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Suttle to ‘cut back’ but reelection still a go

By   /   August 9, 2012  /   15 Comments

Fresh off a mild stroke Omaha Mayor Jim Suttle is trimming his schedule but tells Nebraska Watchdog it won’t interfere with his bid for reelection next spring.

The mayor (see video below) talked about his reelection and his overseas health scare today, a scare that finds him cutting back from 70-90 hour weeks to 50-60 hours.

Reported by Joe Jordan, [email protected]

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Joe formerly served as staff reporter for Watchdog.org.

  • Web MD

    Mayor Suttle’s chances of having another stroke in the next 4 years are dramatically higher since he had this stroke. I’m not going to take a chance next election of having him die in office and have Ben Gray or Chris Jerram be mayor. The Mayor should retire and enjoy life.

  • Classless

    Way to politicize the Mayor’s health. Classless.

  • South O Resident

    I think the mayor’s health is an important issue. Why is it not relevant. The man had a stroke and he is 68 years old.

  • D. Mark

    Everyone can help him to retire, all you have to do is vote!!

  • Joan Bale

    Mayor Suttle, I am not a doctor but strokes run in my family and I would encourage you to retire after this term as strokes do have a tendency to happen again. You have been a great Mayor, now you and Deb go off into the sunset and enjoy. Omaha has become a mean spririted right winged city and they deserve just that as their Mayor-in-Chief.

  • ip

    the mayor did not have a stroke. he had a tia which is not as serious and has no long lasting affects, age and genetics definitly have a bearing on reoccurrence. so almost only counts in horseshoes ! Omaha isn’t mean -spirited , we just don’t like an incompetent official to throw around our money

  • Retro

    W MD,

    Scary thought about Jerram or Gray becoming Mayor because both are total jerks!!

    About Suttle, anyone that isn’t taking care of themselves & their health leaves one wondering about their competence in general. But then some wise man once said; “There is no such thing as Logic, there is only EGO!” Sound like Suttle fits in with this statement!!

  • Jazzee

    He sure had enough energy to attack the council for his lies and big bucks. I need a job maybe he would consider hiring me…a lot cheaper than his little friends and I WORK!

  • ProgressiveOasis

    I guess he’ll only be spending 4 hours a day at McFlys taking direction from the never in his office Fire Chief and never shows up for work head of the fire union.

  • Hunyock

    Heck, the firefighters seem to be doing much better with Stothert anyway. Two raises costing us millions, and they still have pension spiking all because her and the city council voted down the contract of the mayors and they still haven’t come close to getting a new one on the table even after a year. Heck, she just gave the Fire chief a nice raise as well. Didn’t her husband used to do work for the firefighters? Why yes he did.

  • resistwemuch

    Progressive: And he will spend the remainder of the day with the fire chief at the Douglas County Democrat Headquarters located at the Mattress Factory.

  • Kevin

    70-90 hours per week? Where are my boots?

  • Jazzee

    Resist: I needed a laugh today and my stomach hurts from your great comment…pretty much says it all about government works at city hall LOL

  • Doom

    If the YR’s continue their antics there is no way a Republican will win the mayoral race. The YR’s are to politics what Carrot Top is to comedy.

  • Jazzee

    I bet the extra time is spent at the fire/police unions telling them what the council is or isn’t doing. Less time means less of his stupid ideas and spending money hopefully !