom is of no concern to us…

    If I’m wrong go a head and tell me where I’m wrong…

  • nevadasmith

    “Then We Will Fight In The Shade”

  • daddysteve

    Once again , the comments section is more informative than the original article. Seems to happen a lot with Paul related articles.

  • In the know Joe

    Just so the Republicans know I saw Dee Dee Kelly getting chummy with some Dems. One in particular was John Ewing.

  • BILL

    I laugh when I read stuff like this. They act as if the Ron Paul people are terrorists. Oh wait homeland security has already determined Ron Paul people are. Good luck to all the Ron Paul delegates take all the delegates.

  • ResearcherGuy

    “the comments section is more informative than the original article”

    That’s because Paul supporters did not become supporters by blindly following the media. They had to research his ideals and principles for themselves. Then they have had to endure mass media ridicule at all levels with no recourse in the public light. Even local Lincoln and Omaha radio programs have never mentioned him without some demeaning pre-qualifier such as “dark horse, longshot, radical, libertarian or even crack-pot” or worse. It’s no wonder the 10 O-Clock news crowd knows nothing about him and voted for “the only candidate still in the race”.

    Well, Paul has genuine principles that have not only predicted all the crises we’re in globally these days but has proven historical solutions based on sound facts. There’s no flip-flopping, white-washing or obfuscating the issues with him. When Romney can not rouse a crowd of more than 250 non-paid people and Paul repeatedly fills the stands wherever he goes, I don’t trust the establishment in the slightest.

    All this has been going on in state after state. Other states have gone one of three ways. Either Romney / Santorum / Gingrich has won and the precinct counts follow normal flat line trends (about 1/4th of the states) or Romney wins with massively manipulated count trends (statistically more impossible than Excel can calculate!) or it comes down to the delegates and convention tricks steal the voting rights from the majority. If you have followed every state, you can’t argue with this. …. not in the age of the instant Youtube video.

    So, as we go to the convention, we expect to get a fair shake in our final fight to break the establishment’s strangle-hold on campaign information, media reports and vote gathering. How is that anything but what the people want?

  • BILL

    I laugh when I read stuff like this. They act as if the Ron Paul people are terrorists. Oh wait homeland security has already determined Ron Paul people are. Good luck to all the Ron Paul delegates take all the delegates. The governor is so worried about getting a job that won’t exist if Romney is the GOP nomination.

  • Dom

    “a vote for ron paul would be a vote for the current administration”…So this is why we end up in the same situation or worse every four years…because uneducated people like yourself believe that voting for paul is a waste…voting for either of the “canadiates” (which btw the republican party has not technically nominated yet…that happens in August) is a waste of a vote because in either case they both are puppets and will continue us on the same path….how only us “paul bots” as you all like to call us see this is beyond ever knowing. You people vote each election for whichever “canadiate” is chosen for your “party”…that is the dumbest shit i have ever heard. The whole idea of political parties is assanine! Why dont you vote for the solution to the problems, instead of career politicians who are only in this for their own personal gain and the agenda’s of small interest groups. I refuse to vote based on some straw poll, corruption…i will always vote for Ron Paul….at least that way i can sit back and say i told you so, like we have been doing for years while the rest of you vote for the same person, just with a different face and name each time….it makes me sick.

  • Patriot1

    I’m a state delegate in Minnesota. We sent a majority of Ron Paul supporters to Tampa as national delegates. We had a pretty clean convention up here, not a lot of GOP dirty tricks like we’re seeing in other states. Romney was never a factor up here, it was all Ron Paul and Rick Santorum, with Paul taking the majority of delegates. Romney didn’t seem too interested in Minnesota, he never even set foot in this state during this campaign. Perhaps the GOP has decided to throw the Paul supporters a bone and “let them win” a couple of states. Not too many, though. They don’t want to let him get a five state plurality, because then Ron Paul could be nominated from the floor of the national convention. Oh no, they can’t let that happen, it might threaten King Romney’s coronation, so they have to resort to these unlawful thug tactics in order to deny Dr. Paul’s supporters their five state plurality. This may be what is REALLY going on in Nebraska. I’m just speculating, but with the thuggish behavior the GOP has displayed in Louisiana and other states, I wouldn’t put anything past them.

  • AK

    I just hope that people play by the original rules set for this caucus. Regardless who takes the delegates, I will lose a great deal of faith in the ethics of the party if we start to oust delegates who were fairly elected.

  • Bill Dixon

    A word to the wise when it comes to the Republican GOP. Be very careful when it comes to voter fraud and intimidation against the Ron Paul supporters. It can get you up to five years in jail. Yes this is a very serious matter and the lawyers for Ron Paul will push this to the max. It would be bad to get Romney the nomination by hook and crook and land your self in jail. I am sure Romney will come and visit you.

  • LibRep

    A vote for Ron Paul is a vote for Obama? I believe it was Romney who made the individual health care mandate a state law while Obama made it national. There’s no difference between the two – both want perpetual war, deficit spending and are supported by Wall Street. To me, to vote for one is to vote for the other.

    What happened to me wanting to take care of me and mine? What happened to individual liberty? Since when does is it “Republican” to campaign for smaller government while growing it once in office? to go to war with the rest of the planet in the name of freedom? Whatever happened to “Leadership by example?”

    You may not agree with everything Ron Paul says, but you can’t deny he hasn’t been consistent when it comes to the Constitution. You know, that paper our politicians swear to uphold while wiping their ass with it? The document George W. Bush said was a “Goddamn piece of paper?” Why did you take an oath to uphold and defend it then, George?


    In my opinion Jordan McGrain Will try anything to stop Ron Paul delegates

  • Bill Dixon

    Any one who does not understand Ron Paul is uninformed. There is just no other way to put it. Any one who backs Mitt Romney is uninformed. Goldman Sachs throws money at Romney and Obama. Why? Lets try this out and see if it works. Romney is for the big bankers just like Obama. JP Morgan is sitting on 70 trillion in unregulated derivatives and I believe Goldaman is on the hook for 48 trillion. If it were not for the Federal Reserve to hold them up with out tax dollars they would all go bankrupt over night. This is a ticking time bomb just looking for a place to go off.

    Now for you Romney folks, wrap your arms around this one. The big banks in the US, JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs, Wells Fargo, Bank of American, City Group and a few more are on the hook for $248 trillion dollars in unregulated derivatives. It is nothing more than one giant Casino. Ron Paul has repeatably tried to warn you about this but still you stick your heads in the sand.

    I am a GA delegate to the National Convention and I will vote Ron Paul first ballot using rule 38 and 37,(section b) of the RNC. Hopefully we can save you people from your selves.

  • Barry Soetoro 2012

    “the governor agrees with Mr. Obama that the law is not a tax”


    Mitt vs Mitt:The story of two men trapped in one body


    Debate: Mitt Romney vs Barack Obama?

    Is the GOP trying to lose?


  • Just be sure to take your I Phones and record all of their federal election fraud.

    then document it at electionfraudremedy.com

  • jean

    Yes, I agree with the above post – those who commit election fraud are liable to get into civil and federal lawsuits. Example- from Atty. Gilbert, Lawyers for Ron Paul-

    You are hereby put on notice that all acts of intimidation and coercion to force Delegates to sign any

    pledge to vote for a particular candidate is regarded as a criminal act in violation of U.S. Law.

    All evidence of these facts are being compiled and turned over to the Department of Justice with a

    request for a criminal prosecution.

    It is demanded that all ousted Massachusetts Delegates who refused to sign your criminal pledge be

    immediately reinstated forthwith.

    It is demanded that each of you cease and desist from threatening any Plaintiff that they remove

    themselves from the Federal Case as that is a criminal offense as occurred in Georgia. If you wish to

    avoid exposure to a possible criminal prosecution avoid acting like a criminal.

  • And a US Consumer Product Safety Commission (federally funded) study found that most fireworks injuries occur around the 4th of July.

  • Sad but true

    So sad to see all the evidence all over You Tube, of the actual events that have taken place, making it blatantly clear, that something that has rules and orders, to be far and balanced, is made a mockery of. We teach our children to treat people the way you would want to be treated, but yet look at what the so called adults relinquish themselves to all in the name of politics. It is very disheartening to say the least. Would there even be a problem if people were honest! Follow the rules! Maybe what is needed are referees that know the rules and follow them, not police or security guards!

  • vickie

    From the Peoples Republic of Maryland:

    To the NE GOP:

    You are foolish is you disregard the Paulites. The liberty movement is the only hope for the GOP. And Republicans deserve a real debate on issues at the GOP not just a tax-payer supported party for King Mittens.

  • Ron Paul is the only way, unless you like being broke and give all the extra cash you have to bankers. The same bankers funding Obama fun Mitt. This is not the right way. Ron Paul 2012, unless you are a communist.

  • 1st – Ron Paul did NOT “quit campaigning for president in May” nor at any other time!

    2nd – the whole tone of the article is to paint Ron Paul supporters as the unruly violent ones, whereas it’s the GOP officials in nearly every state who are so desperate to break the rules and the law, and even assault Ron Paul supporters (who to their credit did not respond in kind).

    3rd. Of course they will bring in their voting machines – easy to fiddle when nobody can see what’s going on – just like many of the primaries across the States.

