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Video: Illinois public pension protest

By   /   August 15, 2012  /   4 Comments

State employees in Illinois say they want their state jobs and state pensions, but also say the government needs to figure out how to pay for them.



Ben formerly served as staff reporter for Watchdog.org.

  • Truth

    Cut the state pensions like United Airlines did to it’s employees. Cut the pensions over half and no COLA!! Also, make the retirees pay for their health care. PROBLEM SOLVED!!

  • beckncall

    Work until you’re 65 and take a reasonable retirement. Figure up your union deductions and then ask yourself how much did I give to HOPE AND CHANGE?

  • beckncall

    This is all political theater. The Democrats and the Republicans are about to give the tax payers the shaft. Looks as if those Union member will be next. When the system crashes and there is no money left then what happens?

  • Duh huh

    Workers make their contributions for 30 years, State doesnt, spends its share elsewhere, bill comes due, no money in the account, paint the workers as greedy parasites, try to renege on obligations.
    Annuity holders make contributions for 30 years, insurance company invests contributions, makes fortune, makes lifetime payouts to holders, no problem.
    Is that simple enough for you morons to understand?