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MT: Schweitzer at Ohio Dem dinner: Montanans are white, racist rednecks

By   /   August 7, 2012  /   News  /   33 Comments

Gov. Brian Schweitzer with the Naked Cowboy in Times Square.

By Dustin Hurst | Watchdog.org

HELENA – Just the other day, Politico said Montana Gov. Brian Schweitzer’s rhetorical prowess is a valuable asset and a dangerous liability for his future political ambitions.

Case in point: Less than two weeks ago, Schweitzer delivered the keynote address at the Ohio Democratic Party’s annual dinner. In the speech, he told a gripping tale of his grandmother immigrating to the United States to start a new life.


In the same address, Schweitzer dipped into darker rhetoric to blast Caucasian Montanans as racist toward American Indians.

Through his 30-minute speech to Ohio Democrats, Schweitzer repeatedly boasted of his gubernatorial achievements, putting special emphasis on the Indian Education for All project. Schweitzer spearheaded the program, which requires Montana school children to learn both American-Indian and U.S. history.

Why did Schweitzer shepherd the innovative and groundbreaking program? Well, because Montanans are a bunch of white, racist rednecks – the governor’s words.

“All over Montana, you can walk into a bar, a café or even a school or a courthouse and just listen for a while as people talk to each other,” Schweitzer explained, shortly after noting 93 percent of his state’s population is classified as Caucasian. “And you will hear somebody, before very long, say something outrageously racist about the people who’ve lived in Montana for 10,000 years.”

The governor delivered the program to sway the minds and hearts of Treasure State youngsters. “So, I decided, I can’t turn the heart of a 45-year-old redneck,” Schweitzer said.

It’s a stunning rhetorical reversal from the governor’s stance on his April trip to New York City to promote the Treasure State as a paradise for tourists.

“Best place in the world to take your family,” Schweitzer said of his home state during a stop in Times Square to hand out Montana jerky and jam.

Schweitzer visited New York to hawk a new direct flight from New Jersey to Bozeman. “With this new direct flight, we’re giving our friends from the New York area convenient access to the most spectacular places and experiences they will encounter in the lower 48 states,” Schweitzer said in a news release. “And we’ll deliver it with our customary Western hospitality.”

The governor’s Ohio remarks makes one wonder if he should have warned New Yorkers about Montana’s “Western hospitality.”

Also noteworthy is Schweitzer’s dip into hot water after he discussed GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney’s roots in a polygamous sect in Mexico. Schweitzer was talking with the Daily Beast just days before his New York City getaway.

“I am not alleging by any stretch that Romney is a polygamist and approves of (the) polygamy lifestyle, but his father was born into (a) polygamy commune in Mexico,” Schweitzer said.

Schweitzer sought to add fuel to the so-called Republican War on Women. He commented that women are generally uncomfortable with polygamy, and Romney is a byproduct of the practice.

The governor never walked back his remarks, instead doubling down in a subsequent interview with CNN’s Anderson Cooper.

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Dustin is a contributor to Watchdog.org and news director for IdahoReporter.com in Boise, Idaho. His work has been featured by Reason, Townhall.com, Fox News, the Washington Examiner, the Spokesman Review and Public Sector Inc., among others. Steve Forbes also tweeted one of Dustin's stories one time.

  • Derrek36

    So now decrying racism makes someone a racist? I’m not buying it. This article is pretty weak.

  • Montanans already have the score on this “reporter” http://www.idahostatesman.com/2012/04/13/2073420/reporters-false-pose-condemned.html

  • But you are a democrat. Who would be foolish enough to believe you??

  • aram karibian

    Since Schweitzer’s grandfather was ethnic German isn’t it a fact that he was born into a culture that embraced Naziism?

  • David Sherman

    Dustin: is there any evidence that the governor actually said, ”
    Montanans are white, racist rednecks”

  • Hahahaha there was a poll here that was showing Montanans believed 68% to 39% that we have race issues and someone at the site here ditched it!

  • This is typical of the new liberal democratic political strategy and tactics, as of the Obama agenda policy. To directly attack the people themselves, and even worse their own constituency, for that’s their theory and strategy, the more outrageous their demogoguery is, the more unbelieveable the absurd false accusations are, the more propagandist lies they make, like his slandering of his own States populace by calling them racist rednecks, the more they ante up the stakes in an all of nothing control of America, so their liberal fascist anti-American policy and agenda can go forward.

    Mt. Gov Brian Sweitzer is so pathetic and sad, aka bad, that if not removed from office, will only reflect bad on the people he serves.

  • Seig Hiel Schweitler…

  • Tina Ferrer

    I was born and raised in Great Falls before starting a home cleaning products business in California. Our intent was to move DC and administrative operations back to Montana. I have been so busy working with new
    California business regulations and preparing for the move in the 4th quarter I
    haven’t kept up on Montana’s body politic. Then I see this drinking my morning
    coffee. Bottom line? My fellow Montanan’s need to decide how unacceptable or acceptable this is but in the alternative we’ll be deciding on another location
    for our corporate home. What Mr. Schweitzer said for political expediency is
    tantamount to a child over hearing a parent telling someone how much they despise them. Then don’t become a parent or in this context get the heck out of our representation. This disgusts me no end and should you too. Pound sand Schweitzer.