    This article tells me the stage is set yet again to rob and cheat Ron Paul and his supporters – so desperate are the GOP to coronate Mitt Romney as their presidential candidate. They are desperate because, despite the media blackout, smear campaigns and widespread cheating, Ron Paul still has massive support. Some of these GOP people should be jailed for their criminal actions and conspirings to rob Ron Paul of the presidential nomination. You might have thought they would want a Republican candidate who the polls show can actually beat Obama. These petty GOP officials should be ashamed of themselves.

  • Jim Burkiewicz

    Ron Paul is the ONLY candidate that can beat Obama. Most people who have educated themselves enough to actually VOTE for Ron Paul, WILL NOT VOTE FOR ROMNEY under any circumstances. Through researching Romney’s history we know that what comes out of his mouth has little to do with what he will actually do once in power. Additionally, most of his current stated political views are identical to Obama’s (TARP, bailouts, war, the Fed, individual mandates, etc.). So it is pretty much guaranteed that most votes FOR Ron Paul in the Republican Primaries are votes AGAINST Romney in a presidential race (whether they be for the Libertarian candidate, a write-in, or Obama).

    However, if Ron Paul pulls it off and wins the Republican nomination, he will get all the Republican vote, most of the Independent vote, and a whole lot of people who voted for Obama last time because Obama promised to end the wars.

    So to sum up, if Romney is the nominee, you are looking at 4 more years of Obama. If Ron Paul is the nominee, you are looking at President Paul.

    Please educate yourself via the internet. You can’t count on the boob-tube for accurate information. Mainstream media is owned by huge corporations that are owned by still larger corporations that have a vested interest in maintaing the status quo and keeping their politicians bought and paid for.

  • Danielle

    Wow! Bill Dixon sounds like big brother!!

    “We know better than you! You will conform to the New Paul order. You know nothing; we will ‘re-educate’ you. Trust us to save you from yourselves and don’t question.”

    He is from GA though, so hopefully he doesn’t represent the NE Ron Paul supporters.

  • ResearcherGuy

    Danielle, He does.

    Fortunately, it’s not meant like you’re taking it. He, like most RP supporters, knows full well that when debating Romney or Obama supporters, its is futile to use facts and statistics because they are discounted without intelligent consideration. …just like your rebuttal.

    Perhaps you could enlighten us with factual information supporting why we should support Romney.

  • LiberTEA Patriot

    Dee is obviously misinformed and one of the fake tea partiers if she thinks the movement was not inspired by Dr. Paul to begin with. The movement began in 2007, not 2009 – and we supported Dr. Paul. The shanghai of the movement began in 2009, not the movement. The REAL Tea party people do not support anybody but Ron Paul for President. We do not lower our principles to vote for more of the same, which is exactly what Romney is – he’s status quo and a continuance down the destruction path for our country.

  • Good Leadership

    Never underestimate Jordan McGrains ability to take a simple fire and turn it into a five alarm blaze from stupid offical comments. Great responses. Let’s piss off all Ron Paul supporters by mocking and insulting them. Mark my words, because Jordan insulted these people this will be a national story. Maybe someone else should talk on the party’s behalf.

  • John Bowery, D.O.

    As an alternate delegate to the RNC from Iowa, chair of my county’s GOP central committee, and a long time supporter of Ron Paul, I have been following this year’s nomination process very closely. I have heard about, read about and witnessed many well-documented examples of GOP party officials unfairly discriminating AGAINST Republicans who support Ron Paul. Duly and honestly elected delegates have had there credentials unfairly questioned or revoked, conventions have run late and even been adjourned prematurely due to intentional delaying tactics, well-established rules of order have been blatantly ignored, counterfeit delegate slates have been circulated, and votes have been miscounted or ignored when the results did not please the GOP establishment. ALL of these things(and MUCH more) have been done TO the Ron Paul delegates and never BY the delegates. I could describe examples of disruption and rule-breaking by GOP officials and Mitt Romney supporters in Washington, Oregon, Alaska, Nevada,Louisiana, Maine, Massachusetts, and Georgia. In Iowa where almost HALF of the delegates to the state convention were Ron Paul supporters (and almost as many who opposed us) there was not even a hint of disruption. Rules of Order were followed meticulously even while we debated for HOURS over an amendment to the Rules Committee report (a contest that we eventually LOST). I challenge Chairman McGrain to come up with even ONE legitimate example of Ron Paul supporters or delegates “disrupting” a caucus, convention, or trying to gain an advantage by breaking or even bending the rules. In the meantime he should refrain from passing on slanderous and unfounded rumors aimed only at keeping his buddies in power. Because if he does win (by thumbing his nose at the youngest, most energetic, and most genuinely conservative movement to hit the Republican Party in decades) he won’t have any problem controlling the NEXT state convention; but he WILL be able to hold it in a telephone booth.

  • Matty

    Bill Dixon may not have to use RNC rule #38 and #37(b) if Mitt Romney and Reince Priebus are convicted of the charges that have been filed against them by the many states.

    Voter fraud, election fraud and civil rights abuse are illegal and can result in 5 years in federal prison for each charge.

  • Chris

    Danielle, unfortunately Bill Dixon does sound like the Nebraska Ron Paulers I’ve heard

  • Adam

    Umm, how is it “circumvent[ing] primaries and caucuses” if the delegates were elected fairly?? Please.

  • Lifelong Republican

    The other state conventions only used security to oust people that challenged the GOP when they refused to follow their very own rules.

    If you don’t like the rules change them..but until then follow them !

    As for Dodge County.. the chairman flat out refused to acknowledge the elected county delegates and instead opened the convention up to the guests and visitors even after the delegates voted 9-4 not to seat the guests as a delegates.

    Guests made nominations and voted as though they where delegates to the county convention.

    It did not help matters they served booze during the convention. I suspect some of the most vocal Romney supporters that kept interrupting the convention with their cat calls had a bit too much to drink. It was a recipe for disaster.. Who ever heard of serving booze during a political convention !!!!!

    Sen. Charlie Janssen did not help matters as he walked around encouraging guests at the convention to disrupt the convention.

    A side note..the Ron Paul people where not partaking in the refreshments……

  • Mat

    Hands off Ron Paul!

  • foontala

    Dear Big Brother Bill Dixon,

    The cure for your Nazi version of 1984, is 1776.


    The revolution.

  • foontala

    I’m sorry, that should have been addressed to the Big Brother Governor.

  • Henry Dennison

    Seems pretty clear to me what is happening here:

    GOP party operatives are hoping for positions/employment/contracts with the party or the Romney administration or some other branch of government.

    Unless they suppress the principled members of the GOP (e.g. Republican Liberty Caucus) and deliver a state full of Romney delegates at the convention, all of their dreams of imminent political advancement will be crushed.

    Faced with this reality, they have chosen to abandon principle, process and fair play, in favor of their own Machiavellian political aspirations.

    Sounds like everything Democrats do.

  • Nebraska GOP leaders don’t come away in this article looking too good.

    Republicans who support Ron Paul for president might ’embarrass’ the NE governor? The Party feels it should be able to ‘deliver’ delegates to Romney? Seriously? What is that?

    Whatever it is, it ain’t people conversant with government of, by and for The People. Maybe these guys would be more at home in some Communist, fascist or totalitarian state, instead.

    And the deplorable antics of GOP state leadership in state after state has brought the entire process into serious disrepute; the results questionable. And they should be questioned.

    Across the country Ron Paul rallies could count attendees in the thousands, far and away more than for any other candidate, and yet, depressed low numbers are produced when party leadership are left to count the votes.

  • AnonPatriot

    How dare you take away the people vote you corrupt politician. You’re supposed to work for US!

  • Bill

    Ron Paul people are very dedicated and he has some good ideas, fact is he is not electable, his statements and positions weird more out than support him and provide ammo for Obama, he would be a bigger fail than Dole. Patriot, we have enough here with Kerrey and Buffet, let alone the state of Franken and Ventura. Romney might not be the best, but neither was the Chief Justice evidently.

  • Chad Adams

    Voting for the lesser of two evils is voting for evil! Look this article was poorly written by some one who has very little Knowledge or insight on the Liberty Movement. That being said, I hope they wrote this with the best of intentions although that doesn’t excuse them from being greatly mistaken it does explain the establishment rhetoric. These people ( which I am one of) who are being flogged by the media as radicals or even terrorist by the Department of Homeland Security are far from it. We are peace loving, small government, freedom loving, liberty, Prosperity, constitutionalists. Now if that’s radical and hems on the edge of terrorists then so be it (Guilty as charged). Look I’m a veteran and have fought for OUR country and I have opinions just like everyone else. The only difference being I Respect the rights of other to hold high value of their own opinions and the establishment doesn’t. I for one hope to change the dangerous course we are on by supporting and VOTING for FREEDOM loving Americans who care more about the concept of Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness. I’m a Liberty Republican and a Delegate to the State Convention and will solemnly swear to vote my CONSCIENCE. What say you?

  • Joe Sixpack

    Does the leader of the Tea Party/Paul movement in Nebraska support the legalization of Marijuana?

