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CO: Academic to conservatives: We’re liberal because we’re smarter than you

By   /   July 30, 2012  /   News  /   42 Comments

By Todd Shepherd | Colorado Watchdog

DENVER — If campaign donations are a measure of political orientation and enthusiam, President Barack Obama remains intensely popular among university faculty and staff, out raising presumptive GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney by a factor of 10 or 20 on some campuses.

Colorado Watchdog analyzed political contributions of employees at 27 publicly supported campuses.

Using data available on OpenSecrets.org on July 25, Colorado Watchdog analyzed the contributions of employees at 27 publicly supported campuses. OpenSecrets.org is a wesbite that aggregates data of political donations at the federal level.  While it is widely regarded as one of the most accurate sources for this kind of information, it’s possible the data has minor flaws.

University of Colorado employees gave the president $38,335, nearly six times the $6,550 they donated to Romney’s campaign. U.S. Rep. Ron Paul, R-Texas, collected just $451 from CU donors for his presidential campaign.

At Colorado State, the disparity was more glaring. Employees gave $13,175 to Obama and just $500 to former Pennsylvania U.S. Sen. Rick Santorum. There were no contributions to Romney.

To some, the donations are proof that academia is biased toward liberal candidates and policies.

“I guess it is no wonder why the University of Colorado had to go out and privately finance a professorship for conservative thought,” former GOP state chairman Dick Wadhams quipped.

But for Emory University professor Drew Westen the data are “extraordinary” for a different reason: they confirm his sense that academics are smarter than everyone else.

“The important thing about them to remember is that these are not numbers for social scientists or humanities professors, who might be more culturally liberal,” said Westen, the author of “The Political Brain.” “Prior data have shown that math professors are just as pro-Democratic as sociologists.

“That suggests that people who think logically and have been selected for intellect are more convinced by Democrats than Republicans,” Westen said. “Perhaps that’s not a surprise when you take into consideration that Republicans defy basic math by arguing that you can cut deficits by throwing public employees out of work, which cuts the number of taxpayers (and hence reduces tax revenue), or that you can increase revenue by cutting taxes to the rich. Democrats tend to believe in science, e.g., they don’t believe in angels or Satan, but they do believe in evolution.”

CU spokesman Bronson Hilliard took a less partisan approach to interpreting the data, suggesting that even though some professors may have ideological passions, it doesn’t mean they aren’t fair-minded in the classroom.

“Few meaningful generalizations can be drawn from this (data),” Hilliard said. “A lot of people in higher education are Democrats. A lot of bankers, financiers, and business leaders are Republicans. That doesn’t mean that all academics are incapable of interacting fairly with those who don’t agree with them politically any more than it means Republicans in the financial world aren’t capable of being fair to their Democrat customers and clients.”

Nationwide, only the University of Kentucky bucked the trend, giving $5,400 to Romney, $4,850 to Obama, and $2,152 to Paul.

Results for other universities:

Ohio State University

  • $28,680 Obama
  • $4,250 Romney
  • $250 Paul

University of Minnesota

  • $45,399 Obama
  • $3,450 Tim Pawlenty
  • $2,500 Santorum
  • $2,138 Paul
  • $250 Jill Stein (Green Party)

Indiana University

  • $54,050 Obama
  • $2,250 Romney
  • $3,157 Paul
  • $750 Santorum

Rutgers University

  • $48,131 Obama
  • $1,075 Romney
  • $1,000 Santorum
  • $201 Paul

University of Maryland

  • $63,998 Obama
  • $3,500 Romney
  • $1,304 Paul

Click here to download the full spreadsheet analysis.

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Todd formerly served as staff reporter for Watchdog.org.

  • Hypotyposis

    Or it could be those in academia have always been in academia and are not quite as brilliant as they believe they are, e.g. legends in their own mind. I’ve heard them referred to as “educated idiots.”

  • joedoakes202

    “You didn’t build that . . .”

    – President Obama

    July 27, 2012

    Dear Mr. Obama,

    Normally when you utter something so colossally idiotic I tend to see what everyone else does and if its all been done I’m not going to throw out my opinion on the matter. The “Obama Depression” is about to claim the last bit of my 401K and I’m trying to get this new idea off the ground so I’m a bit busy. This little letter writing gig is a voluntary effort, with all due respect to those who seem to think I’m a some famous writer grand standing their true self, or some rich guy doing this because I need to vent. I’m none of that. If I did make that claim I would be as bad as you. Because through out these reactions to that utterance I realized something.

