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GOP wins NM Secretary of State race for the first time in 82 years

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Dianna Duran

In one of the most lopsided victories of Election Night, Republican challenger Dianna Duran knocked off Democratic incumbent Mary Herrera in the Secretary of State race, giving the GOP its first victory in that race since 1928.

The embattled Herrera — who did not receive an endorsement from any of the newspaper editorial boards in the state — lost by a 16-point margin.

Duran will relinquish her seat as a state senator from Doña Ana and Otero counties and will oversee elections in the state. Duran is a strong proponent of instituting a photo-voter ID system, although in order to establish it she’ll have to work with Democrats in the state legislature and Dems have majorities in both houses in Santa Fe.

Here’s Duran from an interview with Capitol Report New Mexico earlier this fall explaining why she favors Voter ID:

For you New Mexico political trivia buffs, the last Republican elected to the Secretary of State position was Jesusita Acosta Perrault who served from 1928-1930. Hat tip to the Santa Fe New Mexican. There’s an interesting post about Perrault’s background here. Seems she was born in Mexico, lived in Silver City and spent her final years in Taos.


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