    The story says Laura Ebke, a blogger and chairwoman of Republican Liberty Caucus, promotes limited government and individual liberty. Would this individual liberty include allowing farmers to grow hemp and adults to smoke pot for recreation?

    Doing so would likely reduce the drunk drivers on the road because more people would be sitting at home smoking pot and eating cookies.

  • How Do I Help Ron Paul?

    I’m a life-long registered Republican in Nebraska. I vote all the time.

    Can I help by attending the Republican Convention? If I can, who should I contact to learn more?

  • CS

    Mitt Romney and Obama has the same policies. There is no difference between the two. Ron Paul for the win!!! Anyone against Wall St. and the bankers is the friend of the people. Anyone who sides with Mitt and Obama want the same stagnant bloated government.

    Watch the news clips of Mitt Romney and Obama, they are reading off the same script.

  • We not standing for your bs. It’s Ron Paul or nobody….Ron Paul revolution

  • Libertysteve

    Notice how the author only apologizes for the county error? She doesnt acknowledge the fact that the entire article is filled with a bunch of lies! So sick of these so called reporters, writers, journalists telling lies about Ron Paul! They rely on the fact that most people in this country believe this kind of garbage! A computer and youtube us all you need to find out the truth. Thank god people are finally starting to wake up and see the corruption first hand thanks to the brave americans fighting for our freedom at these conventions. We are not going to continue to bury our heads in the sand. We are growing and we wont stand for it anymore. Why doesnt the author correct her untruths in this article? All she needs to do is watch the youtube videos to see the truth. Unless she is blind and deaf? It is so sad what people will do for money, how can all of these liars sleep at night?

  • CTLovesNathanHale

    If douchebag RHINOs like Danielle have their way there wont be a Republican party soon — wont that be a laugh watching these filthy scumbag neo-con artists scramble to find a place at the bottom of the Democrat party totem pole where they belong :^D

  • LadyHawk

    McGrain says, “Nebraskans voted for Romney in the primary, and it is the delegates’ responsibility to deliver those votes,” but THAT IS NOT TRUE. If it were the delegates’ responsibility to simply deliver votes, then we wouldn’t need delegates. The process would end with the popular vote, and UPS could deliver the votes. What makes our fine country a REPUBLIC, not a Democracy, has to do with the fact that we elect representatives (i.e., delegates) who are supposed to research the issues beyond the scope of the average voter and to prohibit the possibility of the wrong candidate getting in due only to false publicity.

    We are NOT a country that is to be ruled by popular, easily swayed vote. We were designed to be a Republic. As the Founding Father intended, delegates are elected to “vote their conscience” not to follow the instructions of the party leader.

  • James

    These Paul supporters are usurping the democratic process. The voters already cast their ballots in the primary and Romney won. Romney wasn’t my #1 choice, or even in my top 5, he’s got his issues which I, as a conservative, do not appreciate as someone who will represent Republicans or this country. But, he is the best chance to unseat King Obummer, and I would much rather have someone who at least runs on the campaign of getting America back to fiscal sanity and restoring private liberty, as opposed to Obama’s tolitarian regime. Romney might be a less ideal candidate than Ron Paul, but Romney is a much, much better choice than Obama as the President of this country. A vote for anybody but Romney, will be a vote for Obama. You Ron Paul supporters just remember that. When Obama wins re-election in November by a 3% margin, and 4% of Romney’s vote went to Ron Paul instead, you WILL regret your misguided enthusiasm. God save you.

  • Sonshinejohn

    Supporters of RON PAUL created the modern tea party! If you don’t know THAT ,then you don’t know that, because you were told otherwise and I feel sorry for your lack of knowledge. This freedom movement is such a powerful thing that all other political operatives and parties have either tried to co-op it or smear it with lies. I am a democrat. I am pleading to the almighty God of creation that Ron Paul will get the Republican nomination so that I will have an honest man who LOVES God,Country,and his country’s people with every ounce of his being,to vote for! Ron Paul stands for ALL that is good and right about our country. He is against all the constitutional violations that every other candidate says we must tolerate in trade for security. THAT IS A FAIRY TALE. THIS COUNTRY IS GONE, UNLESS WE GET CONSTITUTION ABIDING PEOPLE INTO ELECTED OFFICES! NOT A ONE OF THEM EVER INTENDS TO KEEP THEIR OATH TO THE CONSTITUTION! NONE OF THEM, EXCEPT FOR RON PAUL ! THIS IS WHY WE MUST HAVE RON PAUL AS PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES! I SAY THAT IT IS ESSENTIAL TO OUR NATIONAL SECURITY TO ELECT PAUL FOR PRESIDENT. THE ONE AND ONLY DEFENDER OF OUR CONSTITUTION WHO IS RUNNING FOR PRESIDENT IS RON PAUL ! WAKE UP! BEFORE IT IS TO LATE! Romneys handlers have cheated to get him in, this is a well known fact if you get your news from reliable sources(EYE WITNESSES!, NOT corporate controlled media) OBAMA is nothing more than a bankster pawn, as is Romney. BANKS AND CORPORATIONS HAVE TAKEN THIS COUNTRY OVER ! DO YOU NOT REALIZE THIS ? This is absolutely contrary to everything that our country is supposed to be. It is not supposed to be like this. It doesn,t have to be like this! The establishment WILL NOT STOP US! WE COME FROM EVERY WALK OF LIFE,FROM EVERY POLITICAL PARTY AND WE ARE FROM EVERY CORNER OF THIS GREAT COUNTRY! WE ARE CONSTITUTION UPHOLDING PATRIOTS WHO CARRY THE DREAM OF ALL AMERICANS WHO HAVE EVER LOVED THE RIGHTS THAT OUR CONSTITUTION RECOGNIZES AND WAS CREATED TO PROTECT! AMERICA’S CONSTITUTION MUST BE CHERISHED ELSE WE WILL ALL FALL TO UTTER NOTHINGNESS WITHOUT IT! THE CONSTITUTION IS OUR COUNTRY ! IT IS JUST THAT SIMPLE! DON’T OVER THINK IT ! DON’T LET FEAR DO YOUR THINKING! AND DON’T TRY TO THINK YOU ARE SO SMART THAT YOU KNOW BETTER THAN THE GREAT LEADERS WHO PURCHASED THE DEED TO THIS COUNTRY WITH THEIR VERY LIVES! Ron Paul is NOT “THE ANSWER” ! The movement towards constitutional supremacy and the recognition of every individual’s rights IS THE ANSWER! Ron Paul is just a very, very good start! IF NOT RON PAUL ,THEN ANOTHER WILL COME TO BE THE STANDARD BEARER! It WAS NEVER about a man , it WAS ALWAYS about the idea of FREEDOM! FREEDOM is NEVER expedient for the control that the elite corporations wish to wield over us ! Of course, not everybody will understand this or even care. It WAS ALWAYS THAT WAY! When this country was birthed ,it was created by a minority of people with the wherewithal to do the right thing. THAT IS WHY I KNOW THE DEFENDERS OF THE CONSTITUTION WILL TAKE THIS COUNTRY BACK FROM ALL WHO SEEK TO RAPE AND PILLAGE IT! WINNING IS THE ONLY OPTION!

  • paul

    Romney has a very small chance of defeating Obama(they both share the same views on health insurance) Ron Paul has, time and again, polled much better against Obama than Romney has.

  • steve

    @James -you say Paul supporters are usurping the democratic process. Here’s a hint – we are not a democracy, we are a republic. The primaries aren’t about picking a winner, they’re about giving the delegates a suggestion, nothing more. Delegates are supposed to make every effort to be more informed than the general populous and should vote their conscious. That’s how a republic works.

  • Ken Ross

    The author quotes the Nebraska GOP establishment as wanting extra security to keep order but later states that, “In Louisiana, Paul garnered about half the state’s delegates and chaos broke out, with several delegates arrested and the convention chairman reportedly getting thrown to the ground by police.” Of the 180 delegates to the Louisiana GOP convention, 118 were Ron Paul supporters. The acting chairman of the convention refused to yield to the Ron Paul supporter who was elected chairman by the majority, Henry Herford, and had the off duty police officers hired as security (still in uniform and armed) arrest Herford resulting in Herford suffering a dislocated hip. The chairman of the rules committee (another Paul supporter) had fingers broken.

    If extra security is hired for the convention in Nebraska, it is for the oppression of lawful participation by Paul supporters.

  • Jeff Baker

    So you don’t agree with Ron Paul…what part of the Constitution don’t you like?

  • Ben

    James, you sorely misunderstand both the political process and the Liberty Movement (what we Ron Paul supporters like to call our bloc of like-minded candidates.) For one, the primaries and caucuses are simply beauty-contests, so to speak, and the real representation comes from those who care enough to show up at the conventions. They are not democratic. Paul supporters also didn’t make them that way, so I would advise you to support local initiatives to change them, if that’s what you want, rather than deciding that the rules aren’t fair after the game has started. I could also claim that you would like to usurp the representative process. Secondly, Paul supporters think long-term. Every four years, both parties always claim that “THIS IS THE LAST CHANCE BEFORE THE NATION CRUMBLES!” The same thing happened in 2008 and 2004 and 2000 and…you get it. We believe that while, yes, Romney *may* be *marginally* better than Obama, it is won’t be enough, and we shudder to think what he is making permissible for the Republicans of tomorrow. In 2016, it will be just fine to have a man who is pro-universal health care, anti-gun rights, pro-Federal Reserve, and a list of other undesirable qualities…with an (R) by his name! You may disagree with the way we are doing it, but please do not mistake our methods of conservative-advocacy for malice. The truth is that we are the conservatives of the next generation. You are free to reject us, but don’t expect to continue to court our votes, if that is the case.