    You, Sir, did not build you. Please allow me to explain. Every step of your life has been prepared for you. Every moment you were pampered and buffed for the next phase like some kind of imaginary character in a television program. From your mother to your girlfriends to your job history and your lack of real world skills. It’s frankly miraculous that you kept the facade up for so long. To repeat; you did not build you, someone else did that.

    Well, us common folk “Joe Doakes’s” out in the hinterland don’t have that option. We don’t have the safety net of a group of rich socialist friends that are going to protect us at every turn. We are on our own. And for every improvement we make in our lives there is someone out there, thanks to all of your class rhetoric, that thinks they have a legitimate claim on my labor or my dwindling wealth.

    You never felt blame. You never had to stare back at your wife and explain why that second mortgage isn’t getting paid. You never had to live with less so others could have more. You never had to sacrifice what you wanted so someone else could have a shot. You never built a life on merit and exposure to risk nor attempted to serve the public good in the vain of politicians like Henry Clay. You never did that.

    There’s this guy running for office. His name is Mitt Romney. He has done nothing but that. No one told him when to “zig” or “zag.” No one told him to do what when. He just did it. Mr. Romney is a “Do the right thing” machine. That’s what he does. He’s like one of those perpetual motion machines that you could buy. You can just count on it. That’s what America needs, someone it can count on to relieve it from the madness that is Washington D.C. by any means necessary. Because if you haven’t noticed you didn’t build that city.

    We did.


    Joe Doakes

  • joedoakes202

    October 12, 2011

    Dear Mr. Obama,

    I read this morning that you are going to go on the “America would have been worse without me” tour to boost your parties poll numbers, with 391 days to go until election day. Being a natural born and bred capitalist I find this fascinating. Think of it this way; if I invented a new car with square wheels and then did a tour around the country trying to convince people, that those round wheels are just to darn efficient and useful – how many people could I convince? Not many. Unless they are attendees of the “Nut Roots” convention, you could probably sell a whole bunch of my square wheeled cars to those people!

    See, Mr Obama, in my world I’ve got to do or create something that others find enough value in to part with their money, that they could use for an infinite number of purposes. To illustrate this; take Al Gore for instance. Does Al buy another massage at the happy ending saloon, or, does he buy more earth polluting energy efficient light bulbs? Tough call. If he was real careful he could have as much fun with the light bulb I guess, but even Mr. Gore would have to realize it was not worth the risk. In your world, Mr. Obama, you have to create words on a page that will either use force or coercion to get my fellow citizens to do the federal governments bidding. Do you see the difference? One is based on a voluntary association the other being foisted upon a citizen through threat of death or financial coercion.

    So you, and other liberals, must go on tour and tell us how we can be best managed by those of your ilk rather then on our own. Now, Mr. Obama, it would be one thing if liberal progressive democrats had a record worth aspiring to. But no sane citizen can make that claim, every program that you and those of your ilk have pushed has placed this nation in bankruptcy – morally as well as fiscally. In essence the United States of America has had its perfectly round wheels converted into square ones and now you, Mr. Obama, must explain to us why we must abandon the round ones and drive our lives on the square ones.

    To borrow a phrase from you, “Make no mistake,” if there is one person that can convince America to commit suicide your election is proof that you have that ability. Maybe while you are touring you can link up with Dr. Kevorkian and discuss the death panels? After all you always claim that you are seeking the most experienced minds on any given topic – until you decide only to use them as cover all the while spouting the liberal line, and ignoring their advice anyway. Senator Judd Greg is darn near clairvoyant on this reality. Have a good week Mr. President and please remember that every dollar you will be spending on your travel and entertainment my kids are paying for, so take it easy on the Jet A and the Kobe Beef. Maybe you should figure out which President bought his own postage stamps, and tear a page out of his code of conduct and follow it?


    Joe Doakes

  • joedoakes202

    “I need space . . .”