  • I immediately checked the Tribune for a fuller report. Not a peep in the Great Falls paper. Nothing. Its like this outrageous speech never happened. We can’t really blame the average Montanan for not knowing what an idiot the governor is. The media simply covers up for him.

    All my roots go back to GF too, even though I’m in SoCal now. This is very sad stuff. But the blame goes to the media. Solid Democrats, to the point of supporting crap heads like this governor.

  • hating white people, and envisioning a future where there is less of them..

    Its called genocide, and criminal hypocrites like this guy need to be taken out to the woodshed.

  • Sky Lighter

    Long ago I lived in MT, now across its border. Its sad you’ve got this govnr. Flat-out remove him! Same with Kenya-born Obama in the ex-White House.
    (His Grandma showed where he was born in Kenya; town still has a plaque. His literary publicist listed him as born in Kenya, until 2007. Search this.)
    Wake up Montanans to such tyrants. Teach Adamic (white) Dominion* from Bible if Schweitzer teaches viewpoints of others. Teach our kids to reject the word “racism” – invented by Leon Trotsky to silence his (Slavic) critics when he took Warburg banker money to push “red” revolution ostensibly against the elitists “capitalists.” He was their agent to divide us into capitalists vs Marxist, to enslave us. Later in exile in Mexico he used “racist” to rile non-whites in USA into a “red” revolution! Trotsky (Lev Davidovich Bronstein) was full of chutzpah lies. Reject it! Repudiate use of “racist” to silence you.
    [“Racistov” 1st in his 1930 “History of the Russian Revolutiom.” Search it.]
    * Adam (word translated” man” in KJV) got dominion over all (earlier made) LIVING beings, Genesis 1:26-28. Bible chronology shows Adam was made ca 4000BC (or 5500 BC using Septuagint numbers) and geoscience shows many human types existed ealier. Oldest in Africa; I explored Africa geology. WE HAVE DOMINION over older types! Teach your (dumb?) pastors.
    PS: That dumbing-down twerp Hank Hanegraaf claims we cannot use Bible chronology to estimate Adam’s first year. Why? Luke 3:35-36 says Sem had Arphaxad had Cainan had Sala had Heber, but Gen 11:10+ omits Cainan… so he says Genesis is general, not for calculations! Firstly, only one guy is missing, so Genesis times are short about 30-40 years. Bible contradiction is solved by examining Septuagint Genesis, it includes Cainan, and gives a much longer chronology of years! Luke clearly accepts Septuagint Genesis!

  • firefightermedic90

    Well, considering the fact these Leftist pricks are very one sided with their view of “racism” and what constitutes as a “racist”, I would say a big resounding YES that this scumbag is somewhat hostle toward the people that make his state so great in the first place. I’ll give you a hint, it isn’t the “diversities”. People relocate to Montana to GET AWAY FROM the “diversities” and the crime and degeneracy they bring. If the Left Wing tyrants continue pushing it on the white man, then they better prepare for Civil War as we will be nice only so long!

  • firefightermedic90

    If European Americans are smart, we will keep these anti-white leftist traitors OUT of office. We need a true Conservative Third Party as many of the Republican representation are only interested in pandering to blacks and hispanics, and ignoring their true voting base. There is a new political party I recently found out about called American Third Position, and they seem promising enough. They may be something to look into as a possible alternative to the Liberal Republicans and the Far-Left Democrats…

  • Sue

    “Montanans are a bunch of white, racist rednecks”

    hate speech legal definition

    Speech not protected by the First
    Amendment, because it is intended to foster hatred against individuals or
    groups based on race, religion, gender, sexual preference, place of national
    origin, or other improper classification.
    He is attacking whites as a group. This by legal definition is hate.
    You may contact him here:
    Governor Brian D. Schweitzer

    Office of the Governor

    Montana State Capitol Bldg.

    P.O. Box 200801

    Helena MT 59620-0801

    (406) 444-3111, FAX (406) 444-5529

  • The Polish Wolf

    Schweitzer here is totally right. I know you’re not from here, Dustin, and maybe Idaho is more enlightened, but there are plenty of racist 45 year old rednecks in Montana. Not a majority of them, surely not, but having worked in education I can tell you that there are a frighteningly large number of kids learning racist mindsets from their parents. You hear anti-Indian racism all the time in Montana. Some of it is subtle, some of it is not, but it exists. Schweitzer was merely pointing out that it does, and that the way to stop it is by educating children.

    And I’m glad Schweitzer pointed out anti-Indian racism, because we live in a country where calling someone a nappy-headed ho gets you fired, calling a woman a slut loses you advertisers, but calling someone a squaw has no repercussions. Brian Schweitzer and Denise Juneau have been very active in combating this ignorance (much of it inherited), and one of the first steps to doing so is pointing out that it exists. But predictably, pointing out the existence of white racism leads to one being branded a race traitor – and though you may not use the same language as your commentators, you are nonetheless feeding the same paranoia. Read your comments and think long and hard about whether these are the sort of people and ideas you want to be fueling, and associating with. You went out of your way when you started in Montana to present yourself as a decent human being who happened to be conservative, but the accolades of truly dangerous white power fanatics tend to tarnish that image.

