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Republicans have a dream night in New Mexico state House races

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While Susana Martinez and the US House races got all the attention Election Night, there was a major realignment in the state legislative races.

Usually, incumbents win in overwhelming numbers — even when the electorate is considered to be unhappy. But Republicans had a dream night on Tuesday, picking up eight seats in the New Mexico House of Representatives as voters rejected Democratic officeholders in precincts across the state.

Here is a list of GOP pickups:

David Chavez, who defeated incumbent Andrew Barreras (D) in District 7

Alonzo Baldonado, who defeated Democrat Julian Luna for an open seat in District 8

David Doyle, who defeated incumbent Benjamin Rodefer (D) in District 23

Nathaniel Gentry, who defeated incumbent Karen Giannini (D) in District 30

Terry McMillan, who defeated incumbent Jeff Steinborn (D) in District 37

Ricky Little, who defeated incumbent Nathan Cote (D) in District 53

Cathrynn Brown, who defeated incumbent John Heaton (D) in District 55

Tim Lewis, who defeated incumbent Jack Thomas (D) in District 60

Republicans also received some good news late in the night when they learned that GOP incumbent Jeannette Wallace — who was considered vulnerable against Democrat Stephanie Richard — in District 43 hung on to win by 210 votes.

So Republicans get a net, 8-seat pickup, which means the Democrats’ advantage in the House has been reduced from 45-25 to 37-33. That is a major shift that will have wide ramifications when it comes to legislative wrangling, especially as the House debates how to contend with the state’s $260 million deficit.


Rob formerly served as staff reporter for Watchdog.org.

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