    March 26, 2012

    Dear President Obama,

    In my entire life I’ve never asked another man to give me space. If I did I would have to check my drawers and do a head count. Would it be too much to ask the same of you? Did you like the whole DMZ thing with the binoculars and cool leather jacket? While I must admit anything you can do to shine a light on what the men and women do to serve and protect this nation is a plus in my book; you get to go home, they don’t. I once read a bad joke that you would need to do a water landing after all of the ordnance was detonated on the DMZ and the peninsula was split in two. Regardless, we’ve got to deal with that and the way to do it is not be dealing with the puppet, but the puppet master. Once it is in Communist China’s interest to give up North Korea they will, and not second sooner, all the rest is just hyperbaric artillery fire.

    Kind of like the “New Deal.” Which is some really underhanded stuff if you get down and think about it. The Constitution being read in the terms of what government is responsible to steal from another and give to us just because they can get a majority to vote for it? Have you people no shame? Considering Mrs. Pelosi’s comments that our biggest problem is in having a conscience. That would be true. I deal with that the way most men do. Drink and tell the wife “Yes, dear” and to people like Medvedev’s and the Putin’s of the world they get the finger. If the three of you want to get into bed together and do a little “Portnoy’s Complaint” have at it, but could you keep the heavy petting off of the front page?

    So the Supreme Court must decide if the government has the power to tell me to engage in commerce. I cannot conceive of anything more vile to the central being of our Constitutional Republic then the notion that I, a free, responsible, and law abiding American whose mothers roots can be traced to the very beginning of this nation or someone who has just raised their right hand and sworn to become a newly minted American can be forced to do anything. We can’t even be forced to vote. Think of that. You are going to force us to buy health insurance even when we are not forced to participate in the core responsibility of our democratic process. A greater level of dichotomy I’m hard pressed to concoct.

    I have to trust that The Supreme Court will to do the right thing by giving American’s one more election to determine if this is what they want. Because in the end as the first Republican President Abraham Lincoln once said in the Gettysburg Address “. . . that these dead shall not have died in vain — that this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom — and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.” It would be a shame if what the enemies of liberty could not take by force we give up for an empty promise of “health care.”

    In fact it would be a crime.

    On November 6, 2012 . . . I’m voting for the other guy, I may do some well crafted barking before then, but in the end I will always do the right thing, you could call it a character flaw, one most Americans wish you possessed.


    Joe Doakes

  • joedoakes202

    “Eat your peas!” – President Obama

    July 12, 2011

    Dear President Obama,

    Yesterday you told us to eat our peas. You even told us to pull off the bandaid in the context of raising the debt ceiling, and spending more money we will never have on “Obamacare.” I cannot fathom a President in my memory speaking in a manner that you have chosen to. I guess it is just a barometer of how bad our standards have fallen. I see it all around me, cars can’t be fixed because children have been taught that fixing them is beneath them. Adults like you act like infants at microphones. Then there is The Forgotten Man, people like me, who just want everything to get back to normal without having to take the next historical step to get to that point.

    Why is it so hard to do the right thing at the federal level of government? We all know as individuals what to do when faced with the same concerns. Yet, when we kick it all upstairs for some, what we think, is some wise and reasoned solution, all we get is garbage upon garbage. Mr. Obama the American people are tired of your garbage. They are tired of the liberal democrats garbage. They are tired of being told that they can’t build, drill, or work. They are tired of wars fought for one side of the same muslim/arab coin. They are tired of paying taxes to a government that wastes every dollar we give it on things that no sane citizen would ever agree to in light of all of the other priorities that we face. Common sense has been dead for a long time. But when you were elected it ended all hope of a revival.

    In 2010 it made a small comeback. It is now trying to work it’s will through the byzantine halls of the Federal Government. As I watch citizens like Rubio and West and Palin work their magic I sit in awe of their will to do that work. I find it humorous that the guy who said he was going to save us from the rising water, you Mr. Obama, is actually throwing all of us bricks, while telling us to eat our peas. You may have the best of intentions, but they are based on a lifetime of lies, so how good can they be? Well Mr. Obama I’m not the Forgotten Man and like Jim Croce once said “I’ve got a name.” You may not know it. Even if you did you certainly don’t care about it. I frankly cannot understand how anyone can believe that you leading a bankrupt federal government can solve their problems only by spending more of someone else’s money!

    How’s that working for you? Because it’s not working too well for all of us.


    Joe Doakes

  • red47

    ‘“That suggests that people who think logically and have been selected for intellect are more convinced by Democrats than Republicans,” Westen said.”