  • RP Patriot

    The GOP Establishment is more interested in projecting the illusion of non-existent Party unity than in the actual practice of Democracy. All to appeal to a fraction of voters who watch the Convention and don’t pay attention the rest of the year. Chomsky was right: US elections are not exercises in marketing, not in democracy.

    As for delegates respecting the results of the primary, if you want that, write the rules that way. As it is, they are not written that way. Some of the same people who complain about delegates voting their conscience for Ron Paul will reelect congressmen who fail to keep campaign promises term after term. Given low turnout, the primaries and caucuses don’t represent the public in the first place, i.e., the Romney mandate is a thin sham. Even most who vote for him don’t trust or like him. Not to mention the very real possibility of election fraud at many GOP primaries and caucuses this year. It’s not hard to cast and count ballots. You can cast them by dropping pebbles into an urn; you can count them without a high-school education. Why does the GOP need hackable Diebold machines with proprietary software and private firms to count the ballots in unsupervised locations, sometimes even out-of-state? Why not paper ballots, an ironclad chain-of-custody, and vote counting on camera in full public view? Oh, I forgot, sometimes when that happens, Ron Paul wins!

    When you speak of revolution, many implore you to “work within the system”. Some of those same people are condemning Ron Paul delegates who epitomize working within the system. They memorize all the rules, practice them to a T, meet all the deadlines, maintain perfect discipline—then STILL get cheated! When it looks like they’ll lose, the GOP Establishment CHANGES the rules, often secretly, illegally, at the last minute. Or they BREAK the rules without hanging them! When all else fails, they call in the goon squad!

    The Country desperately needs a brokered convention in Tampa. Let’s end the depressing rituals of anointed candidates, early decisions, and coronation conventions. Let say NO to evil, speak truth to power, let it come to a boil, LET the do-do hit the fan! I invite the consequences, I welcome them!

    All in for Ron Paul 2012!

  • dddienst

    The more they tighten their grip the more delegates will slip through their fingers.

  • Jordan

    Very pleased to hear that Nebraska GOP is staying true to their fascist roots.

    Stalin will be very proud that his disciples are sticking with their principles of fascism.

  • dddienst

    We are a republic not a democracy. In our country the republic is superior to the democratic voting system.

  • Greg

    “In Louisiana, Paul garnered about half the state’s delegates and chaos broke out, with several delegates arrested and the convention chairman reportedly getting thrown to the ground by police.”

    btw that was a Ron Paul supporter who was elected by the delegates who was thrown down by the police!

  • Phillip

    The GOP heirachy has nothing to fear in Ron Paul, either you believe in the US Constitution & the Bill of Rights or you keep carrying on in the treasonous manner you’ve become accustomed too.

    The party needs knew members & all you’re doing is strengthening their resolve & basically making it easier for Obama take his 2nd term. So get over yourselves, either step aside of be trampled under foot by the new guard that is biting at the bit.

  • The problem with the Republican Party Trying to “Prop Up” Mitt Romney, is that he has a LOWER RATING than McCain who “LOST” (and another liberal republican); Mitt Romney ONLY has some corporate fiscal republicans to support him, and some Swing Republicans that get their news from the TV networks (that the media black out on Ron Paul has affected the most) who will simply vote for the Republican Nominee; and by the look of those small crowds at Romney events (easy to Google) they are NOT that interested;

    The support from Independents, Constitutionalists, Swing Republicans (watching for ANYONE besides Romney), Swing Democrats, Libertarians and Liberty Activists – all NEEDED for a win….

    ….Have little or absolutely NO interest in Romney.

    So of the two candidates:

    Romney has NO CHANCE; He will get barely within sight of victory and then “LOOSE”;

    Just like McCain who started spouting Global Warming and Environmental rhetoric. Mitt Romney is even WORSE because along with these similarities, “MITT ROMNEY is a GUN CONTROL ADVOCATE”, proven by laws he passed in his own state.

    Ron Paul, However, has a huge interest base that clearly is attracting all party affiliations; Because of this wide interest and willingness to follow the Constitution, Ron Paul is in fact the ONLY Candidate that has a chance.

    To summarize, Ron Paul can pull in the entire field of voters because he is more universally liked and will follow the Constitution; Where Romney can only pull in the self serving Corporates, because in everything else he is “DISLIKED”.

    So the choices are simple:

    1.) cling to the anchor of a sinking ship, Vote for Romney and “LOOSE”.


    2.) Swing the vote to Paul and “WIN”;

    American Patriot Party

  • Libby

    wow, James, several things you don’t understand here:

    We live, at least in name still, if not in fact, a Republic, not a Democracy. The delegate process was designed by our founding fathers to ensure a path for an educated and motivated group to get their nominee even in the face of false propaganda distributed widely (ie: mainstream media). Ron Paul supporters have assiduously followed the rules–the GOP leadership has in many proven instances broken their own rules, as well as some bones to shove their Goldman Sachs candidate down our throats. If we lived in a Democracy, delegates would be unneccessary: the popular vote would be all that was needed. This is what Benjamin Franklin called 2 wolves and a sheep voting on what’s for dinner.

    Try to find some differences between Obama and Romney. There’s nothing different, they are both puppets of the bankers. Finally, doesn’t it make you just a little curious, how a Dr. who drew crowds by the thousands is outvoted by a man who had trouble dredging up a few hundred people for his speeches? Ever heard of how easily the voting count is frauded? Check a few things out and turn off Fox news for a night or two…

  • Johnny

    We won’t regret when Obama wins or loses. Because to us, Romney is just another Obama term anyways. Obamney. If you really wanted to beat Obama, you knew we weren’t going to vote for anyone but Paul, we will not compromise. We were already prepared for another 4 years of hell. That’s why we were trying hard to demonstrate the Romney is going to screw us just as bad as Obama.

    It’s a good year for liberals, because if Obama loses, they get liberal Romney.

  • AustinDave

    Fahleson, who will succeed Mark Quandahl of Omaha, said Republicans need to “roll out the welcome mat to new voters” and begin to build for the future.

    “We need to reach out to young voters,” he said. “And we’ve got to win the technology war” by communicating along new electronic avenues.

    Republicans will appeal to voters with a message of fiscal responsibility and economic opportunity, Fahleson said.

    Read more: http://journalstar.com/news/local/fahleson-elected-gop-chairman/article_89579adb-e13f-59c1-bb76-ed0e6769f202.html#ixzz1zuRdSZy4

    Lying POS. The GOP establishment could not care any less about saving the country from the coming collapse. They choose to support the most liberal candidate possible. Once again on important issues there is no difference between he and the Dem. They invite all these people to the party and then treat them like sht. GFYS, YMFCSDBMFs

  • Boyd

    Is this a duplicate comment?

  • I am sorry but, the GOP has “NOTHING” to fear if they play by the rules. What they “DO” have to fear is Obama will smoke Romney in the General Election. I am a republican and i would sooner vote for Obama then ever vote for Romney. I have 0 party loyalty because my principals will not allow it. Elephants or Donkeys, they both FAIL. Until we remove “ALL” the crap so called republicans from the GOP food chain. We will always get the same people running for office, Obama? Romney? same people, same views, and both want to destroy our once great nation.

  • Gordon Caie

    Paul supporters in EVERY state learned then followed the RNC rules and won state conventions because Romney supporters were lazy or NON existent.

    Paul sup porters have been disenfranchised by the RNC and its water carriers/admirers.

    Paul speaks of individual liberty and sound money.

    Paul speaks of less empire and more freedom.

    He is the Constitution in human form and I love to see the rinos here~ squirm when he is on the stage starring them in their hypocritical faces, telling them how far they have stryed from their core beliefs and are now in favor of corporate/social welfare, which if you are for Romeny, YOU DEFEND.

  • Romney is Obama is Romney is Obama

    Romney and Obama are puppets of the corrupt banks. Obama continued Bush’s police-state policies (and expanded them) and Romney would continue Obama’s trend, if elected. They have virtually the same platforms.

    Only Ron Paul is for the People. The others are for the elites who want to destroy the middle class and leave only a working (slave) class and a ruling class.

    American’s better educate themselves on what is happening right now because the sh#t is about to hit the fan: http://tdarkcabal.blogspot.ca/

    Only Ron Paul has the guts and know-how to turn things around.

  • Em

    How are primaries’ votes counted. How transparent is that system? Everyone in the GOP uses “Romney won the primary vote” and the delegates should represent that. Why did not Romney delegates attend to be elected, if Romney overwhelmingly won the primary vote? How accurate was that vote? IOWA showed how accurate the “straw vote” was there – they could not decide on who won it.

  • Mr Fahleson-Romney

    Do you really think Mitt will repeal the affordable healthcare act?