  • Gwynn Ap Nudd

    This country was created by Whites for Whites. The Founding Fathers were “racists” – just like the Founders of any Nation. Do you stuggle and risk you life for other peoples or for your own? Only stupid dumbed down Whites think being a racist is bad or uniquely White.
    We conquere the Indians and took their land – there would have been no America otherwise. That we allowed them some land and provided for them to some extent showed our Christianity. We could have done more or done it better, sure. The Canadians didn’t allow settlement into any area until the Indians were “pacified and/or resettled. Thus they had fewer Indian wars. But make no mistake, they were conquered one way or another.

  • bobfairlane

    Are you really sure the indians (asian migrants) lived in what is now continental USA for 10,000 years? And if Montana is full of “racist white rednecks”, why does he want to live there? Wouldn’t he be more comfortable as a tribal indian?

  • Mark Tokarski

    I suggest a couple of things obvious to anyone paying attention: If American Indian history is anything like U.S. history as taught, it can be safely ignored. There is no substance.

    And, having grown up on the south side of Billings, I can attest to racism. The remnant native population is in a virtual jail where there exists no validation, no psychic victory. They are our own private Palestinians, non-persons on whom we can cast dispersion and arrogance without criticism.

    Schweitzer’s words seldom square up with his actions, but these words carry substance even without backup. He said what is true in public. That’s so rare.

  • A quick and enjoyable way to get an accurate and up-to-date view of American Indian history is to read Charles C. Mann’s books, 1491 and 1493. These books shatter many of the myths on both the left and the right.

  • Nothing in the Missoulian (missoula newspaper) either!

  • By his standards, yes! But he’s really just an anti-white piece of crap, just like every tyrannical little Stalinist in the Democrat Party. He hates the very people he represents. He’s a traitor to his people and his nation. I’d love to see him survive a day in any of those “integrated” urban cities, like Detroit. But he’d probably just blame those non-white hellholes on “racism.” Schweitzer is a puke!

  • AntiTeaPartyReaganConservative

    Except that they are racists…trust me I have lived here my entire life. They are everywhere. Brian is a good and realistic man, the right can’t handle him.

  • BobWhitakerisokay

    So, the children of that 93% will be taught how evil White people are for killing and abusing the noble savage Indian. These children will be implicitly, if not explicitly, lead to believe that because the White race is so evil there shouldn’t be any more White children.
    This American-Indian US History “course” is nothing more nor less than providing a justification for White genocide. It is deliberate abuse and hatred to White children and their families.
    The governor poses as an anti-racist but what he is is anti-White.
    Anti-racist is a code word for anti-White.

  • BobWhitakerisokay

    In your OPINION they are “racists”.
    You are only saying that bcause they are White.
    Anti-racist is a code word for anti-White.

  • BobWhitakerisokay

    So, is NAACP a bunch of truly dangerous black power fanatics for standing up for black interests?
    Is La Raza a bunch of truly dangerous Hispanic power fanatics for standing up for Hispanic interests?
    Is any pro American Indian Indian group a bunch of truly dangerous Indian power fanatics for standing up for Indian interests?
    Yet, any White person who stands up for White interests is a truly dangerous white power fanatic and probably anaziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews.
    Every other racial group is entitled to a group defense except for White people. Not only denied a group defense but must put up with the kind of verbal and policy abuse this governor and other anti-Whites routinely subject them to.
    You say you are anti-racist but what you are is anti-White.
    Anti-racist is a code word for anti-White.

  • Ciaran

    Stop insulting Hitler.

  • The media has done fine job stirring the racism pot for the last couple of decades, no wonder this country is falling apart. It makes for a fine distraction from the real issues, the rip off and ransacking of this country by psychopaths in office and Wall Street . Now we get to pick from two puppets that the media elected for the people. Yeah, you got a choice, my ass…

  • So, will Montana throw this dip-shit out of office? Or will they let the media elect him again?

  • And. the “native” Indians have Asian blood, so they must of displaced someone too. I bet this A-hole governor supports Israel, and wouldn’t say jack shit about their polices.

  • Historically, white people suck. This guy isn’t saying “kill white people”. He’s saying “treat minorities with respect”. Sure, calling EVERY white person in Montana a racist redneck is unfair, but a lot of the comments here really aren’t disproving the “racist” allegation.

  • HAHAH! And Obama’s father was a polygamist from Kenya. He had at least 2 wives in Kenya with kids from each, plus Barack Jr’s mother in Hawaii.

    The pot just bitch-slapped that kettle!!

  • Historically all people suck! Don’t say “Whites suck” and leave out the rest of history.

    Anthropologists tell us all people originated in Africa. If you take that perspective, ALL BAD PEOPLE IN HISTORY originated from Africans.

    Racism in any form is still racism — and wrong.