    No, It suggests that professors think that way. There is no evidence presented, empirical or quantitative to suggest that profs think logically.

    Liberal academicians are so much smarter than the rest of us that they do not realize the rest of us have grown up and left them behind. It is peculiar to intelligentsia, in a world of their own making, to believe that which they have made.

  • Narcissism easily explains this trend.

  • Duuuuh

    “Those who can’t do teach”.

  • Savage_Freedom

    Self declared genius Drew Westen said: “That suggests that people who
    think logically and have been selected for intellect are more convinced
    by Democrats than Republicans,” Westen said. “Perhaps that’s not a
    surprise when you take into consideration that Republicans defy basic
    math by arguing that you can cut deficits by throwing public employees
    out of work, which cuts the number of taxpayers (and hence reduces tax
    revenue), or that you can increase revenue by cutting taxes to the

    What a incredibly moronic thing for a genius to say. Maybe that’s why
    he works in a soft science field instead of economics or math and utters
    such fuzzy headed nonsense. Somebody needs to explain to this genius
    that public employees are paid for by our taxes to begin with, so having
    them pay taxes means our taxes are paying those taxes as well and as
    such are not “revenue” in the true sense of the word. Any dollar taken
    from the taxpayer to pay for anything related to government (for example
    paying the salary of a public employee) means that dollar is taken out
    of productive use.

    SO yes, in fact, “throwing public employees out of work” is actually a
    benefit since the taxpayer gets to keep more of their own money and
    spend or apply it far more productively than almost any government or
    political hack could ever do.

    For those that believe (falsely) that there are some things that only
    the government can build or provide, consider this statement by Henry
    Hazlitt in his seminal work Economics in One Lesson, which Mr. Westen
    has obviously not read: “The thing so great that “private capital could
    not have built it” has in fact been built by private capital – the
    capital that was expropriated in taxes (or, if the money was borrowed,
    that eventually must be expropriated in taxes.”

  • It simply means that to be given tenure
    at any university you must have a liberal bias. Please don’t perpetuate the
    myth that professors don’t educate
    their students with the same bias. I am a UC
    Berkeley grad and have been through that university’s four year re-education

  • “OpenSecrets.org is a wesbite that aggregates data of political donations
    at the federal level. While it is widely regarded as one of the most
    accurate sources for this kind of information”.. Holy COW! That’s a HUGE lie. OpenSecrets is openly Progressive and blatantly partisan.

  • reff

    You cut deficits by throwing public employees out of work which cuts tax revenue? And he’s smarter than I am? Ok, I’ll bite. Cut one public employee and save one salary. Let’s call it $30k. That employee paid BACK in taxes, let’s say, $6k. PUBLIC SAVED $24K, RIGHT?? DEFICIT DROPS BY $24K, RIGHT?? Now, before you say what about unemployment, Medicaid, etc., remember that those will end when the employee finds a new job, and the public saves bith that and the $24K that would have been spent for the next 30 years that employee would have cost, PLUS their new tax revenue from their new job. So, not only does the deficit not grow, it drops, and by more than the $24K each and every year…..and he’s smarter than I am???

  • www.camharris.us

    I have emailed Dr. Westen and asked him to further support his claim. Is he calling Christians stupid? Does he believe that all liberal policies are mathematically supported? This is ridiculous. He should be severely scrutinized for this comment. I wrote more about it on my site.


  • Dan Condie

    Oh, stop it! Now you’re doing complicated math! They’re intellectuals, and smarter than you. Never mind they are public employees who benefit personally by having the democrat government increase the public employee count. They only vote Democrat because they are smarter!

  • Jane

    “There are some ideas so absurd that only an intellectual could believe them.” George Orwell

  • Westen concisely demonstrates a classic post hoc ergo propter hoc.

  • Great quote from Emory University professor Drew Westen in this article discussing why professors give more to Democrats than Republicans.

    “Perhaps that’s not a surprise when you take into consideration that Republicans defy basic math by
    arguing that you can cut deficits by throwing public employees out of work, which cuts the number of taxpayers (and hence reduces tax revenue), or that you can increase revenue by cutting taxes to the rich. Democrats tend to believe in science, e.g., they don’t believe in angels or Satan, but they do believe in evolution.”