    HA Ha, What a lie. Mark (Fahleson) my words “Romney WILL NOT, let me repeat… WILL NOT repeal Obama care” You all know this deep down inside. It’s not in Mitt’s interest to repeal. Just like Obama was elected by his supporters to “UNDO THE WRONGS” set in place by the Bush administration, remember Guantanamo? What about Bush’s father’s war Obama was going to end immediately? Did that happen? N. O.

    Honest, smart people already know this.


  • JB

    If the romney zombies had nothing to worry about why are they so adamant about ensuring obamney gains a couple more delegates from NE?!?!??!?! Early polls show romney losing to obama and its no wonder why. Romney was the first to create gvt mandated healthcare, he supports gun control, he supports abortion, he supported the bailouts and wants to send more troops to fight undeclared wars. What kind of god loving person from our heartland would want to support a candidate that is for everything they are against??? Santorum was right, you cannot send a candidate to fight against Obama that supports the same policies as his opponent. (that was the only thing santorum was right about btw)

  • skippy d

    Get behind Romboma? No thanks. The GOP wants him because he will keep the status quo going. Big bank bailouts, NDAA, Obamacare, Feeding the FED our hard earned money. Debt debt and more debt. Oh I could go on and on. Those of you that don’t get that are either on his payroll, on welfare, work for the corrupt government, or are just plain unaware of what’s REALLY going on. WAKE UP sheep!

  • Paulornoneatall

    It’s funny how it is always considered “raucous” behavior when Ron Paul supporters are simply following GOP rules at these state conventions and working hard to elect their candidate. Any candidates supporters are free to do the same at any time but there are not enough supporters willing to do so in the other camps. The state GOP establishments don’t like rule followers, it is something alien to them. Hey Nebraska, do not let the governor, or the establishment GOP push you around or deny you your rights as Americans to vote under the rules and regulations of the GOP. When they call you raucous, does it make you want to vote for Romney instead?

  • jody

    James’ comments from July 6 nearly perfectly epitomize the successful brainwashing foisted on the well meaning by fox news and the republican establishment cheerleaders Hannity , Levin and Limbaugh. He swallows the “lesser of two evils” line so thoroughly and completely he feels motivated to tell others about it. But sadly and truly it is voters like James that ensure the demise of the Republic. It isn’t the hardcore Communists or other determined leftists that ensure this, it is James and the millions like him that imagined they were conservatives because they always vote R, never able to realize that the R votes they cast elected politicians that destroyed the Republic just as readily as the D’s, and did it in the name of conservatism to boot.

    Check the facts and history and you will come to understand that Obamacare came from Romney before anyone knew who Obama was. Understand Romney has zero plans to restore fiscal sanity, zero. Have you seen his plan James? Please tell us about it. Understand that Romney knows or cares nothing about “private liberty” as you say. Ever heard of the NDAA James? You might want to find out what that is. Romney supports it. Understand that Romney never had a chance anyway of unseating Obama because Romney is so widely despised for being such an obvious, cheap, empty politician. He garners no enthusiasm from anyone. Meanwhile it was Ron Paul that polled best against Obama and stood the best chance of beating him, according to the MSM’s own polls. But the people on TV told James that Ron Paul was unelectable in spite of those strange numbers and of course they are on TV and very charismatic and wise so James had to agree with them.

    James, you were clear minded enough to understand that Paul was a better candidate than Romney, so at least there are signs of life. Now I beseech you to question the lie that voting for evil is appropriate. Voting for a lesser evil is accepting the evil that is being offered to you. Do not accept Romney as a candidate. Reject him. If you are a conservative, you reject Romney. Period. Otherwise nothing changes. Bush is Obama is McCain is Clinton is Romney is Gore is an establishment politician that despises everything about a small, limited government, Constitutional Republic.

    No James a vote for Romney is a vote for Obama, because the two are functionally indistinguishable. A vote for iether of them is a vote for the continuation of the same. Unless the millions of Americans enslaved by the team R vs team D mindset come to their senses and opt out of the fixed game, it’s all over. It will be on you James, not me.

    I support the candidate that earns support, Ron Paul, not the establishment goon.

  • jody

    And as far as the Paul supporters “usurping the democratic process” – more empty rubbish. The Paul supporters followed the process to a T. That is why they were so successful in accomplishing what they did, because they played the game so well. They are the ones that followed the rules. It is the republican establishment that was unhappy with the outcomes of the democratic process, so they decided to throw the process and their own rules in the garbage. That’s the reality.

  • James

    Johnny: I respect that you want a better candidate, who doesn’t? This is not a new concept in American partisan political elections. But, you have to deal with reality. The Nov 2012 election will be Romney vs Obama, no matter how bad you think Romney is (and he’s not nearly as bad as you’ve made him out to be), he is at least somewhat better than Obama. Again, Romney wasn’t my first choice either, but there are about a million candidates that I would vote for who are worse than Romney, but still better than Obama. Romney is a moderate, which means that he has some liberal stances and some conservative stances; King Obummer is liberal to the core, worse than even many Dems could have imagined when they nominated him (talk to just about anyone who voted for Obama just because the candidate was black). At least Romney is running on the campaign of restoring some fiscal sanity and private sector liberty. If you Ron Paul supporters vote for anyone but Romney, you WILL throw this election and WE WILL have four more years of Obama, guaranteed. No matter how bad you think Romney is, Obama is much worse. Don’t screw this country over just to make a statement, make a real change and vote Obama out of office for good. Just hold your nose, like I will, and vote for Romney, or else we will be stuck with King Obummer, no doubt.

  • Robert

    Danielle, Did you see the news on the price fixing by banks in Europe? It is happening in the US as well. Ron Paul warned us, and the media didn’t cover it. You want to ignore it. You won’t be able to ignore it when the banks fail and the cost is passed on to you through the creation of money for bailouts, causing inflation of the dollar, and lower wages from Obamacare. They are trying to bring down one of the most productive systems in the history of man. They will lose in the end. Just check Iceland to see how we will deal with our bankers.

  • Judy

    I hope Nebraska does go to Paul, it would show the media they don’t get to decide for us who we get to vote for by NOT including someone in their articles.

    Paul is my preference, but maybe deep down he doesn’t want the job and would have the opportunity to “withdraw” if he was nominated from the floor. Then they really would have chaos in Florida!

    So don’t be afraid to get those Paul delegates Nebraska! The only time having options is a bad thing is when you can’t decide on which product to buy at the store.

  • Conal

    Geee more shenanigans from the establishment GOP/RNC, SURPRISE, not….This is completely expected, however that doesn’t make it any less disgusting. If you can’t win cheat, if you can’t win from cheating, just close down the whole democratic election process and to hell with anyone’s rights. Sounds about right on par for neocons. Neocons prove they are no better then their supposed counter part Democrats. Both could give a [email protected] about anyone else’s civil liberties. All they care about is keeping their influence in the big gov bully machine. I don’t know why the establishment neocons are that worried. They know they are just going to cheat with the voting machines just like they did in the primaries. Just like every other primary in every other state.

  • P.J.Tucker

    If it were not for the electronic vote flipping Dr. Paul would have by a landslide.

  • P.J.Tucker

    Would have won by a landslide.

  • Michelle

    Those who are out of control and violent are the GOP Establishment, not the Ron Paul supporters. For instance, the “convention chairman reportedly getting thrown to the ground by police.” was a Paul supporter who was inappropriately attacked by police at the direction of GOP establishment. Good luck, Nebraska – WE THE PEOPLE have all eyes on you and have your back!

  • Libertysteve

    James, heres the thing, its not a change, if you can tell me without a doubt what Romneys plan is to restore our once great country I would listen. The fact is he has no CLEAR concise plan to restore America. Everything he spews out of his mouth is first and foremost a lie! We dont need another lying criminal in office, we already have that. So we might as well keep what weve got. They both are goldman sachs candidates, they both support obamnycare, they both have been caught up in lies! Ron Paul is NONE of that, he has been cheated out of the nomination by the GOP through election fraud and mob like activities from the Romney campaign. Enough is enough! We are tired of the corporate media chosen candidates! How can Ron Paul attract THOUSANDS of supporters at his rallies, Romney atrracts hundreds if hes lucky yet Romney wins everything? Little fishey and now delegates which Ron Paul has legally won are being stripped away illiegally by the mob we call the GOP! Have you watched what has been happening at these conventions? I will not vote for Romney for that reason alone! Aint gonna happen! I blame people like you who havent supported the candidate who had the only chance to win.

  • I’m voting on the candidate that will get us out of debt and restore our freedoms. That candidate is clearly RON PAUL! Do research on Youtube of both Romney and Paul before you vote. Americans need to unite and not let the government take over our lives!

  • Mr Fahleson-Romney

    “If you Ron Paul supporters vote for anyone but Romney, you WILL throw this election and WE WILL have four more years of Obama, guaranteed. No matter how bad you think Romney is, Obama is much worse.” -James

    You’re going to have to do better than that to convince me. You see, when you stand with Ron Paul you don’t have to make up excuses for his record. When you stand with Dr. Paul, you stand for the greatness/principals this country was founded on, Not the ones that are destroying it (Romney care, pro-choice, excessive greed).