    Actually, they apparently believe in alchemy. How can you get more money in taxes back from the people you are paying WITH TAXES!?! By this logic, I could raise both of my kids allowance to $5000/mo, charge them $4500/mo each for rent and have a revenue stream of $9000… right? right?

    I think I’ll keep my belief in angels and Satan and Westen can keep his beliefs in magic.

    Maybe by “evolution” he thinks $20 bills will evolve into $50’s?

  • Red

    Wrong usage. That is a saying from the world of ballet, where injured dancers can still participate by teaching what they know to the next generation.

  • David Rhodes

    Most people who can, do. Most people who can’t, teach. They then vote for their friends who can’t. “NO WE CAN’T!”.

  • David Rhodes

    Drew Westen said: “That suggests that people who
    think logically and have been selected for intellect are more convinced
    by Democrats than Republicans,” Westen said. “Perhaps that’s not a
    surprise when you take into consideration that Republicans defy basic
    math by arguing that you can cut deficits by throwing public employees
    out of work, which cuts the number of taxpayers (and hence reduces tax
    revenue), or that you can increase revenue by cutting taxes to the

    I guess we should just take him for his word, since he doesn’t seem to comprehend basic math. Unless those public employees are paying greater than 100% of their salaries in taxes, it is impossible for the firing of them to increase the deficit.

    But that would be logic, something that is forbidden to be recognized by the left.

  • Exactly, fine sir. See the “academic’s academic,” Noam Chomsky. Man is as crazy as can be.

  • What can we expect from a profession that labels Noam Chomsky as the top academic? That dude is about as crazy as is humanly possible.

  • Brandybuck

    Within his field, Chomsky is brilliant. When he talks politics he is a blithering idiot, but no one tops him in linguistics.

  • Wow! Pride definitely goeth before the folly here.

    I would think that cost accounting overlaps with math. Here’s what happens when you throw public employees out of work: We all prosper.

    Why? Because public employees do feel the tax bite, but they do not pay taxes in the true sense. Why? Because their salaries and benefits, including the taxes they pay, come from tax revenue from earners in the private sector. No new tax money enters the system.

    Back in 1960, five and a quarter percent of us worked for government at any level, one in 19. Now we have 22 million in government and eight million in education, academia, research, health and other government-funded positions as against 150 million total jobs (well, a few years back, now down to 144M, but, still, let’s call it one in five).

    Back in 1960, government employment paid below average. It took the taxes (of all kinds) of two private employees, roughly, to pay for one public employee. That left the taxes of 16 out of every 19 of us to go toward programs and infrastructure and the other good things that flow from government. Now, public employees make substantially more than average. The taxes of roughly three private employees are needed to pay for each public one. That leaves a single taxpayer out of every five whose taxes can be allocated to anything besides government payroll.

    Well, there in academia, in Business 101, you learn DO NOT GROW COST UNITS (or service departments or whatever you want to call them, and government very much fits the definition). And yet we grew government FOUR-FOLD relative to the GDP over fifty years, at the expense of all private sectors. In Management 301 you learn that even the most labor-intensive concerns encounter difficulty past about forty percent of costs in payroll. Our governments are at eighty percent. That means, ridiculously, that we are spending $4 to administer the spending of another dollar. Even with the steep deficits this makes necessary, we are spending a dollar to administer the spending of a dollar. Folly. Back in 1960, we were spending a dollar to administer the spending of $6. Sustainable.

    Back the private-to-public ratios back toward 1960 levels, and we all prosper.


    Parting note: When I applied to grad school at Stanford, I was called into the program office and told I had the highest entrance scores they had seen in “some years.” I didn’t attend. Academia always struck me as a bunch of fearful people hiding in ivory towers. Like most other intelligent conservatives and libertarians, I preferred the real world.

  • Mark

    If you can, you do. If you can’t, you teach.

  • It is ironic that Dr. Westen claims that liberals are smarter than conservatives and offers as proof the Republican’s perceived inability to perform basic math– i.e. that Republicans believe that cutting the number of public employees will somehow reduce the deficit. In this liberal intellectual’s mind, how can you cut the deficit if you layoff government workers who will now no longer be paying taxes? I am sure in a liberal’s mind cutting the government payroll makes no sense.

    Well, to begin, if a public servant is earning $50,000 a year and pays $5,000 in federal taxes (highly questionable if you look at IRS data), the rest of us taxpayers have lost a contribution of $5,000 to the federal balance sheet but we have REDUCED government expenditures by $50,000 for a net deficit reduction of $45,000. How’s that for basic math Mr. Westen?

    Moreover, as befitting a liberal academic snob, Westen assumes, as many liberals do, that a former government employee has no marketable skills in the private market for labor and will be incapable of finding a job in the private sector, make a contribution to his fellowman by producing a good or service someone wants, and again experience the privilege and honor of paying taxes (which, it seems, is the sole reason for citizens to exist). Imagine the increase of GDP if every public employee spinning red tape instead built solar panels, homes, or something that people actually wanted to purchase.

  • MikeOverHere

    Hey, genius. Consider yourself owned. By a college dropout no less. From James Taranto’s column:

    ColoradoWatchdog has another classic from Drew Westen, the Emory
    University psychologist-cum-political consultant, who explains that
    academics are left-wing because left-wingers are smart:

    “Prior data have shown that math professors are just as pro-Democratic as sociologists.

    “That suggests that people who think logically and have been
    selected for intellect are more convinced by Democrats than
    Republicans,” Westen said. “Perhaps that’s not a surprise when you take
    into consideration that Republicans defy basic math by arguing that you
    can cut deficits by throwing public employees out of work, which cuts
    the number of taxpayers (and hence reduces tax revenue) . . .”

    Apparently Westen thinks government employees pay taxes at a rate that exceeds 100%.

  • Your anology is wrong because of the injury “they can’t”. But we know what you mean.

  • A F

    Logic 101 says that if you start with any premise you can “prove anything”. This professor starts with the implicit premises that a) academics are smart b) that non-academics are NOT smart and c) that being smart means you are right about everything. In reality, none of those three premises have been demonstrated to be true, thus any logical conclusion that derives from them is bunk.

  • And this data is a surprise to whom?

  • Howellis

    Another reason this guy is not as smart as he thinks: When tax rates go down rich people find all kinds of investment projects become proffitable. They hire more employees, who then add to tax receipts. That is what happened following the 2003 Bush tax cuts. Tax receipts increased for about 4 years until the crash.

    el texto de Carondelet (artículo 6): “para los efectos de esta Ley se considera persona con discapacidad a
    toda aquella que, como consecuencia de una o más deficiencias físicas,
    mentales, intelectuales o sensoriales, con independencia de la causa que la
    hubiera originado, ve restringida permanentemente su capacidad biológica,
    sicológica y asociativa para ejercer una o más actividades esenciales de la
    vida diaria, en la proporción que establezca el reglamento”.

    Mediante oficio T.5991-SNJ-12-877, el presidente de la
    República, Rafael Correa, remitió al titular de la Legislatura, Fernando
    Cordero, la objeción parcial al proyecto de Ley Orgánica de Discapacidades. De
    esta manera, el colegislador observa 28 artículos; 8 disposiciones
    transitorias; y, el numeral 15 de las disposiciones reformatorias y
    derogatorias de la normativa, informa la Asamblea Nacional en su portal web.

    El proyecto tiene por objetivo asegurar la prevención, detección
    oportuna, habilitación y rehabilitación de la discapacidad y garantizar la
    plena vigencia, difusión y ejercicio de los derechos de las personas con

    Los artículos objetados son: el numeral 3 del Art 3; el 7 del
    Art. 4; Art.6; tercer inciso del Art. 9; primer inciso de los Arts. 11 y 13;
    primer inciso del Art. 23; tercer inciso del Art. 25; segundo inciso del Art.
    26; Art. 27; segundo inciso de los Arts 28, 30, 33; primer inciso del Art. 38 y
    49; Art. 54; Art. 66; último inciso Art. 67; Art. 76; ultimo inciso Art. 78;
    segundo y tercer inciso del Art. 80; segundo inciso Art. 85; primer inciso del
    Art. 89, 96 y 7 del Art. 99; Art. 100, 102 y 103; disposición transitoria
    primera, segunda tercera, sexta, séptima, octava, décima y undécima; y,
    observación al número 15 de las disposiciones reformatorias y derogatorias.