  • ShamanX

    The Republican party is desperate and falling back on authoritarianism and can no longer conceal its identity as an establishment tool. This is exactly why Mitt Romney is their candidate of choice. He is no different than Obama except in mere degrees. They are both globalist elites who’s policies involve the continued redistribution of wealth from the American Working Class and into the hands of foreign banking interests via the central banks.

    Rank and file Republicans are sound asleep to the fact that they along with all of America is being fleeced by their own elected officials and they sit by while individual freedoms and property rights are methodically taken away as long as those that do it are waving a flag.

    The Republican party is desperate to keep this emerging liberty wing squelched and suppressed because the founding principles of this nation are dangerous to the establishment. The Tea Party is nothing. The new Liberty movement is what the Tea Party should’ve been, but instead it was co-opted by the Neocons and made to look like a bunch of ignorant yahoos. Ron Paul / Liberty supporters are much better equipped ideologically and that’s why the Republican establishment needs to use heavy handed / brutal tactics to suppress them.

    Romney vs. Obama is no choice. Its two speeds on the same globalist gear mechanism. Ron Paul vs. Obama was the debate this country needed more than ever. That’s a clear choice.

  • hazell

    James: Do not blame Ron Paul supporters for Romney’s inevitable loss. Blame yourself for wimpily accepting the order to support a candidate that has repeatedly promised one thing, then changed his mind and done another. If the RNC wants to lose this election, they couldn’t have picked a more perfect candidate than Mitt Romney – except maybe John McCain.

    No doubt, you are one of those that united behind John McCain in 2008 – another man no conservative wanted. Remember how that strategy worked out? Yet you expect a different result this time around? (See popular definition of insanity.)

    YOU and your fellow cowards are the ones that are guilty of screwing this country over. If only the lack of integrity were painful!

  • Pete

    We have all seen what Republican security means. I look forward to the headlines.

  • Nebraska GOP leaders don’t come away in this article looking too good.

    Republicans who support Ron Paul for president might ‘embarrass’ the NE governor? The Party feels it should be able to ‘deliver’ delegates to Romney? Seriously? What is that?

    Whatever it is, it ain’t people conversant with government of, by and for The People. Maybe these guys would be more at home in some Communist, fascist or totalitarian state, instead.

    And the deplorable antics of GOP state leadership in state after state has brought the entire process into serious disrepute; the results questionable. And they should be questioned.

    Across the country Ron Paul rallies could count attendees in the thousands, far and away more than for any other candidate, and yet, depressed low numbers are produced when party leadership are left to count the votes.

  • Brooke

    I will NOT “hold my nose” and vote for Obamney. I refuse to take part in this corrupt process. I’m a 25 year old Ron Paul supporter in Illinois. For all of you that think us Paul supporters are going around the democratic process, you all need to take a history lesson. First off, we are a republic not a democracy. America was NOT founded on the rule of the majority where 51% can rule over 49%. We are a republic where the people who are passionate about this country and their candidate win the power. Not what the mindless masses choose. The parties themselves even say the primaries are just straw polls and they have admitted that is the reason why they don’t count the results accurately (see what happened in Maine). I have yet to meet a Romney supporter and somehow he has all kinds of support across the country. Wake up people! The Republican party was taken over by leftists a long time ago. If I can see this at my young age, why can’t others see it? Ron Paul is my only hope for the future and thankfully people are starting to realize that. I have come to terms that Ron Paul might not become President, but that’s ok. No matter if Obama or Romney gets into office they will continue to break promises and spend lots more money and kill more people. That will continue to wake this country (and the world) up. I just hope that’s in time before I have kids because if I’m scared for my future, I can only imagine what my children will have to deal with.

  • BDM

    James : People on these comments agree on a lot of issues, but the only real disagreement is what the concept of ‘real change’ is. Some think beating Obama is real change, where others think ‘screwing this country over’ is real change.

    Personally, I tend to believe there is something inherently wrong with being told who to vote for. Because if the red team is being told who to vote for, and the blue team is being told who to vote for, what is really happening is that everyone on both teams is being told to vote for Goldman Sachs. If you keep holding your nose, you will forget what that smells like. And this is what is really screwing this country over.

  • SteveMT

    This sounds like another undeclared, Unconstitutional war, but this time the war is being waged against Ron Paul, who is nothing less than a living Founding Father of this country. What hypocrisy! The GOP is the Good ‘ol Boy Party who desperately want the likes of a flip-flopping, big bank owned, governor, who brought Obamacare first to MA and now to the rest of the country. Romney says that he will repeal Obamacare as president, as Obama said he wanted to close Gitmo. With these kind of lies, what is the difference between Obama and Romney? They are the same, liking both big government and undeclared wars.

    “I hope that the party plays fair,” says Laura Ebke. Do not hope about this, Laura. Be ready for the tyranny that is about to happen in Nebraska. Ron Paul supporters are very polite, but they will stand firm. They will be heard and not silenced by the Nebraska GOP. This “process” will soon be exposed for what it is.

  • hazell

    Jordan McGrain’s statements sound like threats and an attempt to intimidate those peasants that don’t believe elections require you to agree to the demands of higher-ups. Don’t we have laws against voter intimidation?

    McGrain accuses Paul supporters of having a “potential for trouble”, being “rowdy guests”, likely to cause a “ruckus”, “all-out anarchy”, “disruptions”, and a “free-for-all”. He also implies that they are cheaters(!) not “interested in a straight-up fight” and complains that they are “floating beneath the radar”. He offers no facts to support these accusations other than more unsupported accusations from the sore-losers in Nevada and Louisiana.

    Goodness! With that kind of contempt coming from fellow Republicans professing to support the same ideas as you – why would Paul supporters feel inclined to “float beneath the radar”? (sarcasm)

    He further complains that they want to “take by party rules what they couldn’t on election day.”

    You mean they want to FOLLOW PARTY RULES TO A T and win delegate seats to a partially TAX-PAYER FUNDED CONVENTION? Delegate seats which were not decided by, or even part of the primary election?

    Yet the party has-beens can’t understand why they aren’t popular enough to win votes without threats, hired bullies, ignoring their own existing rules and creating spur-of-the-moment rules to ensure that they get their way!

  • Boyd

    “In Louisiana, Paul garnered about half the state’s delegates and chaos broke out, with several delegates arrested and the convention chairman reportedly getting thrown to the ground by police.”

    A little clarification:

    “About half” means 111 of 180 — a clear majority.

    “convention chairman reportedly getting thrown to the ground by police.”

    Yes, the chairman who was elected by that majority, plus a couple other delegates joining that majority, who the “security” (state and local police hired and controlled by the party establishment) arrested when the establishment didn’t like the way the vote went and ordered the removal of the chairman. The chairman was an older man, and in the process “security” dislocated the artifical hip of this “trouble maker”. It sounds the NEGOP is making plans to deal with similar “trouble makers”.

    P.S. your site is incorrectly blocking some posts as duplicates which have never been accepted.

  • Anon

    Romney took delegates in other states from Paul and others with the same shenanigans, in states where he did not win the popular vote. All is fair under these rules.

  • Liberty

    The Republican Party’s own words…..

    They are afraid of a “Free for All”… must up security….

    What is so wrong about Freedom for all of us ????

    Alienating the Ron Paul base, the Republicans will lose for sure…..

    Romney has no chance on his own… Not a hope in Obama’s hell…

  • Ravensford

    It is ironic that the article refers to the Louisiana state GOP convention in Shreveport where “chaos broke out, with several delegates arrested and the convention chairman reportedly getting thrown to the ground by police” as an example of why extra security is needed at the Nebraska state convention. The police were the security in Shreveport, off duty Shreveport police in uniform and armed who were directed to remove Henry Hereford, a Paul supporter elected chairman of the convention by a majority of those present (this whole thing is documented on YouTube). The chairman of the rules committee, another Paul supporter, was forcefully removed before that. Both Hereford and Paul suffered injuries. Apparently Jordan McGrain plans to use the same kind of tactics.

  • Ravensford

    Sorry, my earlier post has two typographical errors. I said both Hereford and Paul suffered injuries. This is a misspelling of Herford and I meant to say Helwig (Alex Helwig was the chairman of the rules committee) not Paul. Ron Paul was not present.

  • Matt

    It doesn’t matter if it is Obama of Romney. They are both big bank establishment politicians who have no integrity. Romney campaigning on fiscal sanity is a joke. Romney supported TARP and the bailouts. That is fiscal insanity – the kind of insanity that got us where we are now. Oh and he doesn’t really differ on Obama on healthcare at all: Check it out:


  • Matt

    Here is what happened when the GOP establishment hired “security” in Louisiana.


    These goons will stop at nothing to silence the liberty movement – because liberty takes power from the establishment and gives it back to the people. These brown-shirt tactics are disgusting and this is what will happen next weekend in Nebraska. I can not understand how you NEGOP people can endorse this type of behavior. It is also sad that you attempt to blame the ruckus on the Paul people when all of this video evidence is out there.

  • Dave

    Dr. Paul is the only the face to the revolution- We’re coming for you Nebraska GOP! To us, Logic and liberty must prevail over tyranny of the state!


  • Keith Liberty

    @ James:

    You are a Progressive Democrat & not a Republican. Why? You keep alluding

    to Democracy when we have a Democratic Vote, but only Delgates of the Republic elect Presidents. Comprende? We are NOT a democracy we are a Republic. Democratic voting is strictly used to try and sway/convince party delegates (duly elected at Party Conventions) to vote for candidates. Delegates are NOT bound to democratic popular vote tallies. Why? We are a REPUBLIC. You keep sounding like the FOX, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, etc LIBERAL PROGRESSIVE pundits that have you brainwashed thinking the USA is a Democracy (those Socialist Democrats have embedded this in many naive American’s minds).

    Do you really think USA elections should be at the mercy of a Social Democratic Vote versus a Republic (Republican) vote?

    If so, you are contributing to the ruination of America as it was designed by our founding fathers; hence, why I state that you & those that think like you are NOT TRUE REPUBLICANS….

  • Keith Liberty

    Prime Example: Social Democrats posing as GOP want to replace Obummercare as opposed to allowing free markets to work to help eliminate the need for medical insurance like during the time when Ron Paul was an obstetrician in the 1950s/60s…..when no Govt involvement resulted in an inexpensive environment with virtually no insurance.

    The GOP is crawling with Social Democrat Liberal RINOs like OBAMNEY and many of us true classical Republicans refuse to “fall in line” and sacrifice our principles for these false GOP representatives.

  • Justin Rogers

    Hmmmm…4 more years of Obama with us liberty-loving conservatives actually awake to his antics…or 8 years asleep while Romney is at the wheel doing the same things (with our approval), followed by 8 years of Hillary? Sorry, folks. It’s no contest.

    Danielle – You gonna’ address anything Bill Dixon ACTUALLY said, or perhaps debunk his arguments on their merits…or are you just going to put words in his mouth that allow you to give the typical ad hominem attack that establishment shills are so proficient at?

  • paul

    It is time to make a statement:”We will not be fooled again ! “. Tell us more about Romney,s campaign of fiscal sanity , Goldman/Saks would like to know.

  • Christy

    I am writing in from the state of Hawaii. I would like to share just a little if you will so indulge me. I have a friend here who is the campaign manager for a state senate race. He commented to me the other day that Ron Paul supporters are some of the “nicest people that they had ever met”. I have a hard time believing that any other states have something different. Of course there will be a few rowdys but for all intense purposes the majority of us are regular working folks who love our constitution and want to take back the America that we hear about in the history books. In case you haven’t noticed I am a Paul supporter, I am respectful of all others opinions. However I take offense at the double standard when we use the rules in our favor and it gets called cheating or taking advantage when if they were the ones doing it, it’s the rules. Take the Virgin Islands for a prime example, Ron Paul won the “popular vote” however Romney got the most delegates by the same rules that the Paul people have used in various states. No one is accusing the Romney supporters of exploitation. That is the double standard that I mean. Pls for anyone who is a Ron Paul support who is reading this, know that those of us who are in states that do not have the luxury of having the ability to do what you are able to are rooting for you! Stay strong, do the right thing, and be respectful. But never let someone push you around or try to trick you. You have a right to be heard, we all have a right to be heard. Thank you

  • Jerry


    You do realize that Romney supports every unconstitutional legislation passed in this country since Bush Sr. right? And I imagine since your holding your nose and voting for Romney you know his fiscal plan almost mirrors Obamas in the fact that they both just want to cut future DEFICIT spending and not actually cut true spending anywhere.. Now you’ll say Romney is against Obamacare, and maybe he is…now. But he wasn’t when he helped create the damn thing.. And I won’t even get into the fact they Romney and Obamas top campaign supporters are the same big crony corporations that we bailed out… But you hold your nose and vote away… I’ll make my statement

  • Ron Paul supporters presented as “sore losers”?

    There is NO Verified contest not liberally peppered by Election Vote Counting Fraud.

    There have been no losses by Ron Paul. He has won every contest to date.

    So far, Romney hasn’t won anything. He can not win in a fair fight, so how does that equal he wins against Obama? It doesn’t.

    Plus, if you truly do support Romney, have you ever heard the phrase, “You can catch more flies with honey than vinegar”? It is arrogance to presume that a defrauded Ron Paul Supporter owes anything to the efforts of the Usurper, Mitt Romney.

    Mitt Romney was born with Dual Citienship. He can never lawfully occupy the White House, except as an invited guest, never as our President.

    He is fully qualified, however, to run for President – of Mexico, just not here, inside the USA.

    His Core Cult belief system places black Americans as forever outside the kingdom of (Mormon) heaven. Only when it became an issue duing the time of his Dad being the Governor of Michigan, did the Moroms finally “get religion,” but in stark violation of its founder, Joseph Smith, who began spinning in his grave,

    Racial Superiority is a MAJOR Tenent of the Mormon Chruch, the one founded by Joseph Smith.

  • Don

    I hope Gov. Dave Heineman thinks long and hard before ostracizing Ron Paul republicans. Judgement day is coming fast for us all, and the temporary joys of a few moments of praise from the New World Order banking cartel backers of Mitt Romney will be mighty painful compared to the eternal glories he could reap by being able to say he stood for the free will and liberty of the People which Ron Paul represents. Tyranny or Liberty, which will it be? You reap what you sow. Your father is watching. Choose wisely.

  • James

    Well, you Ron Paul supporters are definitely passionate, but I am rather offended at being called a liberal Democrat, and being the target of other antagonistic rhetoric just for expressing my (very reasonable) opinion and trying to talk some (civil) sense with you. I don’t understand how you think that insulting someone who is already sympathetic to your cause, even if not convinced, will win you more support. You guys (and gals) keep asserting that this is a Federal Republic, I know this, and you also assert that the popular vote doesn’t matter. Somehow you think that you have a corner market on all the patriotism, conservativism, moral discernment, etc. and the judgment of the “masses” doesn’t even matter. You are elitists, perhaps not purposefully, but effectively all the same. Primary elections aren’t binding on delegates in every state, true, that is why you Ron Paul supporters are targeting those states (like NE) with non-binding delegate laws. Sure, you guys are operating “within the law”, but apparently so was King Obummer when he crammed Obamacare down our throats, because it is a “tax” and not a “penalty”. The legislation still sucks and is bad news for Americans of all social classes, even if it is “constitutional”. I’m just upset, along with many other Republican primary voters, at being told by Ron Paul supporters that our votes shouldn’t count because you’ve decided amongst yourselves to write all of us off who disagree with you as ignorant, corrupt, “brainwashed”, etc. I’m an educated, married, Christian, conservative, combat veteran, and natural born citizen of the USA. I pay attention regularly to several news sources of various political leanings (FOX, NYTimes, NEWatchDog, Rush Limbaugh) in order to balance bias and make up my own mind on crucial issues. What is the point of taking a popular vote if it shouldn’t have any effect on the outcome of the election? Why is my vote worth less than yours? All, I’m saying is that if you keep this up, yes, Romney will lose (hurray!), but Obama will win (dang!). Again, Romney was not in my top 5 list of eligible candidates during the primaries, but Republicans statewide and nationwide have spoken, and the majority chose Romney (I voted for Santorum). You should respect our choice proportionally, just as we should respect you choice proportionally. Romney vs Obama: it is an A or B choice, no option C. Voting for option C (Paul) is the same as voting for Obama!

  • truth2power

    The Republican elite doesn’t want a conservative in the WH any more than the communists/Democrats do.

  • Bruce

    I don’t understand the problem. Run the thing right, don’t try to railroad anyone and there won’t be a problem. Seems rather simple to me.

  • Jerry

    “potential for trouble caused by Paul supporters”.this Idiot things that following the rules is – Trouble Making.

  • Keith Liberty

    The Race for Delegates is the ONLY fair electoral race in America because the Media owns the hearts & minds of the disillusioned popular vote. Thank GOD for the REPUBLIC!

  • Rex

    James, I would urge you to become more politically active. A Republic form of government allows you to do so. When you believe in the form of government that our constitution lays out you must realize you have responsibilities.

    The masses may not be so informed as you. You have the option, just as the Liberty minded folks, to voice your opinion. In order for you to voice your opinion you must become involved. A Republic form of government demands this.

    Liberty minded folks, the ones you call “Ron Paul Supporters” are mindful to their rights as enumerated in the constitution. Do not be offensive to these people as they are looking out for your rights as well.

    Being free is wonderful. Being able to express our freedom is paramount to our nation.

    Please do not be caught in the liberal-conservative Hegelian Dialectic paradigm.

    You are above that. You are a thinker. Please use your ability to its best advantage.


  • Edgardo Vila

    Ron Paul Supporters should win because romney has a terrible criminal record and Ron Paul doesn’t have a criminal record he’s as honest as they come. So it’s vote for honesty or vote for crime. Oh and I heard romney broke the Logan Act and should be jailed for 3 years. It amazes me that he isn’t disqualified already after the subs for votes felony and after the 8.5 Billion Ponzi Sheme felony. Not to mention all the other scandals done by mitt romney supporters throughout the campaign including railroading delegates in North Dakota and handing out fake Ron Paul papers that actually supported romney. This is just upsurd. America will never vote a criminal like romney into office and if they do I will be glad to support his quick impeachment. Me and the other 99 percent of the population.