    Entre los temas a los que se refiere el veto constan: los fines;
    personas con discapacidad; calificación; procedimiento y acreditación; registro
    nacional de personas con discapacidad; medicamentos, insumos, ayudas técnicas,
    producción, disponibilidad y distribución; seguros de vida y/o salud y medicina
    prepagada; subsistema de información; derecho a la educación; educación
    inclusiva; educación especial y específica; accesibilidad a la educación;
    becas; deducción por inclusión laboral; capacitación; accesibilidad a

    Además, excepciones o limitaciones a los derechos de autor y
    derechos conexos; impuesto a la renta; impuesto al valor agregado; importación
    y compra de vehículos ortopédicos y no ortopédicos; jubilación por vejez; de la
    naturaleza y objeto del Consejo Nacional de Igualdad de Discapacidades; gestión
    de la secretaría técnica; funciones de la o el Secretario Técnico; Defensoría
    del Pueblo; procedencia y órgano competente; legitimación activa.

    De conformidad con lo previsto en la Constitución y la Ley
    Orgánica de la Función Legislativa, la Asamblea tiene 30 días para pronunciarse
    en torno al veto, sea allanándose a las observaciones del Presidente de la
    República o ratificándose en los textos originalmente aprobados por el Pleno.

  • I REWARD NOBEL PRIZE OF THE PEACE, Lenin Moreno Garcès Vicepresidente of
    Ecuador, counselor of the transformation of a company that it was remaining
    forget, he is the activist of the reinvindicaciòn of the rights of the persons
    with disability of the Ecuador, this nominated for the candidacy to the prize
    Nobel prize of the Peace. Martha
    Monge G. Fundaciòn SQZ FEILADES-ECUADOR

  • Professor Westen should have ran his following opinion by a math professor or at least a teaching assistant: “Republicans defy basic math by arguing that you can cut deficits by throwing public employees out of work, which cuts the number of taxpayers (and hence reduces tax revenue), or that you can increase revenue by cutting taxes to the rich.” It is a false statement that is not supported by basic math. His assertion to the contrary must be a purposeful act of deceit or is he that ignorant in basic math skills. If I cut a government employee whom, I pay 100 dollars from which he pays 10 dollars back in taxes, If have made a net cut of 90 dollars thus reducing a deficit by that same amount.

  • This is why I left Kentucky… the ignorance density is so great, it even reaches into the colleges.

  • Or it could be that idiots have high opinions of themselves and hence have difficulty giving value to something they do not possess: intelligence. Ignorance is not a virtue. Read a motherfucking book.

  • The difference here is not a “could” its a “would” Private industry is selfish, it cares not for equality, it cares not for humanitarianism. It keeps us beholden to churches for charity, reaching out to a God that doesn’t answer, begging for help from idiots who live lives of circular reasoning and self-denial.

    Could private industry build great things? Private industry could not do ANYTHING unless it sees some sort of benefit to itself. THAT is the difference.

  • Academics are smarter because they actually use their brains actively instead of being spoonfed horseshit from a Fox News bimbo.

    Stop making the case that ignorance is the new intelligence. Fox has already convinced you that lies are truth, fear is bravery, war is peace, and a whole lot of other dumb shit, but I will NOT sit here silently and let you or anyone else make ignorance out to be a virtue. IF it were you would be so virtuous, they may make you the next pope.

    People do not like to face the FACT that some other people may be smarter than them. Tough shit. There are. Your perspective may be unique, you may have something worthwhile to add to the conversation, but you are NOT anywhere near equivalent to the brilliant minds of our age.

    That is not to say that every professor is a genius. There are stupid teachers, just as there are stupid doctors, and as Republicans have shown time and time again, stupid lawmakers.

    But there is no true equality. Some people are actually smarter than others. Its physiological, quantifiable, and factually correct.


  • red47

    Um, swearing is a sign of a limited vocabulary.
    I do not watch FOX news any more than I watch MSNBC (Very funny) or CNN. Sorry. I don’t let the media spoon feed me. I go to primary sources. Your response supports my statement.

  • Dave

    The most important conclusion one can make about this information is that public universities DO NOT HIRE CONSERVATIVES! That is why the huge disparity exists in donations. Go to a private college, religious school, etc., and the data will be reversed.

  • Dave

    Obviously, you are not one of the gifted!

  • Roger May

    You tell me where a man gets his corn pone and I ll tell you how he votes….