  • patrick

    so trying to lawfully win delegates per party rules is dishonest?The delegate process exists to ensure good representatives of the local gop are chosen to go to national and choose the best representative for the gop for POTUS. Ron Paul people have every right to take part in the process and to win if they have the votes! Indeed we should be happy that people are participating in our party . It only makes a stronger fairer GOP. Fairness and honestry are not virtues the democrats hold, thats why we are the better party. Ron Paul has started a war for the soul of the gop and we are all better off if Ron Paul Patriots win the day! GOOD LUCK RON PAUL NEBRASKANS! WE are pulling for ya!/ RON PAUL 2012!!!

  • KC Ted

    Romney is the Goldman Sachs candidate. Ironically, Obama is the Goldman Sachs candidate. It’s Goldman Sachs vs Goldman Sachs,, guess who will win (hint: Goldman Sachs). Like heads they win, tails we lose.

    Romney is so much like Obama on the critical issues, just like Obama has been so much like Bush. Romney likes the Patriot Act, Homeland Security, NDAA, Indefinite Detention of Americans, assassination of Americans, internet censorship, supports gun bans and feels there should be no transparency of the Federal Reserve. So what do Americans really win if Romney is elected?

    More ruling of America by the UN and central banks and wars that benefit only war profiteers and Wall St. At least having a sizable number of Ron Paul delegates show up in Tampa could send a message, rather than just a big happy coronation of Romney.

  • Mr Fahleson-Romney

    I feel kind of sorry for Mark Fahleson. He’s been bullied by his party, telling him to get out, and then stay around thru elections so they won’t loose anymore positions.

    Anyone who has ever worked at a mismanaged operation could relate. Because the managers are to soft to just throw out the bad employee. So, they give him time to find another job. Meanwhile for what ever reason more help is needed, so they convince the bad employee to stay to get them by. When it would have been best just to let him go.

    Like I said, I feel sorry for him. Mark just takes the orders, trying to keep it together all the while smiling in his establishment republican uniform.

    Sunday, July 15, 2012 – Lincoln Journal Star: RON PAUL WINS NEBRASKA

  • i*Harper*Se

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    Ivy’s Posts are out of sight

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  • David

    I feel confident that soon after this election the left/righters will come to the realization that their parties merged several elections prior to this one. After this occurs other options for leadership will make sense to them.

  • WhyRWeARepublic?

    SO, you think Ron Paul supporters are usurping the democratic process? Got news for you, it’s nothing new, we are not a democracy, we are a republic.

    The primaries aren’t about picking a winner, they’re about giving the delegates a suggestion, nothing more. Delegates are supposed to make every effort to be more informed than the general populous and should vote their conscious.

    That’s how a republic works.

  • WhyRWeARepublic?

    Anybody else find this statement disturbing?

    “That’s why McGrain intends to make sure the agenda is “tight” and ballots counted in an orderly and efficient way, with RENTED BALLOT COUNTING MACHINES.”

    Hopefully the majority votes to have more oversight over the ballot counting, “it’s not the votes that count, it’s who counts the vote.”

  • WhyRWeARepublic?

    One would think that the Republican Party would strive to work with this highly motivated, organized, and knowledgable group of Ron Paul supporters, and find ways to incorporate that energy and organization into the party, rather than push them away.

  • Please Help

    We are in the fight of our lives! Please help Laura Ebke!!!


  • Elite

    Rno Paul is the only candidate, the right candidate, our candidate. We are the future. Your gonna need that extra security because we are going to raise the roof!!!

  • Elite

    Correction: Ron Paul is the only candidate, the right candidate, our candidate. We are the future. Your gonna need that extra security because we are going to raise the roof!!!

  • Elite

    Oh and I agree, James is a brainwashed troll. FREEDOM!!!!!

  • Albert Nelson

    Judging by the comments,Alot of Nebrascians are awake! Go get em guys and

  • Danielle


    Whoa…time out! That is EXACTLY how he is coming across. He said “uneducated voters.” Maybe those voters wanted a more moderate candidate than Paul. His comments, and yours, have a “holier -than-thou” ring to them.

    Also, I have never said that Romney is the better choice. In fact, let me go double-check..No, I didn’t. Romney was not my choice going into the primary. My candidate lost. Period.

    Since Romney did win the primary beauty contest in Nebraska, I am now supporting him. Just like when I ran for Student President at UNO many many many moons ago…I lost in the 3 way race and a run-off was held. I supported one of the guys who beat me. I didn’t go out and tell people how uneducated they were in their selection; I respected the wishes of the voters.

  • Albert Nelson

    I couldn’t resist I had to comment again.James listed where he gets his news.That explains alot.After all these comments I hope he will look at some of the suggested sites.If he does we will have another Paul supporter.

  • hangtime55

    I’m 56 years old, and had began following our corrupt two party political system for the last 30 years . Within those years , it was always said by the ‘ establishment ‘ that if you want to change the system , then you have to get in involved with politics to change it . So here we are , since November 2010 , the Grassroots Tea Party Movement ( not sarah palin’s NEO-CON Tea Party Express ) has been able to elect true politicians to there city , county and state positions who are working for the people , and not for special interests .

    Since this 2012 GOP Presidential Race had begun , we have witnessed more outright exposed corruption in the state’s caucuses and primaries then we had ever seen before . State’s are holding vote counts in ‘secret locations ‘ , ballots being thrown out or just simply lost , district, precinct and state conventions not only bending the rules to the breaking point , but breaking the rules all together , delegates being forced to sign affidavits and face criminal charges for not voting for that states GOP ‘ favorite ‘ candidate , and finally the Republican National Committee and it’s Chairman IGNORING and in some instants , Breaking RNC rules in favor of it’s ‘ favorite ‘ Candidate … and the biased Mainstream Media remains silent .

    No , there is going to be History made in Tampa this August at the Republican National Convention . We The People are finally Rising to voice our dissatisfaction with this corrupt political system that has brought our Great Nation, and especially the common citizen into Ruins , all in favor of Special Interests .

  • In the know

    Jordan McGrain runs the blog Leavenworthst.com.

  • Jerry

    Tampa or bust!! Tickets bought and bags packed!!



  • it looks like the Gov and many of the Nebraska Gop dont even know why we have a Republic and why we elect delegates , the primary vote means nothing and counts for nothing ,we have a republic because the masses are stupid ,they are content to sit and watch 30 mins of fox news come away thinking they know some “truth” . The primary is only to get some feeling of the intelligence of the populate and in Nebraska it looks like 70% are under educated on politics , 70% are brainless zombies ,70% dont care . Delegates are elected to overide stupidy and complacency of the masses .thats why informed , intelligent, responsible people show up to over ride the dumbed down masses who think Romney is somehow better than Obama . start thinking for yourself and stop letting the Gop and Fox news think for you

  • Honeybee

    I find it laughable that supporters of Dr. Paul are constantly accused of causing “chaos” at these conventions, yet hundreds of you-tube videos show them gamely trying to follow the rules, all the while being cheated, accosted and disinfranchised by old guard GOP members. How Romney can hold his head up after “winning” by cheating, lying and other sneaky behaviors is beyond me. Go Nebraska delegates! But be prepared for more dirty dealings from the GOP.

  • Shirley

    Isn’t it illegal to blackmail delegates into supporting a specific delegate? Delegates, after all, are to do their constituents will or they would not run to be a delegate. To have the RNC’s heavy foot on the necks of these delegates is illegal at best and communist at worst. If Dr Paul has more delegates than Mr Romney then that should be accepted by the RNC.

    Lawyers for Ron Paul is an organization that is already suing the RNC for possible illegal behavior and this case needs their attention now!

  • Cindy

    My husband and I attended the Kansas caucus. I had been leaning towards Ron Paul but the supporters there were rude and hateful. While there was no real problems that have happened elsewhere what I witnessed was very disappointing. Speakers were booed and heckled. Those in charge of the caucus had to scold the audience like little rude unparented children. While Mrs. Santorum was speaking of her child with disabilities, she shared just how hard it was daily and that Rick always stepped up to help. A young man with a Ron Paul shirt on yelled out to KILL the child then. I decided right then and there I did not want to be affiliated with any candidate that had followers like that.

  • Elisabeth Brown

    Hi, I’m a Ron Paul supporter, and I work with children

    with disabilities as a therapist, and I have profound

    respect and love for disabled children( and adults) and

    the families that care for them. I was treated rudely at a

    Ron Paul rally, but I didn’t blame Ron Paul, because I

    noticed PEOPLE were in attendance at the rally, and

    sometimes in a large group of people, some will have

    bad personalities. Someone thought I was working the

    door and could let people in started bugging me to let her in,

    That her grandparents were cousins to Ron Paul’s grandparents

    I kept saying, that’s neat but I don’t work here I’m waiting to get

    In… When the campaign volunteers finally let her in she looked at

    Me and was like, NOW do you know WHO I AM? I was like,

    ( in my head) “evidence that Ron Paul is a very patient man”

    People are responsible for their OWN actions. If Ron Paul heard a supporter saying what you described, he would most certainly tell him to be civil-

    The last comment was terrifying-

    it’s like saying,” I generalize very easil”. With all the other

    Candidates taking support from people who buy into eugenics…

    Your reasoning is strange to me

  • Elisabeth Brown